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  1. Don\'t know the -20, but -30 was 100\" from FS257 marked 257E, 277E, 297E, etc; and 80\" from (I think) FS797 marked 797E, 817E, etc. The origional Flight Stations retained their numbers while the plugs/inserts carry the \"E\" to denote Extension
  2. Sounds like a wiring problem. Quickest fix would probably be to replace the inconel fire-wire in the engine and do a test flight. Question - had the engine been washed recently, i.e. inside the cowls? If the wire is chafed somewhere, water in the open area may be sufficient to momentarily trigger the system.
  3. I bet your performance was also around 113%. Not a problem - I had one about 2 years ago. Spent more than a week looking for the problem, until I noticed that the CDP matched the \'Air Start\' pressure guage. I confirmed by adding a third direct reading guage. You have one of the 1-in-1000 engines where the turbine, compressor and associated components match perfectly, coupled to the atmospheric conditions. Just make sure it\'s installed on an INBOARD position, and make a clear entry in the a/c forms. There\'s nothing wrong with it!!
  4. I\'m for the cordinator to start, then relay box, then wiring (J3 lead, LH harness, QEC kit harness). Amp would only come into consideration if it is solid state (ABB, Raven, TI, Allison)
  5. During the 80\'s, we got the call one of our birds(?) had a birdstrike, and was coming home for repairs. When she flew overhead, it looked like it had been painted with a gloss-coating. After landing we saw it was helo blade-tape over most of the leading edges - during a low-level leg they had surprized a flock of crow-sized birds.
  6. duckhunter04 wrote: I remember something similar many moons ago .... still want to know whether the thread-starter resolved his problem
  7. DC10FE wrote: I have highlighted more than 5, so I suppose I qualify :laugh:
  8. ..... any luck clearing this problem ??...
  9. This sounds like a problem I had +-2 years ago. Problem is probably not in the prop at all (easily checked by removing the prop and doing a short run). Initially the problem was cured by changing the speed valve, I was venting intermitently, found during a man-on-stand check. The problem returned, becoming progressivly worse. See if you can attach an air-line and 160psi guage to the bleed valve system DOWNSTREAM of the speed valve. Attach another hose and guage to the CDP fitting. Do a run and compare the pressures from normal to cross-over. There shouldn\'t be more than 10psi difference,
  10. pjvr99

    Fuel Topping?

    Extracted from the 2J-T56-56: When throttles are at the wall during pitchlock check, check fuel flow, i.e. at 1550pph rpm should be 104.4 to 105.6 (for A15 engine)
  11. pjvr99

    Fuel Topping?

    pjvr99 wrote: [email protected]$$ me: I should have stated that as when the prop does over-speed for fuel governing/pitchlock check ..... etc
  12. pjvr99

    Fuel Topping?

    ..... bearing in mind when the prop does over-speed, the fuel conrol governor rpm is set according to fuel flow, which mostly is around 104.5% to 105.5%
  13. pjvr99

    Fuel Topping?

    Different languages, different meaning, same words. US Navy guys talk about the \'fuel topping governor\', while the rest talk about \'fuel control governor\'. In South Africa and the UK we talk about \'topping up\' the tanks, while Americans talk about \'topping off\'. BTW fuel governor rpm for -A15/D22A 103.6% to 106.1%, and -7/D22 is 103.6 to 105.8%
  14. OK, lets ask the question this way - are there any forum members or readers that work these EPC birds?
  15. Sounds like fun ..... is it already fitted with the EPC system on the 54H60 prop? I\'m actually looking for more info on 54H60 with EPC Thanx PJ
  16. Hey guys Any further news on these EPC birds? Are they still being demodded? Any input from active operators/users/techs would be extremely welcome. Tnx PJ
  17. The test cell uses an A2D converter for the speed/RPM display which needs to be calibrated every 6 months. The procedure calls for 3 values 7Hz, 35Hz and 70Hz which displays as 10%, 50% and 100% respectivly. Thus at 100% the tach generator is putting out a signal of 70Hz. However, because the wires from the tach gen travel along various looms and harnesses, and is also connected to the synchrophase, it is extremely likely that no matter how accurately the guages are calibrated, there is going to be an element of error induced. When in doubt of the rpm guage, take a quick look at the frequency
  18. Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year. Drive safely if going away for the holidays .....
  19. Natops1, you\'re almost right but the gauge error could go the other way too .... an exerpt from my post on HH http://p076.ezboard.com/RPM-Limitations/fc130herculesheadquartersfrm3.showMessage?topicID=746.topic for the full discussion
  20. Dan Wilson wrote: Dan, you\'ve said something here that is much closer to the truth than you think. I worked for an electronics company in the R&D lab. We had a number of problems with our devices initially, due to bad/low power supplies. Some of the devices were fitted to cars and trucks and were extremely unstable until we redesigned the power circuits for ESD problems, and more importantly brown-out. Brown-out is a low voltage condition where a circuit is still active but the voltage is too low for a clear signal/data to be transmitted and interpretted. Then, as you say, it doe
  21. Haven\'t done a cooling turbine in nearly 20 years, but remember they use engine oil Mil-L-23699 / Mobil Jet II or whatever engine oil you use
  22. That\'s the full set, and what I have too
  23. Casey, I sent you a PM a while ago. I have most of the Service News in .pdf format. I would like to upload them here but am a little wary of the response from Lockheed. Please advise me. Thanx PJ
  24. South African Air Force always drained residue (used it to wipe down engine cowls, etc), SAFAIR always drained, and Saudi Air Force drains. Reason given - to reduce fire hazard
  25. I have most in .pdf - which ones do you need?
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