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C130 Squadron tail codes in SEA


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10 hours ago, JimH said:

A models -- YJ - Lockbourne (35th TAS from the 347th TAW) from 66-77 

Go here for complete listing: http://www.c-130.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=51257&p=348377


YJ was 35th TCS/TAS of the 374th TCW/TAW at Naha AB, Okinawa in 1966 until I left in Oct. 1968.
Here is a copy of the correction I sent in:




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I was assigned to the 21st TACS/TAS at Naha AB, Okinawa 1967-1968. The following tail codes were used:

YD 21st TAS from 1958-1971 Naha, Okinawa
YJ 35th TCS/TAS 1963-1971 Naha
YP 41st TCS/TAS 1965-1971 Naha
YU 817th TCS/TAS 1966-1971 Naha

All were under the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing until transferred to the 374th Troop Carrier Wing/Tactical Airlift Wing. The change from Troop Carrier to Tactical Airlift happened in 1967
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Thanks, I was trying to identify the unit that moved a buddy of mine off Duong Dong after they shut down the radar post there.  I couldn't get the tail number. Heck, Sonny it might have been your bird. Here is one of our CCK birds landed long and stuck in the sand


Dayof DeparturePhuQuoc.jpg

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14 hours ago, Mt.crewchief said:

The picture with the YJ  on the tail could have been my bird, as my squadron was the 35th TAS. at Naha.  The same squadron Sonny wishes he would have been in!!!


Why Ken, you know I could never settle for 2nd best. That is why I was in the 21st!!

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Now wait a minute!  I served my time (18 months) at Naha, before I got a consecutive overseas tour to CCK (15 months.)   Without a leave also.!

Thirty three months of "you numbah ten GI"  .  

Barry (f4enut) knows what he is talking about---The 21st. was okay, but the 35th had superior personnel.  Although I am still jealous of Sonny for being able to go AWOL in South Viet Nam with the Navy.  And he got away with it!!!  Sonny, if you get the time, re-tell that story.  With pictures!

You know I wish we had all known each other when we were there!  

Oh well, it looks like we all still have our memories and are able to share them.

I do know I would do it all over again. 

Take care ,






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As I recall, I was with my aircraft, 56-0533, at CRB and on the schedule to return to Naha the next day. She was OR and I was visiting with my good friend, Tom Talbert. He was a Crew Chief in the 35th by the way. I had met him earlier in my short AF career. He mentioned he wanted to go see his cousin who was in the Navy and assigned to the Swift Boats at CRB. He invited me to go along so we "locked" up our aircraft and headed to the Navy side of the base. While we were talking his cousin got notified they were to go out on a short mission. It was only supposed to be for an hour or so and he got permission for us to tag along. Long story short, we were gone MUCH longer than an hour or two. When we finally got back to shore, Tom and I thanked the crew for a great time and headed back for our aircraft. Much to my surprise my aircraft was not where I had left it. So I went to Ops to find out where she had gone. Since she was OR when I left I figured she had been sent on a short mission before rotating back to Naha.  That's when the $h!* hit the fan. I was placed under arrest and was held until I was put on the next A/C going back to Naha where I was met yet again by the AP's and taken to the Line Chief (MSGT. George Tanner). He informed me that I would have to explain to the First Shirt and Squadron Commander why I had gone AWOL in SVN of all places. After I told him the truth and nothing but the truth ( I did leave Tom's name out of it), he commenced to chew my @$$. What the Hell was I thinking. If something had happened the AF would have listed me AWOL and missing in action, etc. If MSGT. Tanner had not vouched for me I do not know what they would have done. I really dodged a bullet.


I am in the first picture:626538647_SwiftBoat4.jpg.582c4f15c0db3315bf5135b02ccc44b6.jpg

Swift Boat2.jpg

Swift Boat3.jpg

Swift Boat5.jpg

Swift Boat6.jpg

Swift Boat10.jpg

Swift Boat11.jpg

Edited by Sonny
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