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C-130 crashed tonight


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Looks like a Coast Guard Herk and a Marine Cobra attack helicopter crashed off the cost of San Diego here in California. Just heard on the local news that they are looking for 9 aircrew members, I hope they are ok.

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BBC says the crews were from Camp Pendleton and Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento, some debris found in the water.

Nine missing after US air crash

A search is under way for nine people missing after a US Coast Guard plane and a military helicopter crashed off the coast of southern California.

The collision is believed to have happened 16 miles (27km) east of the US Navy-owned San Clemente Island.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman said a pilot reported seeing a fireball near the area.

The plane - reported to be a C-130 aircraft - is believed to have had seven people on board.

The Marine Corps said the other aircraft was an AH-1 Super Cobra attack helicopter.

Coast Guard spokeswoman Allyson Conroy said the crash happened on Thursday at about 1910 local time (0210 GMT, Friday).

'Survival training'

Cpl Michael Stevens, a spokesman for the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, said the helicopter and its crew belonged to Marine Aircraft Group 39, stationed at Camp Pendleton and 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, based at Miramar.

The plane and its crew belong to Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento.

A number of helicopters and navy vessels are being used in the search.


FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said the coast guard had reported seeing debris from a C-130.

Lt Josh Nelson from the Coast Guard said all those who would have been on the plane and helicopter would have had survival training.

"We are throwing everything we can at this right now," he said.

San Clemente Island, which is owned by the US Navy and is used for training purposes, is 68 nautical miles west of San Diego.

Meanwhile the Coast Guard said it was suspending its separate search for two Navy pilots whose plane had gone missing along the central Texas coast.

Contact was lost with the single-engine Navy T-34 training plane on Wednesday.

Its last known location was close to San Jose Island, two miles (3.2km) off the Gulf of Mexico.

The search is expected to resume once the stormy weather has cleared up.

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I think no TCAS is a grounding discrep in the Coast Guard. So they should have had it. Now if the cobra had it turned on or not is something else. Ive heard stories of fighters coming up and flying under our wings with out anyone knowing until they saw them. Just to mess with us.

Still a very sad day. I wish i could go help search. My prayers go out to the familes.

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Survivors, I am pretty sure that will be a nada unfortunately:(.

Pretty sad way to go, I just cant figure out how a super cobra and a HC could occupy the same airspace outside of a traffic pattern? Perhaps they were doing MA-1 kit drops but it seems quite a ways out from land to do training drops.

Pretty curious to see what the interaction between the two aircraft were that would cause this incident.

Its important to memorialize the dead from accidents but at times like these my thoughts go out to the poor family's that are left behind and have to deal with the catastrophic impact on their lives the deaths cause.

Every thought and prayer go out to them to get through the horribly rough times ahead.


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All the Cobra would have had to have on is the IFF Mode C, then it would have been seen. The TCAS would have given some traffic warnings.

Even w/o Mode C, it would have still shown up (just w/o any relative altitude) - and would then prompt the crew to start looking...of course, if they knew the Cobra was there, they would likely have assumed it was the Cobra and he would remain clear....

Do Cobras even have TCAS? I always assumed they didn't because of their altitude.

They don't need to - the Herk had it. The Herk would've seen the Cobra if he had his IFF on at all, and seen relative altitude if he had his Mode C on.

I got an RA of a KC135 just yesterday - in the pattern! :D

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I got an RA of a KC135 just yesterday - in the pattern! :D

We watch Junk-STARS and C-17's all the time during preflights. Maybe the Cobras IFF was turned off for some reason. I know it's not supposed to be, but I have seen stuff like that done "To make it more realistic" I dunno, I just hope they can still find survivors.

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1. There was a flight of two Cobras escorting two CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters carrying Marines to San Clemente.

It is common practice to have “other” aircraft in a flight to place their IFF to standby (no transmissions) so if the Helos were in a (loose) formation it could cover two or three miles….

If the Lead Helo had the IFF ON, the Cobra could have been quite far away from the return and the C-130 may have "seen" him not knowing he was Lead of a flight of four.

Also along this line they may have know of each other and "seen" each other... The C-130 may have seen two very large Helos with "LOTS" of lights on and did not see the VERY small Cobra...

Thoughts and PRAYERS to all the families, friends, Shipmates.

Also a PRAYER for the two Aviators lost in the Gulf....

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