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  1. Zombie, I agree too an extent. Obviously operating conditions play a large part of it. With the T56 in particular, I would be more concerned about sand then salt for example. Because of these variations along with those in manufacturing, a T/C will have a life limit. However, determining where a midlife T/C is sitting in terms of insulation and resistance and establishing a conservative baseline should be sufficient in most applications. I understand your caution in extending the life of the T/C onboard the engine, but stand by my statement; “establishing a conservative baseline should be sufficient.†A good test set will check for the hidden damage that a visual inspection cannot. The test I mentioned is capable of performing the checks with the units installed. But, like you, I believe a visual inspection should be performed. The MkI eyeball will find things that electronic testing will not. Unfortunately, due to differences in operating environments today’s technology cannot grant your desire to predict the life of the T/C, a good conservative testing regime can extend the life of many T/C’s while eliminating the degraded units before they have a chance to cause any secondary damage. Also, I think I created a bad idea in my last post when I wrote: “Do two Inspections where you test the T/C's instead of tossing them.†That should be read as: “testing the T/C’s on two engines.†While I believe the T/C will make it to the 2nd Isochronal…..I sure wouldn’t make any bets beyond that.
  2. Go read the comments section. Personally, I can say I am proud to have served to protect people who can post such comments. The depth and breadth of the ignorance in their comments is breathtaking. Democracy works!
  3. My understanding is that most crews toss the T/C during the Isochronal. The tester has an ROI on the first Isochronal. Do two Inspections where you test the TC's instead of tossing them, and you now have a reduction in maintenance costs. Even my manager understands saving money!
  4. 100 yards of waterline Can of relative bearing grease Batteries for the sound powered phones
  5. Try getting a T/C tester 6685-01-569-7682 R/R P/N 23076502. Runs about 90 seconds per test. Still gotta' pull 'em though. :(
  6. OC-ALC just gave a $600K contract for 3 prototypes and design data for a full LCD two inch indicator that also includes a LCD vernier or subdial indicator. It will look just like the old unit but be an LCD D/face. It is also supposed to be interchangable with units on the C-5. There are new 2" round indicators on the market with a combination analog digital display.
  7. Stacked tolerances....the bane of any troubleshooter.
  8. Just a quick note to let everyone know the replacement for the Allison/Rolls Royce 23003276/6799323 thermocouple testers is out there. The new part number is 23076502. NSN 6685-01-569-7682. The Equipment Manager at WR-ALC will not procure the new unit unless he hears from the field. So let him know you want the new part number. If you have any questions, give me a PM.
  9. Thanks for the great posts, between this one and the flap track/APU thread, I was LMAO. Not a C-130 guy or an Air Force crew chief, but as a navy mech they were all great! For us, it was a few yards of waterline or relative bearing grease.
  10. Faster,better. I like it! Casey, Thank you for everything you have done for us.
  11. I wonder, how much power does this sucker use to power and cool?
  12. The shame is I am under 50 and I remember the tail end of those days. The Pan-Am layoffs in \'81 and the Continental strike in \'82 probably signaled the end. I knew folks who ran the cabin or flew for AA, UAL, Delta and Lufthansa. They all had their airplanes at the field I worked at. And to person, man or woman they all loved their jobs and their company. Two of our CFI\'s were the first women hired by UAL in 1977(?) to move up front. In the mid-80\'s a friend mine who had been a Douglas employee for over 50 years said it was over. Boy was he right. Of course we can all afford to fly now. It has just come with the price of going Greyhound. Passengers are not known as SLC for nothing.
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    RPM Flux wrote: Ya\' know it just depends on who spent the money.
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    I love this board! My sincere thanks to everyone!
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    Can somebody please provide a P/N or NSN? Thanks!
  16. JoCrow wrote: C/R props enable the prop to rotate inboard on the downward side of the rotation. Props develop more lift while rotating down then when up. This keeps the majority of the thrust working towards the inboard side of the aircraft and closer to the rudders. At least this what all the books I have read on aerodynamics have stated. The French appear to have found another reason to rotate the blades towards each other. Testing and time will tell.
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    Can anybody help me with information on the LVDT? I am no even sure about the nomenclature. Linear Voltage Displacement Transducer. I understand it is mounted near or under the pedestal and converts movement of the PLA. Thanks!
  18. I\'m sorry, did you say you\'re in Detroit or Washington,D.C.?
  19. Try this one. http://www.drublair.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItemBundle.asp?idProduct=51
  20. I must admit I miss the days when we would look at the manual and give it a shot. After, all we had to pull the engine any way, why not try and save it?.
  21. Can you go inside the bearing housing? As I recall it\'s 3 bolts safety wired together and then some heat shielding. But..if the line running inside the stator is cracked, you will need to replace the case.
  22. 2nd stage vanes is very bizarre. Were they burned up in just one area? And the 1st stage turbine nozzle guide vanes were good!?! Those are the hottest vanes in the engine! Plus if you had my theoretical torching nozzle, a portion the first stage vanes would be toast. (This makes me wonder if the vane classification was messed up and you had too much area. But you should have had high RPM and low torque when the engine ran.)
  23. Works for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I forgot about the in-flight tech and load master.
  24. Why would a flight to Miami have 8 crew members? That sounds like about 5 extra.
  25. Not a fun engine change. Which case is it leaking from? BTW, saw the UH-1 in Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago. It looked good!
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