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  1. Knew right where to go with a question like this: could someone please provide the part number of the Propeller Valve housing for an E Model and H model (if there is a difference)? Thanks so much in advance.
  2. When I first started using the site, I think I remember it being Spectrumwd.com. How long ago was that change made?
  3. No sir, not popping any circuit breakers. I am going to try swapping APU control panels next.
  4. All, Been playing around in Afghanistan the past few months with this G-222 (C-27A) aircraft. Got me a good APU problem that may translate well from some of your Herc APU/GTC experiences. This APU will run just fine, loaded, unloaded, for roughly 5 top 10 minutes, then abruptly shut down. This happens either in flight, or on the ground. I have eliminated the Oil Pressure Switch, the Hot Oil Temp Switch, the Speed Switch, the Ignition Control Unit, and the fuel filter. Cracking Pressure I would assume is fine as it starts smoothly, and doesn't "burp" or appear to be struggling for fuel before shutdown. I do not have a gauge available to verify though. Befor I start shotgunning parts (I was thinking oil pump or fuel cluster) I thought of you guys. Any help and/or thoughs would once again be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I know the 1C-130H-2-21JG-10-1 states that the Engine Pressure Regulator must indicate between 38 and 52 PSI, or between 70 and 74 PSI for AC-130U airplanes, or between 56 and 70 PSI for MC-130E/H/W airplanes in the "ON" position, but what does the -1 Flight Manual mandate? Looking for an agreement (or disagreement) between the maintenance manual and the flight manual. Thanks.
  6. Used to know exactly what pins to jump to eliminate the oil pressure switch. If memory serves me correct the GTC oil pressure swith was 4 pinned while the APU oil pressure switch was 5 pins. Anyone know what pins to jump?
  7. Nc97

    Oil leak

    If the problem appears to be altitude related, replace, as necessary, the oil tank pressurizing valve (old valve P/N 697218-l set at 3.5 +/- 0.5 PSI, new valve P/N 697218-3 set at 5 +/- 0.5 PSI): If you are referring to the pressure relief valve, the P/N is 411600-3, NSN 4820-00-484-9024, and is set to 5 +/- 0.4psig from 2 CFM through 10 CFM IAW SMP850-79-13, REV 21. 697218-1 is discontinued withuot replacement, and no such part number (-3) exists IAW FedLog.
  8. Jump pins A-C on speed switch cannon plug and listen for Geneva Lock (Fuel Shutoff Actuator) opening and closing. (And it was condition lever to Ground Stop...correct?).
  9. Reminds me of a time when crews used to low speed the engine, and bump up the throttles a little. This lead to a flame out for which we had we told to perform a flame out inspection. Managed to talk our way out of it because we explained the four inputs, TLA, RPM, CIP, and CIT. When the crew low sped the engine and bumped the throttles to lower the oil temp, this affected the TLA and RPM, causing the flame out. Thoughts?
  10. Nc97

    RGB Failure

    Incredible story, my hats off to you and the rest of the crew.
  11. If the flux remains is it not only one thing...the fuel control?
  12. Need more info...too vague. Does it wind up at all? Light off? Stall? Could be a hundred different things. Need more info.
  13. Have you verified with your frequency meter? If not, do so.
  14. Nc97

    RGB Failure

    Lkuest, agreed on all points except one. Could this really have been survivable if it happened in flight? I would have bet on a ground mishap. Perhaps some flyers can weigh in on something this catastrophic?
  15. Nc97

    RGB Failure

    I hope somebody has the story, and can also explain why they installed the intake plug!?!
  16. My apologies, didn't see DC10FE's prior post. Let's try this one, National Museum of the U.S. Air Force - Virtual Tour http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/full/tour-pkg.html
  17. Yep, can't find any such numbers in the 1C-130H-4-00-1 either.
  18. Anyone got the production numbers so I can locate them in the gallery?
  19. At first thought, I thought he was a refering to the Frequency Meter.
  20. Somebody help me out, what exactly is a flujometer?
  21. Fuel Nozzle Tester, Part Number: 284021-1-1, NSN: 4920-01-138-1539. Honeywell International Division, 480-592-7000.
  22. You wouldn't perhaps be familiar with tail number 94-6704 would you?
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    11 in Functional Test, 35 in work. 46 Total.
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