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Being out of the loop for so long, it is hard to keep up on the USAF changes.

There have been lots of changes in the Herk community lately.

Associate units at Cheyenne, Elmendorf and Pete have closed and their UE reduced to 8.

327 AS at LRF has closed or almost closed and the last I heard, they went from 17 to 2 Herks.

The Guard and Reserve have been shuffling Herks to put similar model Herks in the same units.

The older H2's have started to retire to the Boneyard.

They are threatening to close the 95 AS and 2 AS at Pope again, and I just read a proposal to try to bring C-17's to Pitt to replace the Herks.

From what I have been able to find I have tried to come up with a new Herk Inventory.

I think I can attach it and would appreciate any corrections.

I just updated the file with the latest info from the USCG.

As Casey said below to see the inventory, just click on all herks 20 below.




All Herks 20.xls

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Request clarification on some of your abbreviations (WFU, etc). Also, you list HC-130Hs with an (N), but HC-Hs converted to AR tankers were originally designated as Ps. I know things changed a few years ago and they re-designated things to line up. 

Otherwise great job and your hard work is much appreciated.


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Hi Mark

WFU- Withdrawn from use, could be restored to flying status

W/O Write off usually from an accident

B/U Broken Up- parts of it maybe around but it is too far gone to fly again, or it was scrapped

Gnd Tnr- used as a trainer-not flyable-maybe partially broken up.

AMARC or AMARG the boneyard at DM.

Originally there were HC-130H's then HC-130P's some of the HC-130H's were converted to HC-130P's.

Then HC-130N's came along in 1969

Much later around 1988, the ANG wanted more Rescue Herks, Robins in its infinite wisdom named them HC-130H(N) later it was changed to just HC-130N. There were 6 of them, four for Elmendorf and 2 for Suffolk County.

Besides becoming HC-130P's some of the HC-130H's became WC-130H's, EC-130H's, MC-130P's, NC-130H, TC-130H and a DC-130H.

Not to mention when they were first built there were JHC-130H's and a JHC-130P for testing and snatch birds.



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From the above Coast Guard rumors.

USCG has 6 J's at Elizabeth City, 3 more not fully upgraded probably go to Kodiak.

Sacramento and Clearwater are to lose Herks and get C-27's.

If USCG parks 2 more at AMARG this year and gives 5 more to USFS, they will only have 12 H's left. Probably keep them flying until they get enough J's


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I've read on the USCG HQ sites that the end plan is 22 J models to replace the old "H" fleet. A few years back, the plan was to upgrade 16 total of the existing "H" models with center wing repairs, avionics updates and glass instrument panels, Selex sea search radar, etc. For the "H", the Nav and Eng will remain. Probably 2025 retirement now for the "H" models that remain. Depends on how many "J" come our way.

It will be interesting to see how well the HC-27J fits in. Seems to be a good twin turboprop with longer legs,and a bigger belly than the HC-144A CASA 235.

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