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  1. That is pretty funny. High altitude disco!
  2. There are a few of us here. Retired here, and not involved in support anymore, sigh. Where are you stationed? Dave
  3. n1dp

    Pima Museum

    Saw one on the ramp at Elmendorf close up. A big bird! Mostly seen parked at Anchorage International. There was a story about the operators scooping up a bunch of spares from the boneyard when they bought them, also, some problems with FAA certification that led to fines every time they flew, but they still made much more money on North Slope support. They were flying DOD contract missions in the Eighties so you have to wonder??
  4. Steve1300, Coast Guard FEs are fixers and fliers. All aviation maintenance personnel are also aircrew qualified. Most CG personnel going to FE school have at least a year of maintenance experience. It took a while, but each C-130 airframe now has a tool box bolted to the airframe just aft of the "atomic toilet." (RH side flush model) Not a big division of labor due to our size so everyone gets plenty of experience fueling, towing, wrench turning etc.
  5. Ah yes, they would be out of phase...it has been a few years. Rarely, if ever found the selector on INS during preflights. I guess our pilots were well behaved! Thanks NATOPS!
  6. I would assume (not being around H-3s) that the ADI selector switch has something to do with having the proper electrical load? As for the ramp/door over speed; airflow is changed enough to possibly adversely affect the control surfaces on the empanage. (?)
  7. As the training went at Little Rock, the procedure was to jettison the door, then throw out the NAV so, as he passed under the belly of the aircraft and popped out somewhere near the SPR panel, he would clear all the antennas off!
  8. There is a thread over on the Coast Guard part of Military.com's discussion site that has many entries and at least one photo of the C-130 belly damage. When you get in the CG thread, scroll down to Coast Guard Aviation.
  9. http://edocs.nps.edu/dodpubs/topic/jointpubs/JP3/JP3-50_910201.pdf http://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/cg534/NSARC.asp http://www.baseops.net/c130pilotgouge.html http://permanent.access.gpo.gov/lps1786/500list.html#anchor182312
  10. The view out the door opening sure looked liked Alaska.
  11. That would be the ADDS Pack Oil Dispersant system. The system was designed to be a roll-on roll-off quick response unit. Tank holds 5000 gallons. It was designed for use on any C-130, but mainly for the L-100s. It uses the 25K chains for tiedown. Had to pull the rails to carry it, but later, adapter plates were fabricated to allow use of the rails for tiedown. It started in Alaska with a backup requirement for commercial Herks. Lynden Air does it now, Southern Air Had it first. The CG also operates support out of Barbers Point, HI and Clearwater, FL. Pretty neat design. It will spray up to 600 gpm out of the booms. The unit weighs about 5K lbs. Power is tapped off the bus contactors for AC and off a TR for DC. Two pump motors and a DC motor to extend and retract the booms.
  12. Four Engine roll back seemed to become popular in the mid Eighties with the synchrophaser upgrade and the Kodiak incident during Brimfrost 85 when an AF crew lost their nose gear inspection window and the synchrophaser behind it. Then came the first step to take the generator powering the ESS AC to off. A quick possible fix before all the prop and TD switches. Then came King 56 and fuel became the first step. Some where in there I\'d be putting the APU/GTC Gen on line. I assume it was a buss contactor that crapped out? Anyway, this crew did good!
  13. Have you found the problem yet? The \"Fairies\" here are curious!
  14. Start checking all your terminal strips and terminal lugs. Try some \"pull\" tests on those lugs. Something is loose. Anyone change a Bus contactor recently?
  15. It was odd to fly with the solid state inverters. I missed the noise!
  16. If I recall, one of the odd setups on the aircraft; auto switching from Inverter to ESS AC. Heard a story at the Sim that the Israelis changed it. The other Sim story I heard was it was a left-over function from the A model days. Read portions of an A model dash one at Keesler FTD Crew Chief School. A very different config from the Bs.
  17. The buildings in the background look like modern two story dorms or apartments... is the best I could get out of it.
  18. I have a copy of that picture somewhere! Then I need to figure out how to post here. I got it off this site. 3542D is the number. It was the CG 1340. It sure is odd! A big thanks to all that keep this site and the picture gallery going.
  19. Enjoyed your visit to CGAS Elizabeth City, NC back in December 2002. A very nice exhibit on board and a super job on restoring the aircraft. Myself and another CPO got to play line crew for your startup. A very nice memory and honor! Good luck, and Blue Skies!
  20. In The USCG we had foaming problems in the 90s that were finally proven to be caused by mixing 23699 from different manufacturers. We went to Mobil 254, but then with the \"J\" requiring Mobil Jet II, put all \"H\" and \"J\" on Mobil Jet II. Fewer problems, but you pay more.
  21. After we started receiving the 1705-1709 at Kodiak, the Lockheed traveling trainers came by for some differences training. These guys had been all over the world for the company and they lost their luggage for the first time in Anchorage! They said getting the GFE -7 engines to meet spec for delivery was a nightmare for the company. It also seemed some of our documentation on the engine components was not too good, adding to the excitement. After our guys went to MASDEC to pull the engines off the old \"B\" models, we got a few full up QECs in Kodiak and started redoing them for our spares and upgrading all the old QECs to the newer config for start control valve lights, generator disconnect, and all the other goodies added over the years. As I recall, that batch of 1700s had some bad oil shut-off valves, and the capacitive oil tank probes were soon replaced by the old, reliable toilet floats.
  22. Did those HC-130H AF rescue birds, the original C-130H, have gen disconnect, x valve switches on fuel panel, -15s, etc. pretty much the same as the three 67-xxxx tail numbers we got 1452, 1453, 1454 (and later the 1451 loaner from 1984)?? Our 1500-1504 tails (72-73 tails) share a similar heritage, aka super \"E\" but without benson tanks, and the Fulton yoke/radome, and AF rescue specific avionics. Now called H1?? Another point too, did the HC-130H AF rescue birds get more structural upgrades from the \"E\" to qualify for the 175K MGW? Very interesting and confusing. It might have been better to use another letter suffix once they started building APU birds.
  23. 1700 82-0081 4947 1701 82-0082 4958 1702 82-0083 4966 1703 82-0084 4967 1704 82-0085 4969 1700-1704 were delivered as AF slick birds. Later modified in-house with Radio operators station, scanner windows, cargo door w/ flare tubes, CG avionics, etc. 1705 83-0007 4993 1706 83-0505 4996 1707 83-0506 4999 1708 83-0507 5002 1709 83-5008 5005 1705-1709 were delivered with CG mission equipment All designated HC-130H-7 all upgraded to -15 engines by late 90s.
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