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I was assigned to CCK from Jan 26, 1968 to Feb 10, 1969. That's 380 days. I spent 243 days in SEA, 63 days in Thailand, 3 days in Korea, 6 days in Okinawa and 2 days in Japan.. that's 317 days. That means I had 63 days in Taiwan -- or about 5 days a month.. some of those days were spent packing, washing clothes, flying locals, packing and crew rest. So, I didn't get to spend much time downtown... but I still enjoyed Taiwan very much. I wish I had been able to do more there.... wow! 40 years ago!! How time flies.....

Jim Houston

776 TAS LM

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Do you guys remember the place we called Bar Town? It was on the way to the Dirty Dozen! It was kind of hard to get past it sometimes! Enclosed is a pic of some of Taya's finest!!

I probably have the name wrong but I think it was Taya Villiage and I just happened to wander by the local Fire Dept.

Thanks for looking,

Ken Carlson


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I remembering being at CCK from 1971-1972 and had a blast. Married a girl from there for about a year and a half, but that is another story. haha

I remember Bar Town, The Stardust Hotel, and the Half Dozen on the way to Taichung. In the dozen, there were: PCS Snackbar, Wagon Wheel and Blue Angel stayed open after the other bars closed, The Hawaii club, Club 11, Formosa, Camel Club, (remember BB?), Top Hat, Sheraton Hotel, Kennedy Hotel, Hoover Theater, The Far Eastern with the bowling alley, My Snack Bar, The Mongolian BBQ on the corner next to Wagon Wheel alley, ($!.00 all you could eat!) There were so many bars, steam baths, hotels, places to eat, that it is hard to remember all of them.. Lived down the street behind the Blue Angel, on third floor next to the steam bath and then moved to Thunder Tiger Villa close to Bar Town. Rode "The Smoker" so many times.

Of course you have to remember the big 5 cent donuts at Delta Zero on the flightline? I fell in love every night I was there.... hahaha

The best kept secret assignment in the military, wouldn't you say?

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