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  1. Gonna be in the Fort Walton Beach area for a while. Anyone have any recomendations for stuff to do? Or anyone up for a beer or six?
  2. Have you messed with the Water Seperator anti-ice sensor yet? That or the duct temp sensors are about all I can come up with.
  3. I have some from the desert that have it on my external HD. But my computer took a crap last week and my wifes won't work with it. I should have a new one next week or so and I'll try to get some up.
  4. Two things, 1) That's a damn pretty bird, even without the paint. 2) Is there a reason for using the old style Sargent Fletcher pods? I though they were developing a new refuel pod.
  5. A few years ago at Al Udeid, I brought my plane in and started my postflight. I started putting troop seats up to sweep and lo and behold there was an M-16 with a full clip wedged in behind the dual rails. About that time the expeditor pulled up. I slung the rifle on my back and went out to grab my forms like nothing was going on. The first words out of his mouth were "Who in the hell would give you a weapon?" He got in rouch with the troops they hauled and the weapon got back to them. I do feel sorry for whoever left it though.
  6. When I was at Dyess, each aircraft in the airpark had a squadron assigned to take care of them. If I remember correctly, one of the intel squadrons had her. We made a big fuss about it that office people were to maintain the 130 when the AMXS for 130's got the Carabou.
  7. The stuff from the desert is about the same. Alot of guys got the gold cartouches. Gave my mom and several girlfriends one over the years. Got a couple of the headwraps, still havn't figured out how to put the damn things on. Got a coupe cheap statues, the only one I remember is a camel. Also got a romance novel from Kuwait for my grandmother. Took her a minute to realize the thing was in Arabic. Other than that, lots of gold amd whatever was cheap downtown.
  8. How fun would it be to have something big and loud to do some low level training in the area.
  9. Back on my first deployment in 02' Crew Chiefs were not given weapons. However, we somehow managed to check an extra out to the crew that wound up in the CC's holster. I still remember my M9 training course on the ramp in Kuwait. I got a shoulder holster in A-stan to keep it in during flights. After a couple years they started actually issueing M9's. Though I hardly ever got one on missions. Somehow my buddy managed to get shotgun qualed and carried a 12ga on missions with him. Still not exactly sure how he pulled that off.
  10. I don't think you want to know how they deal with issues. As for me, I wouldn't do it that way. They're hard enough to get on without touching anything. Probably leave all the access panels off and find the smallest guy on the crew to peek. Or if you leak check for more than 12 hours, might be able to pick something up with a PID meter.
  11. It's still not better. About five years ago I had a 31inch waist, weighed 155lbs, and had to go through "Fat Boy" for four months. Of course that was all due to my squadrons Idiocy. Finally got a Shirt that gave a damn and got me out of it.
  12. The weight of the door is enough to lock it on the ground, usually. In the air sometimes the airflow will push up on it enough to keep it open. Check the 52 series, it should have all the info in there.
  13. I've seen that connector on several other aircraft. No idea what it is and I can't remember what planes I saw it on, but I think they were Shadows or Talon 1's. Don't hold me to that, my memory is about as useful as an unloaded gun.
  14. "Defuel to 28.....fuel to 36...bump it up to 42......back down to 30....configure for AE....back to 34.....config for pallets.....never mind, ops cancel. Ahh, the good ol days.
  15. I'd personally go with 30 to 34k, but 28 should be good. As for maxing out, I can't think of a time limit, but make sure you don't have extreme temp changes, otherwise they'll vent.
  16. Ahh, I knew there was a reason I had all those on my computer. Very good stuff. I guess you do learn something everyday. Thanks.
  17. I read through the P-model -1 last night (slow night) and there was a note about the NESA windows that they are stronger with NESA turned on during flight. I never heard of this and hoped someone knew why this would be. I'm stumped on it.
  18. I think there's been an update or two since that one.
  19. I still say it would be awesome to set aside a hundred mil or so, then let some up and coming engineers grab a Herk and just go buck wild. The new flying fortress, now with lasers.
  20. Also, do you know what parts have been changed? NLG tires the same type? Also, one of the culprits I see alot if the persone rigging is new to it, they might overtighten or under tighten the steering valve plunger bolt. make sure it spins freely.
  21. I think that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. So how sad is it I understood everything she said.
  22. I got Chopper. Seems to be the trend. I'm in the "in" crowd for once and for some reason that pic from Frau has me interested....can't quite put my finger on it...
  23. Maybe you can talk them into ops checking the ones in Europe. Better beer anyways ;)
  24. Found this on Facebook a few minutes ago. Pretty cool stuff. http://www.dvidshub.net/image/340854/kc-130j-harvest-hawk-takes-new-role-afghanistan
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