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  1. My 'wonderful wife' has decided to accept a job at Lockheed's facility in Fort Worth. I know that the NAS joint reserve which shares the field with LM has Herks. In fact I know the the FE's who have been bringing them there J's. I am 14+years C130 ALL platform experienced as well as engine/apu/gtc certified and current on ALL platforms. I am a current LM employee working depot level and deep mod's, including TKI's. I would love to stay on Herks. Is there an avenue to do that at this station, I would really appreciate any contact info. Steve
  2. Wierd, I dont think we have all the information, but try shutting off elev pack. If no help, try shutting off rudder pack. Sounds like you have a blown bypass in elevator pack, or a combo: bad bypass and press reducing valve on rudder panel.
  3. Problem has to be multiple component and/or wiring. This rig is not airworthy. Take it off the wing. Throwing parts at it, and cannot duplicate on ground with that kind of discrepancy is, in my mind, grounds for R2. Probably cheaper, and surely quicker in the long run. Sending up "I hope its not another IFE" is not in my mind acceptable.
  4. see if the hub has put together correctly. if the slot for the dome key is not between 2 and 3 blades it will not pitchlock with a standard plr install. if it is overspeeding no problem, and you have already r2'd the plr once, and you are sure the index rings are correct....that should be your problem. you can advance the index rings to match accordingly if you are in a jam, but if the hubs are misaligned, i would have low confidence in the rest of the assembly.
  5. Saw some pics of the Algerian C130 that crashed not long ago, impressive. Really liked the shot of the MLG ballscrew that was snapped off, shot through the ww pod, and ended up with the detatched wing tip. Also the associated shelf bracket that was snapped in half. Ouch.
  6. high speed taxi and inducing anti skid is a little extreme. Costly and risky. You can make transducer spinners that can do the same thing. Have four guys with drill motors coordinating any mixture of simulated taxi and skid conditions.
  7. ahh yes Big Ethel Can F... forgot about that one.
  8. clogged sock on those packs equals low flow. also the fcsov should not fully open on the ground. it is altitude compensated. dont tweek it or it will have even more trouble at altitude. what does it do with engine bleed air. get higher with an engine and do some decay checks. will let you rule out leakage. had same if not worse probs on a 1500 series coast guard bird. biggest cause was the cc aux vent. external indicator showed closed but i had to know....opened the duct and sure nuff, the butterfly was 'loose' on the shaft. motor was driving as directed, but butterfly was doing what it wanted. when doing decay check, when packs get cut off have someone outside stick hands and face into the pack intake. if they are feeling lots of air, aux vent is hosed. i know you said you checked already. just a thought.
  9. somebody has pounded on an input bellcrank on the FC with the blind spline a tooth off. The rest of the rig is off because of that. Pull them off and recheck.
  10. Sorry, we did this mod. Nice install, but not well thought out. Your armor will have to be, like the plane, Frankened. You will fly a unique plane however.
  11. Used our local CFR (Crash Fire Rescue) a few years back for their thermal camera for some LE leaks that eventually led to a faulty detector. Nice.
  12. What are your numbers. If you just need a couple of seconds then you are down to ramp/door/windows/skylight. If you cannot make anything then you have a component problem. I had a USCG 1500 series that had 4 bad or part bad components. Major headache. You know...gotcha.sucker.....damn. Biggie was cargo aux vent valve. Sweep on body said open/closed as advertised. Getting my ass kicked with decay, and isolated it down to that. Loosened the clamps and observed the butterfly, would move, but, jerk. Reached in and you could move it at will with moderate hand press. The motor would drive as req'd, but the butterfly was at least part stripped on the shaft.
  13. Navair has flaps at full up, AF has them at 50 percent.
  14. The sync itself is one stuck up bitch, and the sync test set is like the rest of us, half in the bag, trying to figure her out. Quote me..."Im giving her all the right signals..but she just wont respond...im getting the feedback..but i dont know what to do..." not making fun of you. Although I do find it funny. Latent faults in the sync is your problem. Shit in the valvle housing, and all of the other elen..type stuff is gonogo. The sync is the only ESD sensitive piece on the eng. cntrl loop. I have been quoted before that LATENT or SOFT esd related issues would become more frequent. There are standards in place. They are not production friendly. They have not been followed.. Latent, non reproducible, intermittent faults have been introduced into black boxes like the sync. I know how old the sys is . But this issue is going to keep coming up. make sure all the gaps are OK an pulse gen pickups...but r2 another sync box. fixed..
  15. Had a nice 'package' as far as external equip. "If that does not sound to domestic partner". I am sure it will kick ass. Say what you want, but the J is a bad mo''fo.
  16. Good looking bird. Who is getting it?
  17. B-E and C-F . Yes "Big Ethel Can F" does anyone remember any others for the jump out cheats, or t/s tricks. Just curious, probably should be another thread.
  18. Nice one PJ. I know you know you stuff. It is the lack of electronics, and the actual increase in blade angle that get me. I'll think on it. Don't fix this sucker and leave us hanging.
  19. also any doors with flare/marker launcher mods. And, I have seen many versions. I don't think there are any dual snubbers out there. I think the previous post was in reference to dual actuators with no snubbers. No problems...a few zzzz's and a few beer'ssss since then. All good.
  20. Similar problem. Had an engine on incudt. with high tit on down shift. about 850. For other reasons changed TD valve, R/H eng harness and Relay Box. Problem never came back until crew ran prior to delivery. Would not go below 750. Checked all six of the easy nickle dime valves. Nothing. Connected a 30 foot hose to the outled of the ss valve to a gage. My thinking is that the ss valve is bypassing some air...will not see it on start because on coast down the 5 10 overcome the 14 partial and open the valves. SS valve is surely suspect, but home station should be able to r2. Thoughts?
  21. On the same lines, does anyone know of any restrictions as to fuel load and the performance of full power engine runs. We have some who swear that it will cause excessive structural wear and tear and generate fuel leaks.
  22. We had the same problem a couple of years ago. On an E that was being upgraded. If it sounds like a damn whale in the cargo compartment when you move the rudder, or move the rudder and run some flap, or do some other odd combo of flight controls then it is the same problem. I agree it can get REALLY loud. The problem is in the diverter panel. Had an old time designe engineer come up from Marietta. Our panel needed another piece of plumbing, essentially adding a bit of a run-around plumbing to the panel. I'll see if I can dig up the EA for you. Fixed it 100 percent.
  23. Suuuure. Please post your Current GPS Lat and Long, and I'm sure you will get all the 'help' you can handle. :)
  24. 80 years old, and I am working the line with him daily. He will still work the shit out of some know it all punks day in and day out. Norm has worked in all corner of the world, worked as LM tech support when the A's rolled out. Supervised the transition from 3 bladed props, did bunches of no'no stuff in the interim. Some of you probably know him, but I have got to say, this is one cool, hombre. I hope I can be as active at 80 with his few health issues, but he has some. He is as stubborn as you would imagine about computers, but if anyone knows him, and would like access, I would be happy to facilitate. AF or AAF I'm not sure, from 49 to I think 52 or 53. Consultant, and "other" after that.
  25. Maple wood blocks are crap. If you have any Eng. support, you can have "suitable subs" mfg'd. Best are milled from alum. with Adel rubber around the radius. Other, better than wood are Phenolic, with or without the rubber. Wood was a staple of the era in that capacity. Those lines, for those of you who deal with them, are not very cooperative in the static installation. They do require dynamic relief with respect to hyd press and wing flex, but that is what design radii are for. I have heard that argument, and I cannot subscribe. Milled or phenolic, both are better. Make per sample, have it blessed, and get on with more important gripes.
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