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  1. Just getting the one H3, no plans for Reno to receive any others for now. 554 is listed as BAI.
  2. 1597 is now at depot. MT will pick it up when it's done.
  3. 74-1671 and 73-1597 are both sitting on the ramp in Reno now as a temporary home until they eventually make their way to Great Falls. The Super-E still has a "naked" tail.
  4. I was there early last week for ORI support. All H's gone as of August, one C-27J on the ramp and they were expecting the second to arrive middle of last week.
  5. From AFA's Daily Report: And Boeing: Anybody know which tail it is?
  6. www.squadrontoys.com makes pretty good ones. They have stock models or you can order a custom model. Pricey, but worth it.
  7. Walked into the FSDO a few days ago with my Form 8, written test score, and filled in FAA Form 8710. Walked out 20 minutes later with CFI CFII MEI certificate. Easy.
  8. Go to www.sheppardair.com for info on the new rule, test prep software, and an excellent rundown on exactly how to get the cert added to your ticket. I just took the mil-comp test after using their software and it worked like a champ.
  9. BBC says the crews were from Camp Pendleton and Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento, some debris found in the water.
  10. Well, they're all a little slower now that they've got LAIRCM on 'em. While a little uglier, they're all still damn good airplanes. I don't recall seeing the turbo on 73, might be gone by now. I'll have a look when it gets back from PDM. Not sure, I'll have to check next time I'm out there.
  11. Reno has H2's 79-0473 through 79-0480. All tails have been upgraded with APN-241 and LAIRCM. I had been under the impression that our airplanes were the first H2's, sounds like that's not the case. Who has the former OKC airplanes (FY 78's) now?
  12. If you're asking about LAIRCM, I think about half of the H-model fleet has been modded. I believe NY and WY ANG are the only units that have airplanes with the 8-bladed props.
  13. US Herk wrote: I would say that the product leaving LRF has been in a steady decline for several years in ALL crew positions. The focus in a lot of AETC units, not just at Little Rock, has become more about quantity than quality. Unfortunately, instructors in ops squadrons are so spread thin that they can\'t devote the time necessary to fix the problems, they can only affix a band-aid and hope nothing bad happens.
  14. US Herk wrote: Don\'t feel bad, I still thought BOTH terms were valid until I went looking for the reference to post here. I learned something, too. I\'m all over 11-2C-130 when there are changes, but I never think to look in some of the other 11-series pubs anymore.
  15. US Herk wrote: From the summary of changes in 11-402 dated 25 Sep 2007:
  16. Muff Millen wrote: Link: AFI 11-402, AVIATION AND PARACHUTIST SERVICE, AERONAUTICAL RATINGS AND BADGES. Covers all things aircrew...badges, gate months, aeronautical orders, FEB\'s, etc. FEB = Flying Evaluation Board AEB = Aircrew Evaluation Board It\'s how the Air Force decides whether to let you keep your wings or not. Usually follows removal from a formal training program like the schoolhouse at Little Rock.
  17. RZHill wrote: Actually, for a while, officer aircrew still went to an FEB, while enlisted aircrew went to an AEB. With the most recent AFI 11-402, those two chapters were combined and the term \"AEB\" was eliminated. Now, rated officers, career enlisted aviators, and non-rated aircrew are all sent to FEB\'s. Back on topic, I\'ve always had 4-engine rollback EP\'s (in some form) covered every time I\'ve been to a sim since day 1. Way to fact-check your stories AP.
  18. High Roller checking in, been lurking for a few weeks. Great site! I posted a few pics from OIF during my AD days. Enjoy!
  19. ...and here\'s the CalFire website with info on the current MAFFS activation: http://www.fire.ca.gov/fire_protection/fire_protection_air_program_maffs.php
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