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  1. Hey Donwon,I was on a 60 day rote to Clark with you when that happened. It was GOX not LOX and yes, the mechanic who was burned was picked up at the acft in an HH-43 Husky and taken to the base hospital. Another Sewart crew chief and I had the plane ready for the crew and it was due to rotate back to Sewart that day. We were sitting on the flt deck BSing and this guy drove up with the tractor and GOX cart and asked if we needed any O2 and we said no we had almost a full load. He said he would top us off anyway. We said ok but did not leave the flt deck like the regs said we should. After a couple of minutes all hell broke lose with a big WHOOSH and a million sparks at the right side of the nose and we jumped off the flt deck and found him laying next to the nose tire with the O2 hose from the cart whipping around. My friend dragged the burned mech across the drainage ditch and I drove the tractor toward the taxi way and jumped off. The guy was burned on his neck but his hands and fingers were burned very badly with skin hanging off. We lucked out that day though,the line from the servicing valve to the check valve was completly burned away but we had a check valve that did not leak, as most of them did, or it would have blown the O2 tanks under the flt deck and I wouldn\'t be writing this. They found an oily sealent on his 4 in. adj wrench. This was an A model. Larry South and Richard Putz were with us, do you remember them and are you Don Cameron? Bill
  2. My My, don\'t those windows look so much larger on the \"J\" ...all joking aside, I saw a Lockheed flying demo at Fairford,England a few years back and with 30 years on the Herk, I had never seen one do the \"tricks\" that \"J\" did. It ain\'t a one trick pony fer sure!! VERY impressive! Bill :)
  3. Hey Dan, I think I flew with this guy when I was a scanner at Sewart....Bill ;)
  4. Maybe they only look bigger cause that old FE and Nav ain\'t taking up so much room...heh heh..Bill:lol:
  5. Col, press control and roll your mouse button and you can make the print larger....I do it quite often, works well:) ..Bill
  6. Hey Casey, seems mine and everyones profile has been dumped. Appears they can\'t be reloaded....or am I missing somthing? Bill Update!! OK OK I found the so called lost profiles. Yesterday I could see members profiles just by clicking on their picture. I see now you have to do that and then click on the Additional Info tab. :blink:
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