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    C130H TILT

    Was there a cross wind?
  2. The A model gunships had A C generators on 1&4 engines to power the sensors and defensive gear.
  3. It smelled like a dry bay without fuel fumes. The only thing that got hurt was the airplane. There was an army guy in the tower taking movies. The right wing flexed down and when it flexed up it kept going up and broke just outboard of #4 engine. Lockheed put a new wing on and flew it back to the factory. They kept it for a couple of months fixing all the other stuff that was broken or bent. The crew that broke it went down to Lockheed and picked it up. The same crew took it to Europe for 30 days. Nobody else flew it . I guess it was punishment.
  4. I was crew chief on 63-7846 at McGuire. Hated the Navy FE's. I helped launch 63-7835 one morning. The Navy FE found fuel fumes in a dry bay. Nobody else could smell them. Finally they took the airplane. They took that beauty down to Ft. Polk and landed so hard they broke the wing off.
  5. Back in olden times one of the old guys told me Lockheed told him the plumbing had to make a 180 degree turn to help compensate for expansion and contraction while the system was in use.
  6. Back in olden times the loadmaster ( scanner ) had to close the Gtc door with a screwdriver. He would clear 4 and go close the Gtc door.
  7. Rayj

    Eagles Nest

    Go to www.berry.edu/eaglecam/ to watch a pair of Bald Eagles nesting. There are two eggs in the nest.
  8. Rayj


    Hey Tinwhistle, I am with you Brother.
  9. In 1969 we carried two navs. One was the table nav and the other one was the scope operator. They were briefed not to wear a chest pack when operating the scope. On the night the nav left the airplane he was in the process of bringing the scope back in the airplane. They had shut down #2 engine for low gearbox oil pressure and were going back to Ubon. After he left the airplane and got on the ground he got on the radio and wanted somebody to pick him up. The guys in the airplane told him to find a place to hide and somebody would come out after daylight to get him. His crew was able to stick around most of the night and kept talking to him
  10. Just remembered Queen Bee worked at the Rose Bar in Tai Chung.
  11. Hey Bill. Whats a Gueen Bee??
  12. Yep. Some Guard and Reserve hercs did.
  13. Thanks Lkuest. They found a guy at Lockheed to show them how.
  14. Can anyone tell me how to remove the nosecone on the three bladed prop? Thanks.
  15. Let me add a few. Larson, CCK, Hamilton, Naha, Richards Gebaur, Ellington. Thats all I can remember now.
  16. There is a procedure to disconect the actuator and fix it at 15 degrees. That leads me to believe the correct answer would be 0.
  17. The one and only time I was on the ground at CRB during a rocket attack we got airborne in record time. The loadmaster and I had just arrived when it started. I closed the gear doors, got the nose gear downlock. The O's showed and we started that beauty and took off. The tower told us the field was closed and they were leaving the tower. Any way we all lived to tell about it.
  18. On the "A" model it is Main DC bus.
  19. Rayj


    Could this be a Navy Medic?
  20. Once upon a time in a land far away, we were doing a normal trash hauling mission. we were several hours into the day when we got to TSN. The "B" model that had the air evac mission had broken down. We were told to re-rig and take the air evac mission. We were flying a former Blind Bat bird and when we started re-rigging we discovered there was not enough equipment on the plane , so we went to the next revetment and borrowed lots of stuff from the broken "B" model. Never did find out if we got in trouble for borrowing that stuff.
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