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  1. IN 1969 at CCK we lost 2? at cruise alt that departed CCK forTaipei that I believe was a runaway prop.... the nxt time it happened the flight deck caught it in time? I was in country during both & i seem to remember that there was talk of grounding the E's until that flight crew caught and pulled it out.... Going in inverted made my not so sharp anymore thinking....
  2. I love the Carolinas & would live there in a heart beat @68 yrs old! But at 18 yrs old (born & raised in Upstate NY) I recall that the town outside the main gate at Pope was called Fayette-Nam,,, And If I recall correctly... we were allowed on only one street in Fayette-Nam... Being in the 346th, from '66 to '70 I only remember the "City of Impact" & then of course, there was the ~159 days out of Clark for the Pueblo & Tet & a year out of CCK to show a young guy the "real world"
  3. I think that the C130 crash in this movie is the Navy 130 that crashed & burned on the runway at Khe Sanh that happened shortly before they would not let us land at Khe Sanh any more and only let 123's & C7's land and we then started dropping CDS... Late Feb early March 1968 Tet?
  4. J Conner2,,, "The first time I was in-country and we went to Bin Hoa I got out and walked around the plane and a 150MM fired outbound. I dove under the plane thinking it was an incoming roun" Ha! John! I did the same thing in early '68 first time into Song Be with a bladder bird or a load of 175m? Shells! The guys from the !st Cav that were 'dug' in around the strip got a very big chuckle out of that as we just landed & were still loaded.... Of course every time we went in an outta there we would dust them all with the ole red clay...
  5. Slept on lower bunk on flight deck for a solid week in dec '67 or '68 at Nellis while on "Harvest Reaper" ...out in back once a day to Love Field LTV... some days only picked up a single UPS size parcel at Love Field that they needed for the F-111 flight tests... Engineer on ~3d day made me go downtown to hotel and take a shower...I was saving money for Christmas... I found out that the Desert gets Very Cold when the Sun Goes down in Dec...
  6. This is kinda, more than obvious, now, in my old age, but I seem to remember, (1966-1970 time frame 346th lm) tho, I never was on board for a jato take off, but I do remember, more than several 'discussions' regarding pulling the T handles to release the spent bottles that you must do from the bottom up....... I seem to recall that in the '60's time frame that there were incidents where the jato bottles had come loose, either by accident, or pulling the 'T' handles in the wrong order.... Weird things that come back to you ~50 yrs later... BUT don't ask me what I had for breakfast...
  7. In SEA '68-'69 &'70 at least, I used the vehicle off loading ramps for speed offloading pallets a lot... (as well as load/unload all kinds of vehicles, including APC's, off course...) & I do remember these ramps being stored in the door & they were HEAVY and could play heck with your fingers gettin them out of the door... (I'd have real trouble now at '66' moving them around...)...Anyways, when we anticipated speed off loading, or, we had vehicles on board I would leave the ramps hooked up to the ramp standin tall and run a tie down strap around them...Depending on the stops, I usu
  8. On my very last mission in USAF...Picking up VP Agnew's ground power unit & mule from the island of Bali where spiro T. stopped for a round of golf on his way to japan....AC picked up a complete set of hand carved & hand painted Wooden (monkey wood maybe...) little childrens chair and table furniture set that while we were climbing out on our way out of Bali to Australia (Canberra?) the table & chairs began to show cracks in the wood...Had one upset Bird Col AC...(We were on Bali for over a week with leaking fuel tanks)... Remember getting a wooden case of Rose Mateus Wine @ Lajes
  9. Chuck

    Viet A

    I find it really "unique" that The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam displayed the Herk at Khe Sanh...Khe Sanh was suppose to be Our Dien Bien Phu...With C130s, C123s & helicopters providing ALL of the resupply to the Marines during the siege of Khe Sanh (~mid/late dec '67 thru ~earlyapr '68)....after the Marine 130 crashed on the runway only 123's were allowed to land. 130s' airdropped CDS (I only air landed and then air dropped CDS during the actual siege; don't recall any LAPES (before 1528) or GPES (A models only) right during the actual siege beginning the week before TET '68...The NVA,
  10. Chuck


    Maybe he said it tongue in cheek...weren't the F105's known as the Lead Sled? Then again, if He Was flying in SEA, the Hanoi Hilton was NOT a five star Hilton and ending up a POW was pretty close to a toss up vs the "alternative"...
  11. All of our E's in the 346th had the paratroop door ladders on board....don't think that I ever used them, tho...In Country we loaded pax thru the ramp unless there were just a few and then we would "escort" them in/out the crew door... I remember on scheduled Pax runs picking up G I's at forward bases that were going back to the world (we only took em as far as CRB, TSN or Danang, of course...) would load them thru the ramp and then put their luggage pallet up on the ramp and I can remember the guys lookin at me while CRANKED the tie down straps squishing all of their Brandee New Samsonite Sui
  12. I was (Loadmaster) LAPES cerified at Dyess (346th) in '67 with the original reefed extraction chutes only...Then in winter of '68-'69 I TDY'd to Floridia (Eglin, I think) and got certified on 1528 LAPES before pcsing with the 346th to CCK...A huge difference between the original LAPES and 1528 LAPES. My AC was Std Eval and we almost lost the ramp not once, but twice, during the week that we were there...All worked out in the end tho...Dropped all kinds of the "legacy" CDS, both while in SEA jan to june'68 and Apr'69 to june'70... No LAPES tho...
  13. I guess it would depend on how much American history means to All Americans (both Young & Old...)...Specifically, Credible Sport is a part of our history that very few Americans have a clue about: Operation Eagleclaw...If Credible Sport had been viable there would not have been a Desert One and the loss of 8 Americans while trying to save the 60 or so American Hostages may not have happened...I believe Credible Sport was to land at the Soccer Field much closer to where the American Hostages where being held, at least at one point...I think that it's a sad state of affairs that Credible Spo
  14. Armored Chair that came along with hardening the flight deck. The Armored Loadmaster's Chair" bolted down pretty much over the top of the 463 sequential lock and emergency release control for the dual rails.If I remember right, they added the flight deck armor sometime after Tet 68 as the armor weren't in any of the planes I was on during Tet and They must have pulled the Armored chair out after August 1970 as the armored chair was still there when I came back to the states from the 346th...I would have liked an Armored Paratroop door tho, as that's where I spent most of my time...
  15. In SEA I almost always had 5 empty pallets on the ramp...Still can't come up with a spot in my mind as to where I would've stowed one of those wooden milk stools (worked fine when they were available, but, I sure would not have wanted to lug it around the aircraft...). I know, maybe in the armored loadmasters' chair @ 245...(I'd most likely sit in it now...but, never did then, once they showed up, in `68-69? I do remember having to add, what~1,000 lbs for flight deck armor and our chair, when they did install it...I do remember sitting, from time to time, on a tie down chain barrel on top of m
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