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  1. other than a Herk -- that's a bird I would love to have flown!
  2. I remember doing some of those test. Back then as I recall there were sound (volume) problems. But I thought they could of used the same radios that CCT did to communicate with just a different secure frequency -- why reinvent the wheel! I also tested NVG landing lights that were charged via 9 volt batteries and a single bulb LED/IR mounted on a 2 ft stake at a 45 degree angle. All seven stakes and batteries weighed less than 5#'s and could be seen 2-3 miles out. Also, we worked with an IR laser system -- 4 lights mounted on 2 ft stakes -- the light packs and batteries were about the size of a soda can. The were placed at the approach end and departure end of the runway -- like the close safety lights for a driveway door. When lighted it looked like a straight line on either side of the runway. The problem you could get little breaks in the light with fog patch's or rise and dips in the runway. All-in-all still better than a box and one. Worked too good is why they were not implemented! Pluss the 9 volt system cost less than $20.
  3. We had the highspeed ramp/door 250 knots -- the buffer boards were there for the ramp crew during STAR operations. As I recall slicks had a 150 for opening and closeing but you could go up to 180 once open and locked.
  4. unfortunately I never got to the back to watch a helo AR as I was always too busy up front! :)
  5. If you are talking about the BLU-82 I didn't drop any in Nam but did drop 3 in Desert Storm.
  6. same same here for me -- thought it was my computer
  7. As some of you know already, I am attempting to compile a data base of former 8th SOS (Combat Talon I) members and also passing on information on the upcoming reunion. Please forward to me any mailing address, phone#s, e-mail addresses and/or any other info that I might not have on record. Also, please send this to anyone you think is not on my list and should be. I am attaching the Agenda, Registration Form and Trifold. The earlier you register for the reunion, the easier it is for the organizers to make all the arrangements. Also, if you are interested in playing golf, we are limited to 8 foursomes, so sign up soon to avoid the rush. Golf has been moved from Gator Lakes (agenda is incorrect) and will be at FWB - Oaks Course. I can be reached at [email protected] Looking forward to seeing y'all at the reunion in May. Cheers, BobB
  8. Fix 21% Medicare/TRICARE Cut I just took action on this issue and thought you might find it interesting too. Click on this URL to take action now http://capwiz.com/moaa/utr/2/?a=14650876&i=84948075&c=
  9. Being an IP/StanEval pilot one of my duties was "Jump Chock Training" it was nothing but you bet your wings with no intention to fly!
  10. I would say airflow across the sensors -- we have a procedure on the bird (jet) I fly for high oil temp is to increase power that moves the oil thru the cooler faster -- crazy but it works!
  11. I know that you can put in a suggestion to change something and get the procedure approved wait a year and put in a suggestion to change it back just like it was before and get it approved and get an award for both suggestions! No it wasn't me but I know who did it!
  12. Check army/navy, sporting goods and hunting stores -- I got mine in Nam and it was small enought you could roll it into a ball the size of a baseball. I would say the smaller the better. I used a pancho liner. I laid in the hammock got in wrapped it around me pulled the sides of the hammock over me and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Everything was OK until a crew member not to be named tried to duct tape me in -- he got his just reward. He had to pee sometime on the flight. Standing on the ramp in full stream trying to hold to both his manhood and the ramp support when he was floating in mid air --- damn must have been a airp pocket! :)
  13. There were some great photos taken by Hollywood my LM and you could see the silver chaff and white rolls of AF Form 1's floating down on the deck. I had them under the glass on my desk at work and someone not to be named (can't prove she did it) stole them and I can't find the negatives!
  14. It just took awhile for his true colors to come out -- good job Casey. Did you get my check?
  15. Close is correct and a whole lot better that the old VVI -- going from a IVSI back to a VVI is like going back from driving a car to ridding a bicycle
  16. different situations, different times --also bet it was fixed to get the hell out of Dodge when the time came also -- my thanks to you -- you can Crew Chief my bird any day -- !
  17. there is a video on here somewhere also
  18. everyone can thank Gen Mc Puke for all the name, wing/sq, patch and req name & # changes
  19. yokes for the Fulton Recovery System -- they are extended for the Surface To Air Recovery (STAR) the raydome was painted black it just looks like this was a paint over the green and it has worn off.
  20. It'a on here somewhere do a search :)
  21. I'm working on that --They all have historic significance i.e. 64-0523 the first delivered plus first STAR bird and flown on the Son Tay Raid on 3 engines (by a 7th crew) probably the first historic Talon event. And she bombed the Nimitz into submission! But hey, I didn't make the decision!
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