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  1. Found Col. Richie Belser obit. in the Charleston, SC's 'Post and Courier' this morning. He started his flying career in 1942 in Burma 'Flying the Hump'. He flew C-54s, B-24s, C-130s, and was involved in the returning of our POWs from the NVA in 1973. His obit. can be found at www.legacy.com/obituaries/charleston. R.I.P. Col. Belser.
  2. Giz, I seem to remember setting a code on a box mounted near the ceiling towards the front of the cargo compartment on the Langley birds. I would get the code from the Nav. Anyone remember that? If I remember right, it sent some type of identifier signal. Pat
  3. My son took these pictures about 3 years ago at Watauga Lake in Mountain City, TN. Pat Wylie
  4. Giz, Just decided yesterday that I was coming. Looking forward to seeing all y'all. Pat
  5. Yeah, those were the days. My AC, Capt. Bob Craft, taught me the about drinking scotch whiskey on a rotation to Rhine Main. Still drink it today, but a little bit better stuff. Not that Johnnie Walker is bad. That was the rote that started the tennis ball cannon wars.
  6. Remember to buy Mom a bottle, too. You're the reason she drinks.
  7. Great Avatar Vans. Now that's funny.
  8. Welcome to the site. I'm sure many on this site most likely knew your dad. What was his name?
  9. Casey, I would like to get an E model with the SEA camo paint.
  10. Can't wait to get on one down in Georgia this year and see the sights, smell the smells and enjoy the memories.
  11. KEN, Was just having some fun and cutting up with Giz. Hope no one took offense. I'm with you about finding a home here and enjoy reading the post daily. Pat Wylie P.S. Great post Chris.
  12. "Ordinary people like us" Now that's funny!
  13. "Ordinary people like us" Now that's funny!
  14. pwylie

    Fraulein ?

    Hope you're doing better. You look great with the eye patch.
  15. I sure we all trust your judgement on this. I think it would help the site.
  16. That happened to me. Never could clear it up. Even the PC manufacturer and anti-virus company couldn't clear up the problem in 4 hours. I bought a MacBook. I'll never go back.
  17. Bob, If you are on the Agent Orange Registry, they will cover your dermatology problems. I've had many squamous cell carcinomas frozen, scraped or surgically removed by the VA. Make sure you have them taken care of, because squamous cells can spread. As far as it being an AO condition for disability payments. It is not one of the acknowledge conditions associated with AO. Pat Pat Thanks for the info on AO. I have the treatment pretty well covered by Medicare and Tricare at least so far, but I think I'll check on getting on the AO registry. I have already signed up and got a determination on VA benefits, fairly low rating and the advisor at the VA Hospital at West Roxbury MA pretty much told me as long as I had Medicare and Tricare then that was easier and better than the VA. I do plan to look into VA pharmacy in MA because it is just a mile away, but the VA in Dallas is a long haul into terra incognita here in Dallas. Thanks Bob
  18. I was a 'Turkey Lurkey' all day yesterday, and maybe all day today. Hope you guys had a good one
  19. I wish the Wall Street protesters had all three and weren't just boneheads.
  20. Nurses have a God given ability to bring comfort. I know she must be a special lady.
  21. What's the limit on Zombies?
  22. I suggest you move, or shoot the Bitch.
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