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  1. Had similar thing on 2 different engines recently; 1st one had a faulty parallel valve, the other had a bad ignition relay. My guess is the parallel valve .....
  2. pjvr99


    NATOPS1, if those numbers are correct you will have 0.5% overread installed on the speed switch - more than accurate enough to get you home. You also have the generator freq meter to cross reference. Correctly said, your biggest problem will be getting wires to it
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    Because that is the speed of the pad via the particular reduction gearing, NOT the prop speed
  4. NATOPS1 correct! T56-56 states the only check for propbrake serviceability is inflight shutdown - no rotation allowed! You can try flushing it out (followed by a ground run), then FCF again. Being ground-bound, I have no knowledge of speeds and altitudes
  5. Not at all Mongo, you just got there first. I am a member on several other aviation forums, where this kind of [email protected] is standard practice. However, it does nothing for the forum, except to drive people away. I would not like to lose these repositories of knowledge, simply because of some arrogance and ignorance. Guys 'n girls, let's keep it nice. At the end of the day nobody knows everything, and a helping hand is better than a facefull of snot. If you disagree with someone, give your reasons; open a proper discussion, start another thread, if needed. Keep it safe, and keep 'em flyin''
  6. Hydro101, as someone who has been in aviation a long time, I have learned to treat everyone with respect, and to treat their suggestions with the same respect I would like my suggestions to receive. On this board, we are all professionals, and as such, need to treat each with due respect. Talon1 has on previous occasions proven his knowledge and ability. WRT the items you picked out, these were things that were specifically looked at as remote, but plausable, possibilities. Some items were reset or replaced, all of which added to the sum of the overall repair. No idea, thought or gut-feel s
  7. Trev, our PDM regularly moves the birds around without engines just using the nose-weights. Alternately, if the roller system is installed, a big concrete block just behind the 245 bulkhead will also do
  8. Performance is done at 1050°C or 19600"lb, whichever comes first. In winter zero-time engines often get 19600 at around 1025/1030°C, giving performance between 108 - 110%
  9. Hhmmmm ..... my calculator doesn't want to do -7 engine, but 19600"lb at ISA on an A15 would only be 97.3%
  10. NC97, send me your CV, or check the Boeing website, or www.flightglobal.com. I've been here 6 years. Contact me via e-mail [email protected] for more info Have a great day PJ
  11. Been part of the work crew once and seen it done several times. Most important thing is shoring the empennage before removing anything. Once the item is removed, make a template of 1/4" aluminium ..... job shouldn't take more than 2 - 3 weeks
  12. Another one bites the dust ..... :-( http://www.saairforce.co.za
  13. Spoke to one of the guys late this afternoon - thinks no repair, only replace. He will check for me tomorrow.
  14. You guys seem to have some issues there. IIRC same as for fwd chines, will check with our structures guys .....
  15. Don't be sorry, I should have reported back some time ago. We found a misaligned truss mount, which cleared a lot of the problem after replacement. A number of very minor defects, and 'within limits' decisions, came together to cause all this frustration. She has been flying for several months without any further problems.
  16. Had this one back in the 80's. TD amp is sensing anything off the thermocouples as too hot, and commanding the TD valve to reduce fuel ...... to the point where there is insufficient fuel to keep the flame(s) alive
  17. pjvr99

    Go Abroad

    No civil ops here, you will be working on the Saudi Air Force birds. Go to the Boeing website .....
  18. A friend is doing his sim in Jakarta at the moment. Says rumour has it, #3 & #4 condition levers were in feather. Their sim instructors are throwing a LOT of 2 engine out problems at them
  19. OK, so you have your high power setting - how does this tell you whether you have contaminated fuel? You're allowed 0.5% rpm, 10°C TIT, and 400"lb torque flux in normal operation
  20. Had one like this some time ago. There's a check valve inside the accessory drive, that is busy dying. Choices are: remove the GTC now and get it repaired relatively cheap, or, fly to failure. Not much you can do at maintenance level to repair this. If I remember, I'll get the TO reference to this problem .....
  21. Where is it leaking from - i.e. accessory case? or from one of the drains?
  22. ..... I think management would forgive an overweight landing, if this is your reason for dumping. As C130H2FE says - deal with the fire first, then worry about the rest. One of our members told of his experience with an engine fire, which resulted in the engine falling off the wing in flight - can't find the story, though!!
  23. I started working the Herk in 1985 in the South African Airforce. After leaving in 1990 I had no further contact until I started contracting at SAFAIR in Johannesburg, in 1998. In 2003, I was offered the adventure of a lifetime, to come to Saudi and work on the birds as a civilian contractor. The view from my office ..... ... doing business .....
  24. The p/s pressure is a little bit of a grey area. I read the limitation as 55 +-5, at 100%, and oil temperature 80 to 85°C - meaning maximum flux should not go below 45psi. I would not continue to operate the engine with these conditions being exceeded. The RGB is different as it has a much wider operating range. 150 to 250psi at 100%, and oil temperature 80 to 85°C, with the nominal pressure being 180psi. At 180psi the low end of the flux would be 160 - still within limits. However, when doing back pressure checks, if the pressure drops below 180psi BEFORE 80°C is reached, the pr
  25. pjvr99


    See ..... can't keep a good man down. I must admit, going off the tools is one of my biggest fears. Parked behind a desk, watching others having all the fun ..... eisch, not good ..... good luck Sam
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