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old, old loady stuff


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Today my wife and I were clearin' some stuff out of our attic, yeah really, and came across a bunch of stuff from my AF days..... a couple of travel orders, a passenger manifest between Ban Me Thouh and Saigon, with four Vietnamese troops on it ( I guess they were on our side), set of the texts from loady school in 70, a complete set of airdrop checklists, in the blue plastic spiral book, a copy of the order that had us stop using parachutes on airdrops and usin' the harnesses instead, that was 1973......My God, I can't believe I used to know all that stuff....................What a trip back in time an old cardboard box provided

load clear


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All my blue training certs, etc, were put into a 3 ring binder by my wife at the time. Came across the binder in a box not too long ago. It's a 1.5" binder and it's full. Guess the AF didn't realize how much money they spent sending me to courses, CDC courses, etc. Lot of good it did!!!! :rolleyes: A lot of AF paid party time!!!!!! :cool:

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My class graduation photo from Shepherd November 65.

Most of my flight orders, awards, evaluation records etc..

I have the maps from Survival School. I could still walk to Idaho and locate the safe zones.

I have my 772 Red hat, which looks like a beannie cap on me now.

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Sheppard December 1965. So I went digging through my stuff last night.

All my training records and evaluations from Dyess. Orders to Mactan. Certificates for all the Air Force Schools. Still have my maps and notes from Survival School at Fairchild. Medals, wings in-country insignia, several zippo lighters etc.

I have my Mactan Club card. I have $.05 from the Saigon Airman's Club and some military pay script.

From combat loss I have:

My canvas tool bag.

I have that nylon helmet bag they gave us when they tried out some new goofy headsets.

I have my survival knife.

I have one flight suit, my B4 jacket and both pairs of my jungle boots (the only item of clothing that might still fit) .

I have my old trunk I used at Mactan with some "Tailored clothes" that wouldn't fit 2 weeks after I got back (LOL). I have a .50cal ammo box stamped 1968 will all my records and documents inside.

I have an ARVN paratroopers beret (????).

I have a ring made out of a 5 dong coin.

I have a Vietnamese doll with Saigon on the base I bought on Tudo street for my ex-wife that she didn't like.

I have my Red 772TAS ball cap.

For some reason I kept a lot of stuff.

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Odd that I should stumble across this thread tonight. Watched a TV program earlier this evening that revolved around military service, WWI up through Afghanistan, and it hit a nerve with me. My dad was a WWII vet (South Pacific), but he and I never mentioned a thing about either of our wars. Much to my regret, it was after he died that I made a records check for his Army records. Not much left after "the fire", but they did send me the record of his commendations and his medals. I wonder if he knew he had those commendations and medals awarded? Concerning my records: I was very pleasantly surprised, recently, to receive mt DD215 (amended DD214), but of even more surprise was an amended DD215, that actually states one of the missions I participated in in Vietnam (Nha Trang shuttle). I do not know who it was, way back in 1966, that filled out that paper work, but I am grateful!!!! If I can figure out how to do it I'll attach a copy.

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Looking for something in a desk drawer today and ran across this. CCK NCO Club used to give them out to members when you went back stateside.


L O L, when I left in '70, all we got was an ashtray !!

Still around here somewhere...

I forgot, I still have my BX card from CRB.

It was one of the things I had to prove I was in Vietnam for my "Agent Orange" grilling !!

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Now that Jim is the ultimate example of good old loady stuff. And you don't have to worry about loosing it. As has happened with most of my good old crew chief stuff. That is good looking ink. Assuming you were sober, remember where you got it?

Yep, I was sober at the time. Got it in Lake City, FL about 10 or 12 years ago. Just stopped in the place with another biker who was getting some ink done. I was impressed by how clean the place was and the young kid did some dang good detail work. Scheduled that for the next time he had an opening. He done it right. That is one I won't lose in the file cabinet or a shoe box. He got the details from a picture of an E model on the Internet.

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