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  1. December 15, 1969 : C-130E 62–1800, c/n 3754, of the 50th Tactical Airlift Squadron, crashed, Taiwan, propeller reversed in flight. 776th crew. https://www.c-130.net/g3/c-130-photos/AMARC/62-1818
  2. blind Eagle getting little food. blind bat hunting niye time
  3. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/i-guess-this-is-how-you-fit-a-c-130-in-a-parking-lot-1827304608
  4. Palm Springs 5/20/18 165737/BH-737 & 168071/BH-071
  5. Here is what I found. By the way there weren't any winches on any 130 that I was on, thankfully. http://www.cunicocorp.com/aircraft-cargo-winch.htm
  6. While at McChord, had one over 11 hours Elmendorf to Kadena
  7. A few years ago more opportunities for veterans, not only retired or disabled, presented themselves. Some are veteran parking spaces, discounts at major retailers, internet shopping at the exchange, and complementary meals. I am using the parking spaces and discounts, but I don't go for the meals. The issue for me was the proof of veteran status. Anyone can say they are a veteran and if challenged an easy validation method would be nice to have. The fellow who had his free meal taken away last year is a good example. He was outed for wearing his hat, I believe, proof positive he could not be a veteran. Now I am not into hats, lots of hair so no cover needed. While visiting a friend two years ago we were trading VN experiences, he was in the 4th infantry at Camp Enari (just a little southeast of Pussy Mountain) in '67-'68. In his pile of vet stuff was a hard plastic VA id card. I decided that I should get one. I had a paper card with a VA number on it from when I got out and had a little dental work done (not much dental care at CCK). I took that down to the VA hospital last year to get a plastic one. They said that number was from the seventies and no good. I had my 214 with me and then things started to happen. First the were amused to have someone there with a birthdate in the forties. Then they rattled off my awards and pronounced me a boots on the grounder veteran. I was reregistered, made a picture VA id card, sent down the hall for an AO consult, and asked if I had any disabilities. I complained of ringing in the ears, so they typed up my application and sent it in for me. Six months later and after a hearing exam I was an official disabled vet. So for me the 214 by itself was adequate. Graywolf may have his "VEM" confused with the VCM. I also have an AFEM on there for something I don't remember. Many ass puckering flights into Osan and Kimpo during my Starlifter time out of TCM. My redacted 214 attached Myth--- If the VCOG is not on your DD-214 you cannot own/wear/display the medal. And you should request a DD-215 listing the VCOG if it is not on your DD-214. Not true. Like the National Defense Medal, the Appreciation of Service Certificate and the Cold War Medal, the VCOG is an 'automatic' award that is fully authorized to ALL veterans who served in Vietnam. If the VCOG is not listed on your DD-214 (because you discharged prior to 1974 or the clerk who typed your DD-214 after 1974 was an airhead) it is not necessary to request a DD-215 as long as your DD-214 displays Vietnam Service. You are 'automatically' fully authorized.
  8. Link to earlier exchanges on this topic, http://www.c-130hercules.net/forums/topic/2223-fuselage-stations-20-and-30-stretch/
  9. Keep in mind that the 463L system was not around in 1957, not until early 60's. Floor loading was it. Forward door was handy. There were problems with the door opening in flight so they were sealed shut and discontinued early in the B model run.
  10. Maybe it grazed a rogue wave on the last day, Seriously, the tests were conducted both ways and touted as loaded with cargo. Different videos show different configurations. If a bumpy landing would knock the doors off, there should be many all over SVN and elsewhere.
  11. They are redeveloping the Herky Hill, cul de sacs and resorts. Summer 1969...
  12. I see a 1 in that window. 621847, lived to languish in the boneyard.
  13. Getting into position. They needed to bring in an A to start another A. Song Be, Dec. '69 (find the Christmas Tree)
  14. Borrowing this from Alan Baker's site. Looks like cuffed angle = cruise angle.
  15. Different view of 1 and 2. Same location.
  16. Don't forget the 346th was there too, March '69 through '71? I was in the 776th Feb '69 - May '70. Separated out immediately following.
  17. "Queen" enroute from Quan Loi to TSN. Gear chained.
  18. Here is the "Queen" getting buddy start on #3 prior to departure from Quan loi. "J" troops should note absence of hose.
  19. Just so happens that 0536 is the last four on my current Visa card. Newbies to CCK were bussed from Taipei to CCK when I got there in February 69 and when I left in May 70. We thought at the time it would have made sense to have been flown instead.
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