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  1. Munir, since it makes no difference which phase is monitored, any phase could be used. I have no idea why they chose phase C. Maybe the relay was closer to a phase C connection. The only person that probably knows is the engineer who designed it back in the 1950's. Sometimes, I think you think too much about these details. 😅
  2. Sorry, I have no idea.
  3. Again, I have never heard of a DCU. What system is it?
  4. I have never heard of anything called that, Munir.
  5. There are 9 of them. all #3 in the pic. Location: OW sta 185 and 293, and Ail Sta 103.5 on the wings, FUS STA 671, 701, 731.
  6. DISCLOSURE NOTICE - This information is furnished upon the condition that it will not be released to another nation without the specific authority of the Department of the Air Force of the United States, that it will be used for military purposes only, that individual or corporate rights originating in the information, whether patented or not, will be respected, that the recipient will report promptly to the United States, any known or suspected compromise, and that the information will be provided substantially the same degree of security afforded it by the Department of Defense of
  7. Munir, For valve #40P107? Cage code is 82829 Contact Allen Aircraft Products, phone # 330-296-9621
  8. Don't know why the #1 system pressure would affect #2. The worst thing the USAF did was put two 99.9% error free systems on the same bird. Woud have been so much better without the second system. The RF interlock system is ridiculously designed. I don't see that causing your problem. Wish I could be of more help.
  9. Make sure the antenna cables are connected correctly. There is a possibility that two are swapped.
  10. Not familiar with that RADAR. Given all you have changed, try changing the waveguide between the R/T and the antenna.Corrosion may cause false targets.
  11. I couldn't find an old TCTO that made the system inoperational. This note was in the old 130B-2-4. There is also no mention of C-130B or E having it in TO 1C-130H-2-70GS-00-1.
  12. https://www.ameteksfms.com/-/media/ameteksensors/documents/service center/technical_publication.pdf?la=en Looks like AMETEK may be a source. There is a POC on page 2. The reference is on page 25.
  13. I can't even find that part number in the C-130 T.O.s
  14. I don't know how you would make this, it is extruded.
  15. Glad it worked out for you. Your statement is why it isn't done at field level.
  16. Doing house stuff, building up the 302 for my Ranchero.
  17. I never saw a sloping longeron replaced at field level, only depot. It is not something that can be done with little or no knowledge.
  18. Many fuses are for lower amp ratings. I think 5A was the lowest for CBs, could be wrong. There were plenty of slo-blow fuses a well. And remember, Circuit breakers and fuses are there to protect the wiring, not the unit the voltage is going to.
  19. These were used as upper windows on the A model, see 21 & 22 in the pic out of the C-130A-4.
  20. I am 99.9% positive this control box is not a C-130 part. There have been many itterations of Terrain RADAR. This looks like it was used for landing, at least to me. Just becuase it has a WR sticker on it means nothing, except WRALC has been a dedicated RADAR repair facility since Christ was a corporal. If you are that interested, maybe hit the IBM home page and contact them about it. Someone may track it down for you. Good luck.
  21. You mean besides what is in the Tech orders?
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