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    Trains,planes, automobiles


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    Joined the Air Force in 1965.
    Permanent party at England AFB, 1st Air Commando wing,66-67,Aero Repair: worked on A-26's, C123, C-47, gained flight status, flew on the AC-47 training flts.
    Vietnam later 67-68, C-7 F.E. Phu Cat RVN.
    RTN to England AFB, La. 4412th CCTS, dual qual.C-123B and K
    Honorable discharge 69.
    Had a 9 year break in serv. Joined Reserves 440th ALW.
    1978 C-130A F.E.
    1989 qual. on our new C-130H2.
    Retired 2002 as a Msgt. 29 total years of service.
    Retired Ladish Co. Inc. 35 years service (Pyrometry, Metallurgical).
    Married 35 years to a beautiful woman, 4 wonderful children 2 and 2.
    Now consulting for Astronautics Corp. of America 5 years in July 2009.
    Lionel trains.
    Drive and show a 1963 Buick Riviera that I have owned since Apr.1970.
    Woodworking (that I can turn into heat more ways than one).
    Home remodeling: wiring,plumbing,and heating.
    I highly recommend it.
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    Bayside, Wisconsin
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  1. I had the opportunity to Engineer many flts. on 466. I was in the 440th for 25 years. Leroy Harbach was the crew chief and has passed away.
  2. Fritz thanks for the note. I also flew 466 and have seen the adds, very cool. I still see many of our main. guys and I'll get the name of the Crew chief of 466. Steve
  3. 460 ended up in the 440th in Milwaukee. Flew on it many times recorded in my form 5. Eventually ended up in the Smith.
  4. I remember sleeping on a cargo net covering 14,000# of C4. Steve H.
  5. T.W. I have had similar feelings with the people that I trained and flew with and wished I had kept in touch just to say thanks and how are you doing. They like us were and are the building blocks of today that we can share the experiences of our training to the younger gen. to keep a wonderful historic airplane flying. Steve
  6. The name sounds familiar, I joined the 440th in 78 and retired in 2002. Steve H.
  7. Hey Tinwhistle, I may have flown with your old nav. friend Steve. He was an ART with the 440th. Steve H.
  8. The 440th ALW had 1638 a roman nose that was modded with the APN 59 radar. We also had 460 that went to the Smith. 460 was what the vn general flew out of nam. Steve H.
  9. My memory serves me that it has to do with the electrical loads shifting from bus to bus during the start sequence from LSGI to normal RPM. It is non essential at this point so leave it off. Steve
  10. And thank you for serving.
  11. The two guys holding up their hands behind the last aircraft. Steve
  12. I wonder what gives on The Wounded Warrior project because Bill O'Riley is a big advocate with the motorized chairs. Steve H.
  13. George, If you are 100% disability no sweat. It's up to them to get you there and there should be no prob with billing.
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