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  1. Bob, I'm trying to remember you. I was in the 36th from around Sep 74 to around Aug 75, even ended up in 37th, or 38th for a short period of time. I was there when they started moving the 36th TAS to McCord. Anyone ever hear from Bob Grindrod, Wilber Nelson? HB Marsh was my boss in the 36th. I had a friend, Charlie Scheffler, a Crew Chief on Herks. I went to KDOV on C-5's after Langley. I was in the 37th from 1 Nov 69 to 22 Aug 73 Bob Daley
  2. I consider a Music Video by Billy Ray Cyrus one of the best of all times as a tribute to all Vets. To view and hear his song, type in "youtube, some gave all, Billy Ray Cyrus", on a search engine. Would love to hear your feedback here. Happy Vets day.
  3. I can go one better, I have a 4 volume set of Lockheed C-130 factory, MX manuals that my ex Southern Air Transport boss gave to me about 20 years ago. Still has the original string around them as they were shipped. I still have my Southern Air Transport MX training manuals from company school. I still also, have a FE's "Whiz Wheel" for figuring T.O/LDG data for the Herk.
  4. The Herk and P-3 that had the midair collision, would it be the ones that I saw in Dec 1971, at I believe, Midway Island? That was ugly, several feet of a wing gone from the P-3 and a big gash in belly area of Herk. Just wondering, I was on my way to Hawaii just a day or two before Christmas that year on a C-130B from clark AB hauling some C-7 maintenance troops and some spare parts for the C-7's.
  5. Muff, more than the required 101 missions to Fields Avenue. Also had 101 missions over the BOP (BAY OF PIGS), in Thailand. There was a hotel, in a town near one of the bases in Thailand where the girles hung out, that had kind of murky water in the swimming pool. Along with the not ready to be beauty queens, sometimes we could talk the pilot into kind of a modified approach over the hotel and pool. So hence, we named the place the BOP. Nice meeting you.
  6. Morning Ken, I finally got this place to cooperate with me and let me log in. Kinda feels good to be around Herk people. Later and thanks for steering me here.
  7. I'm trying to find anyone, that was in the 774 TAS during 1971 and 1972, that has a copy of Air Crew "BLANKET FLYING ORDERS" for SEA, that has my name on it and the rest of the Squadron's name on it too, just for a keep-sake item. Would like to have a copy e mailed to me. Actually, wouldn't mind hearing from anyone I was stationed with over at Clark AB. Would like to hear from anyone, on the Air Crew, the day I fell out of the back of crew transport pick-up, at Cam Rahn Bay AB, RVN. I was the FE.
  8. Mr. C., I finally made it in. No one has contacted me. Thanks, and how are the photos coming along?
  9. Does it have a Turbine By-pass Valve in the system? I've seen these fail in full by-pass and cause a problem. Also will fail in full closed.
  10. Could it the 3.5 bleed air check valve, top right aft on engine, be stuck partially open reducing the air pressure to the starter? I worked civillan Herks for 6 years and had about 4 problems with that ck valve. Either stuck partially open, or all the way open. Not all acceleration bleed valves open for the start? The ones on the bottom are famous for sticking due to prop/engine leaks.
  11. If you actually saw a photo of a steering wheel on the CP side, could it have been a negative of the cockpit turned over backwards when someone made a photo. I flew the C-130B, E, H, P, & N's. I never saw that type of set up on any of them.
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