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Robins Mishap


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I'm not aware of any mishaps concerning a vent plug. I do know that there was an incident where pieces of plastic have covered one of the vent screens under the wing but it was discovered before any damage was done. There was also another incident last summer where another piece of plastic was left in a fuel vent line causing major structural damage to the right wing. So much damage that the wing was replaced.

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We had a similar problem at Naha in 65 or 66 with an "A".

It came back from IRAN and this was the first refuel at Naha.

Vents were clear when we started. We got it almost full and a row of rivets from the front of the wing to the back all popped out,

and it sounded like thunder. The row was between #3 & 4 engines.

We were almost in front of the Fire Dept and they were on us like stink on chit.

They put foam on it and hosed it down with water while we defueled it.

The fuel got in the storm drains and washed all the way down past the Navy ramp and I guess on out to the ocean.

I thought we were gonna be in some big trouble cause they ask all of us to describe what happened and how.

A few weeks later I was called to the commanders office, and he said a piece of tape had been left inside the vent and there was no way we could have known about it.

What a releaf that was.

I do still wonder how they got fuel in it to get from IRAN to Naha!

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You wouldn't perhaps be familiar with tail number 94-6704 would you?

I'm only familiar enough to know it's the 3rd AMP modified bird, just completed PDM, and was just delivered to Edwards for further AMP testing yesterday. Supposedly, it wasn't the acft involved.

The alleged incident I'm wondering about supposedly did involve structural damage.

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