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  1. Ok to recap: Lynden 401LC,403,LC, 406 now P4-LAC, 407 now P4-LAE, 408 now P4-LAS Lynden lease to Coulson fire fighters 402LC, 405LC Stored Kingman 404LC Bob P4 is a lot like Panama for ships, a flag of convenience.
  2. On another note, funny how MATS had C-130E's at Charleston, McGuire and Travis and all three big MAC bases have museums or Air Parks and none of them have a C-130? Bob
  3. Today's AMARG list shows 85-0036, 0039, 0041 and 89-9101 went to AMARG from Maxwell. 9101 is the first AMP bird to AMARG. I thought they had to keep them flying? Also USCG 1719 arrived. It just had a PDM at Robins and is going to the USFS. Maybe at AMARG for mods. Bob
  4. 402 and 405 leased to Coulson 404 Still parked at Kingman Rest as listed, why one is still P2, ?? Bob
  5. Thanks a lot. I've been trying to confirm that one for a long time. Bob Please let us know about the other.
  6. The Q is a standard H model with no plugs. Bob
  7. There is a herk up on the North end of Camp Pendleton, that I have not been able to identify. Hopefully someone can identify it. Here is a pic. Thanks Bob
  8. 93-1041 was a LRF (50AS) herk that went to Peterson in Colorado Springs 731AS. Bob
  9. I tried to make up a list of past and present active duty herk trash haul squadrons. I am sure there are a lot of corrections so please let me know. What I came up with was 6 squadrons and a training squadron now. 32 closed squadrons. Any inputs? Bob I think the most there were at anyone time was about 1971 when I counted 28 Sqdns All Time Sqs.xlsx
  10. I understand some of the logic of which herks go to the Boneyard, what I don't understand is why scrap these H's as soon as they arrive at DM. There are plenty of countries and some civilian companies,(firefighter etc) still flying A's, B's E's who would like to fly them, even if they had to rewing them. Since there are only 6 active duty trash haul squadrons left, (all in J's) and the H's are in the Guard and Reserve. 7 soon to be 5 in the Reserve and 17 soon to be 15 in the Guard down from from almost 6o Guard and Reserve Squadrons at one time, I wonder what the end numbers are supposed to look like for the Guard and Reserve? Bob
  11. Another move, Yokota is starting to get rid of its H's. 74-1660 and 2061 went to Mansfield, sort of a surprise as I thought they would go to the Boneyard. Bob
  12. I read recently about the last Herks leaving AK ANG and also the Herks are leaving the 328 AS at Niagara. The 4 HC-130 from 211 RQS went to Patrick 60-2103,2104,93-2105, 2106 1 H from the 144AS went to 181AS at Carswell 89-1185 4H's from 328AS went to 357AS at Maxwell 89-1187,1188, 91-9141, 9142 Heard that the last 4 Niagara H's are going to 357 too, 91-9143, 9144,92-3021, 3022. Supposedly all Maxwell H's are going to the Boneyard. I have not heard anything about the remaining 144AS H's. Can anyone give us an update? 82-0057,0059,0060, 0061, 89-1182,1183,1184? bob
  13. the aircraft i flew at CCK with the 37TAS in 72-73 were 62-1806, 1811,1821, 1823,1828,1830, 1834, 1848 1849, 1850, 1852, 63-7783, 7784, 7786, 7787, 7794, 7795, 7796, 7825, 7882, 7887, 7888, 7890 64-0503, 0520, 0557 These are from my form 5, we flew our airplanes and some from the 36 TAS, the 38TAS, and the 374TAW. Bob
  14. Hi RC All the B's had forward cargo doors. They were discontinued after the first 16 E's were built. The 1961 models. Bob
  15. Anyone know the tail number and how many J's does the 62 have? My best guess is 14-5804 and 13? Bob Just saw an article that said 62 had 14
  16. I remember that 12 E's were sent to the Israelis. Some from Langley. Bob 62-1796, 63-7774, 7810, 7843,7844,7855,7862,7870,7873, 64-0509,0516,0528
  17. I have a list at home. In Orlando now. Home Saturday. I'll look them up. Bob
  18. Just a rumor but I heard there are problems with the windshields installed at Marietta and after leaving Marietta, they are going to Greenville for repairs. Bob
  19. Interesting numbers as of last month Oldest USAF Herk in years 64-14852 HC-130P at Patrick Hi time USAF Herk 65-0989 EC-130H at DM 28385 hours Oldest H in years 74-1659 at Yokota (about 24256 Hours) Hi time H 74-2067 at Yokota 25997 I really don't understand why these H models with new wings are going right to the scrap areas at AMARG, when the E models are in storage. Just this month 85-0038 and 0042 went to AMARG. Seems like they would be primo for Foreign Military Sales. Maybe Lockheed wants to sell J's to countries that can't afford them. Bob
  20. 36TAS was there from May/Jun 72 until we, 37TAS, relieved them Oct/Nov72 to April 73. We flew all the normal wing missions in addition to the in country trips. Our in country trips were flown out of NKP and U-tapao. My crew also flew Klong shuttles, trips to Diego Garcia and Mauritius and the Bob Hope Christmas show in 1972. Bob
  21. When we, the 37th, went back to CCK in late October early November 1972, we flew over on C-141's and we replaced the 36th TAS and used their airplanes and brought them back to the US in April 1973. I know the 36th and 37th from Langley were there. I don't think the 38th was. I remember on the flight over Col Billy Norwood was on the flight with us. He was going over to check on his AWADS crews from Pope. There also was a Dyess squadron with us at CCK. Bob
  22. I bet they meant that any spare space on a rotator is used for the parts. They do their own maintenance last i heard. Bob
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