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    Sorry to hear that Sam. Hope it works out for you. Also check out the Boeing website, I think there are some supply slots open here in the sandbox ..... if you're up for some adventure :)
  2. Spooky, I'm not sure where the 910 comes from, as the job guide calls for 900°C in null, when doing TD system checks. Once the TD switch is moved to auto, TIT may change by as much as 40°C in either direction. In the cell, we have a separate step done at 850°C which is also just a controlling check. Once the throttle is above cross-over, it doesn't really matter what the TIT is, as the system is going to respond in the same way, with similar results. My guess would be the use of 900°C/910°C is a throwback to -7 engines. ..... PS 910°C = 1670°F, while 900°C = 1652°F (read 1
  3. Hard to say off the pics, need to get up close and all touchy-feely. If, and I say IF, this was afterbody bolts, you're lucky to get away with such a small amount of damage. The washers and nuts from the anti icing tabs can slip through the gap between the a/b and drip-pan lip, and the damage visible is more consistent with one of these smaller items. The cause ..... The result .....
  4. Completely valid for fixed-wing
  5. OK, then I'm with Tiny - a lot more difficult to trace, but sounds like a chafed wire somewhere, or a dry solder joint on a cannon plug
  6. Pakis got all their birds through regular means. They had 12 (I think), but 2 were destroyed in a ground collision several years ago
  7. Tiny, you may be right in that he REPLACED the retriever, but the way he says it, sounds like he only swapped left and right over, and the problem followed. Let's see if he has some more info ..... Another thought: were the correct value limiters installed after the first set failed? I made the same mistake last year with the GTC/APU test stand - fitted a 200A limiter instead of 275A
  8. Tnx Steve. Confirms what I know, but need the reference to beat someone on the head with :P
  9. Wonder if anyone out there has the following info: Valve housings fitted to outboard props of commercial/L100/L382 aircraft PNo should end with 855, while inboards can be 855, or -3 or -7. I am looking for the SB, AD, or any other reference for this Thanx PJ
  10. ..... and and the inconsistancy is still the only consistant thing in prop servicing. Just had one that showed 4 inches of fluid above the mark on the atmospheric stick, and fluid above the ledge of the pressurized - 2 minutes after start low light came on. We continued the run to see if there would be any flux - rock solid! but had to shut down for a chiplight warning :-( Took another gallon to get a reading on the pressurized dipstick
  11. An interesting \'aside\' to this story - in the cell, one of the things I watch during servicing, is the 115v 400Hz digital voltmeter. In a properly serviced and functioning prop, there is a drop of 0.6 volts when feathering or unfeathering. Yesterday I noted the voltage drop was still 1.1v. I believed that during servicing an air-lock had occurred, which is normally cleared by running the engine for 10 minutes. However after an hour of run time, I had some streaking down the inside/back of the blades and some mess on the lower afterbody. I decided to deservice/remove half a gallon o
  12. Vaguely remember this from the single disk B-models - if the protective paint(?) coating applied at repair/overhaul was not sanded off, brakes would make quite a lot of noise and shuddering until coating WAS eroded off by the pads ....
  13. I haven\'t worked hydraulics for many moons, so forgive a bit of silliness - is it possible that the 9-port (ground check-out) valve is leaking through to the AUX system and temporarily \'hiding\' the fluid there? Even if the accumulators on the UTILITY system were not charged correctly, the amount of fluid being \'hidden\' doesn\'t make sense. Does this aircraft have a separate accumulator for emergency NOSE GEAR extension, off the UTILITY system? If so, is it charged properly?
  14. Cool! Learn something new every day. Tnx
  15. Strange looking platypus (beavertail), and also ramp \'n door AND paratroop doors open ..... hhmmm. Also pods outboard of 1 and 4 engines, but no external fuel tanks ..... methinks a lot of artistic license has been used
  16. Very pretty! Definitely easier to read. Nice Casey
  17. Our B\'s had a 10k min fuel load - 3k in 1 & 4, 2k in 2 & 3, aux empty. I will try to find out what the min is here in the sandbox
  18. Thanx for the reply, Skier. Hope to hear more about the system during the deployment
  19. Skier130, will you be crewing on this deployment?
  20. A visitor to Cape Town for AAD 2008 ..... LC-130H 33300 Courtesy Dean Wingren, www.saairforce.co.za Courtesy Stuart Soden, Flight Zone Photograhy Courtesy Stuart Soden, Flight Zone Photograhy Courtesy Stuart Soden, Flight Zone Photograhy SAAF 409 Courtesy Cassie Nel, www.flyafrica.info Courtesy Cassie Nel, www.flyafrica.info
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    Bob, one of the members on another forum lives near the airbase, says the F\'s are parked in front of the 60Sqd hangars between some B707\'s. They were probably inside the hangar/s when the satellite went over ..... so they been broken up yet. I am trying to find out if anything is planned for them
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    Sorry Bob you have it right - 3 x F, 2 x B. F\'s grouded, B\'s upgraded to BZ, still flying
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    It was 3 B\'s (also BZ now) and 2 F\'s. Too much corrosion to make them a viable option ..... 25° 49.118\'S 28° 13.424\'E BZ on the hardstand (Homebase, AFB Waterkloof, Pretoria) 25° 49.708\'S 28° 13.093\'E F permanently parked in \'Sinkhole City\' (can\'t locate the other - will put a query out on the local forums) 25° 49.670\'S 28° 13.861\'E C160Z #331 - 336, 338 & 339 25° 48.272\'S 28° 09.737\'E C160Z #337 (SAAF Museum, AFB Swartkops, Pretoria 25° 49.220\'S 28° 13.458\'E a pair of CASA 212/235
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    They most definitely are - were grounded for a while last year with CWB checks, but have all been released since. 2 Underwent full glass upgrade via Marshalls in UK, and the rest were done by DENEL Aviation in South Africa
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