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fuselage staion


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Zero of FS is 30.4 inches in front of the standard C-130 radome (c-130e/h/j)

30.4 inches allows you to have things forward of the standard radome without going into a negative FS.  For example the MC-130H has a longer radome than standard c-130's so the front of the MC-130H is FS 6 where as the shorter standard radome would be 30.4

30.4 inches sounds like a lot but on the H/MC-130's that were equipped with fulton the yokes stuck out substantially from the nose when extended.  (see attached picture) The FS of the yokes at full extension was negative 72.73 (well past the 30.4 inches)

The WL zero would be 105.4 inches below the ground the tires are resting on.  I have heard this had to do with weight and balance of aircraft meaning Lockheed deemed 105.4 inches below the aircraft has some importance to the weight/balance.  I think of 105.4 as zero and go up from there.  WL resets at the vertical stab by the way. So WL zero for vertical stabilizer would be where it is bolted to airframe and goes up again from there.

I'm sure it could be explained better by a loadmaster or weight/balance qualified person as to where the 105.4 came from or its importance.



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