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  1. These were used as upper windows on the A model, see 21 & 22 in the pic out of the C-130A-4.
  2. I am 99.9% positive this control box is not a C-130 part. There have been many itterations of Terrain RADAR. This looks like it was used for landing, at least to me. Just becuase it has a WR sticker on it means nothing, except WRALC has been a dedicated RADAR repair facility since Christ was a corporal. If you are that interested, maybe hit the IBM home page and contact them about it. Someone may track it down for you. Good luck.
  3. You mean besides what is in the Tech orders?
  4. That seems like it is using the valid signal to turn on the the Capture light, and not deviation. When you do the TACAN and VOR, do you have the HSI course bar centered before you hit the L/NAV switch? If it wasn't< iwould think the A/P would drive the yoke hard one way or another. I will send you a message and give you my e-mail address. We can converse that way. Maybe if it gets solved we can post what the problem was.
  5. Yes, Hoppy Easter!
  6. Paulo, I wish I could be more help. I don't have any wiring diagrams to look at, especially for the video problem. Does the R/T sit in the aircraft cabin. Is the antenna a dish or flat array? I think this is similar to the RADAR we had on the C-141.
  7. Sorry, I misunderstood your question. I thought they were not touching on the ground, not while on jacks.
  8. This was a topic of discussion many, many years ago at the PIWG conference. I though something was added to the tech orders. I will keep looking.
  9. Is there a requirement to have the bumpers touch? We went through this about "too many frikkin' years ago". An uneven ramp or uneven fuel load can cause the bumpers not to touch. Seems the reasoning was that the bumpers just protected the aircraft, s why the hell worry? Doesn't the rigging occur on Jacks?
  10. Is there a requirement to have the bumpers touch? We went through this about "too many frikkin' years ago". An uneven ramp or uneven fuel load can cause the bumpers not to touch. Seems the reasoning was that the bumpers just protected the aircraft, s why the hell worry?
  11. I'm curious as to hpw you check the SCNS on the ground and get a capture on the pilot's side. I could fool the C-130E AWADS airplanes, but they had a CADC that had a minimum 100Kt output. How do you run a SCNS route on the ground?
  12. So let me ask this Milly, are you guys just changing parts then letting it fly again? Are there any stored faults in the system? The processor does monitor Track Angle Error and Cross Track from SCNS. I would think it would flag it if it lacks one of those signals. You could try swapping out K300E, C/P TKE Course Datum Relay shown on sheet 6 of F0-5 in the 22GS-00-3 and K261MLS, C/P AZ Relay as shown on sheet 8. At least those could be ruled out. What base are you all at, anyway? You guys were lucky with swapping out the whole NIRP panel. I've seen back things happen doing that.
  13. Well, to start with, I can't find anything in any books that give an indication of how the Capture lamp is enabled. The N/L ARM light comes on just to show it has been selected. I am not sure if the deviation signals have to be sensed by the A/P processor or not. At this point, I think the Nav valid signals enable it. If you look at the lower right hand corner of Fig 3-6, sheet 4, you will see the Copilots's Nav/ILS Flag Driver. AYW1-107A22 goes from pin 6 up to the AP Processor Nav Valid #2. Looking at the diagram, I don't see a SCNS input. In the 22GS, FO-5, sheet 9 doesn't show it either. BTW, these foldouts are pretty decent to see signal paths through all the different relays. I am checking with someone that knows SCNS very well to see if he has any input, but I will keep looking. Please keep in mind I've been retired for 8 years, so it may take me longer than it used to.
  14. I am not sure what you mean by burning. Are they actually overheating and smell burnt when the aircraft lands? Or do they just shut down and not come back on when the aircraft is sitting on the ground? Have you tried changing the antenna anyway, or swapping it with another antenna from a different aircraft?
  15. 5P3-3-26-4 is the tech order the IPB calls out, which is a parts breakdown. There is probably a 5P3-3-26-3, depot level book.
  16. They have been there since day 1. They do work with DC. They are a 3 wire input directly from the transmitter.
  17. That looks very similar to a pic I usually post. Happy New Year!!!
  18. We used to do this on the MC-130E blackbirds.
  19. I had to draw pictures and show the colonels how the friction knob worked so they could spend the money. One or two of our handles was creeping and wouldn't lock down.
  20. We had a bad one when I was in Alaska, and a team from depot had to come up and change it. I am not sure if it is addressed in the 1C-130A-3 or not. No repair is authorized by maintenance folks.
  21. The lack of signal wouldn't have affected the VOR, I don't think. It is possible the system was picking up noise or the lack of load on the receiver antenna connector caused a fault. One side being off certainly should have screwed up the localizer. Good find, guys.
  22. I don't have enough info at my fingertips to give a firm yes, I wish I did. It looks good, but have you contacted FMS at WRALC?
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