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  1. Jumped chocks once during a CERT run, it gets your attention. For us it normally happens on a very cool day winter mostly where the motors pull a ton of torq.
  2. Rex, Not much has changed , even in the prop shop we have sumitted changes to either the kit or some other facit. Still get shot down . It seems that when the AF gets a butt load of money certain items change. Or it seems to depend on who's at the end of the stick making the decisions.
  3. Not to get evertone panties in bunch , but the article sounds a bit like pshychological warfare to me . Let the enemy know one thing then do another. Generals Franks and Schwarzkopf did it.
  4. The correct answer is NO IAW 1c-130h-71jg-00-1 . However this particular proceedure can be done IF a MOI is in place stating that you can do so. Consult your local QA for further info.
  5. Been a Chow Hall to me too. D FAC for the newb's.
  6. All of our 96's had the digital gauges removed except for oil cooler flap position . Torq, rpm, FF, Eng and GB all gone. I beleive it's because of this very reason.
  7. Asked my father about this and I got a dull look of a trapped animal. Dad says they called them the SPOOK SHOP.
  8. Yep double strand of safety wire and a white rag streamer. If it is a turbine issue in normal GI ,but its still a pain even with 2,000 LB or reverse.
  9. Has the EE shop tested the detectors. More often that not the boots that cover them get moisture build up and rot the connections. Don't rule out a bad harness , check all clamps as they are just metal ADELS and can cause chafing and ground out the sensor causing a light. Man on stand however probably won't show a thing with the doors open .
  10. I guess the site went down for a bit? Got some strange pm along with a strange URL from some unknown. So deleted it.
  11. Had a Herk blow me off of a stand once .......or rather the idiot in the flight deck.
  12. Ladder scary yes but not as scary as have to use an over the wing sling to hang a motor.


    Remember mine . Desert Storm , deployed to Mildenhall then to Riyadh. Worked B models at that time.
  14. Doubt seriously it's the VHousing. Most of this can be pointed to cable tension or worn out parts. First and foremost I would check would be the swing arm for worn out bushing or improper alignment . Worn gimble parts such as the yoke is a culprit too. I would also do a pull check per the rigging job guide. Feel free to call the prop shop at the 302nd .
  15. First Pic.......... 29inches. Second Pic ...........31 inches
  16. Give me a bit and I'll get them for ya.
  17. You want both Front and Rear spinner measurements? First pic is rear spinner only. Second is front and rear

    Ole Shakey

    My father has 8500 hours in a 124 as a panel engineer. This was at the 442nd at Dicky Goober. Dad loved that plane along with the 119.
  19. Evil shop should be able to make you one. I can tell you it's a crap shoot when using them , some people have had good luck while others have lost DVD players or laptops.:cool:
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