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  1. Dumping air off the compressor (5th and 10th open)...kinda like getting a TIT rise when turning on Wing and Empenage, take air off the engine TIT rises. You can see it on an APU also, run an AC pack off the APU, EGT rises, again taking air away from the enigne. hope that helps
  2. "I assume that you are just trying to be nice with your offers above and therefore, I will let them slide. In the future. please do not advertise on this site without my permission. Unauthorized advertisements are considered spam and as a general rule, I ban spammers. Nothing personal, just the rules. Casey " my thoughts as well....
  3. Gunships...105 Barrel....midshift.....ouch
  4. Been a while but I did find something on it once...digging through propshop TO's. Can't quote it, and unfortunantly no access to a prop shop to go hunting. It'd be nice to have in the bottom of the pubs bag now, should an a$$ of an engine troop (not knocking and certainly not a blanket statement) say it's within limits and point to the Job Guide (well, laptop now) at the thrust nut leak limits Good judgement, experience, and adherence to the black and white of the T.O.'s/Pubs=safety/success
  5. having been an engine/prop mech for a long time, now an FE...this is entertaining Lot of opinions...and mine, comes down to "does the benefit outweigh the risk?" or........ Pilot/FE go toe to toe with the Crew Chief/Engine troop, bare knuckle it for a few rounds.............that'd solve all the problems I think one of the big variables to consider is experience...on both sides...New engine guy, or has he been around a while? (caveat it all with good reputation bad reputation) FE/AC...do they find mysterious discrepancies... on Friday afternoon lines only? ....Worst prop leak you ever saw isn't the same as the next guy....and that prop leak could very well be within limits by opinion of one engine guy and not another.... to each their own
  6. mustang, got it fellas, thanks for the info.
  7. thanks for sharing, looks like you had some good times... one of the captions mentioned the pilot was a "mustang", AF let him go because he had no degree......just curious what that (mustang) means?
  8. The FE, Nick, good for him...old friend of mine. 2065, saved that thing from Bagram a few years ago. Went on a MRT for #2 sparking out the tailpipe.....turned into #2 eng, #4eng, #4prop change, we take off, right main gear won't retract, land, wait for a hydro MRT #2; missing a turbine blade, #4 eng; pulled a chunk of metal the size of your pinky off a RGB mag plug, prop; standard, leaking. Hydro shows up, so we jacked the, plane swung the gear, swapped the motor good to go. At this point the FE almost got a torque wrench to the head, they're about to start up to get out of there (10 days later), I tell the FE to hit airstart, #1 isn't in ground idle.. FE; "sure thing man, what for? oh ok I'll do it" I jump on, take my red seat in the back, here comes the loadie; "chief, (I was an engine troop)#1 won't start..." me; "Eng...did you hit airstart?" Dumbass FE; "no, I looked at it, looked like ground idle to me" me; "well look again....just hit air start, crew chief left it in flt idle after doing the prop service cks" Dumbass FE; "how do I know it didn't move itself when we hit start switch....." me; "are you trying to stay here, I told you a while ago to move the blades, and I told you why they were where they are at...." Dumbass FE; "well....OK" Pilot hits airstart, crew runs checklist we go back to the deid. #1 rear bearing support was F'ed when we landed...#3 was changed a week later for missing turbine blades other than that, OK plane, actually got to fly on it after becoming an FE, Alpha 1
  9. another 'jacker here..cantine was great, stopped in every morning for coffee and shokocroissant. lunch was "uber" as well... Firehouse was good, however I was big fan of the Wooden Spoon by sembach...El Capricios(I know, Italian in Germany??) in Ramstein village was another one of my favorites...my "date" place. Big fan of the Alpine breakfast at the hotels in the winter...Man food for a big day on the slopes-lot of calories to burn off stopped in for a few hours on the way back from a deployment...like anything, place changed drastically since I left ('04)...did manage to get a Doner for lunch, and hit the Shoppette for some eiswine and a case of my favorite-Hefeweisen!! LOVED my time there, would go back in a heart beat....J's shut the door on some of us for that option...oh well, good for J people....enjoy it!!!!,,, I did.
  10. go to ops and get the keys so we can start the engines....my favorite. guy in ALS,an x-ray tech, said they used to get the noobs to catch photons in a jar, sent them out for analysis. did see an extremely naive crew chief taking wind/contamination samples on the line in Kuwait, MOCC was even telling him we should tow the planes because the air was cleaner on one side of the ramp..I laughed ---good times-----
  11. If you look in the Blind Bat area, I put up a pic of my Uncles BB plane, had "Batmobile" painted on it. Maybe you met him, Charlie Agar? Pope huh? Backshop? I worked the flightline (engines) there for a while....or did you come down with the Milwaukee guys? I kinda miss Sanford.......
  12. 1051 is now a W, and I think we're getting 1058 as well. 1051 is good, had some issues, but all better now.
  13. the pic of the guy (you?) sledding is priceless... good stuff, I always bring my camera now, just never get any good photos....
  14. When I ran engines for MX, flaps were rolled to 50 for power runs. Pushing all 4 engs to max power req'd a certain gross weight, the amount of fuel was dependent on the op weight of the plane...but I remember 10 being about as low as you would want to go, not that ever stopped anyone from pushing sticks with less.....
  15. you guys are walking, breathing history lessons. Thanks for sharing!!! -bolts
  16. Anyone mind sharing the story behind this? Would love to read it...
  17. I'm TDY right now, typing from billeting... One of my favorite was to Rota when I was still in MX. Got a call friday night form the pro super saying we had a plane broke in Rota, needed and engine change, gearbox exploded (it did..really, only about half of it was left, cracks went all the way to the thrust nut, not much holding the prop on). Drove down from Pope to Charleston to catch a C-5 over. It broke, so I spent the night in C-town, which had some thunderstorms coming through, knocked the power out, -puters were down in billeting. They give me a room, head to it, open the door and a very large woman was passed out onthe bed, empty bottle of something on the nightstand...I hauled a$$, got another room down the hall and watched the fire dept take her out. Get on the C-5 next day, get there, meet up with the crew chief, he shows me the engine (he had it de-paneled, forms wrote up, fuel shutoff, cannon plugs disconnected, awesome crew chief). Got some sleep, and had at it monday. Crew took off wednesday morning and left me there, which didn't bother me, Spain is nice. Called back and they said a C-5 was picking me up on Friday. No problem, had some beer, good food, beach, Chucky bar, buddy from high school had a ap. right on the beach, it didn't suck. Needless to say the C-5 didn't show up on Friday. Next I had to get up to Moron to catch a C-5 out of there on Sunday. Myself no problem, but I had custodial duties for the broke engine and the chang kit. This is Friday night at a Navy base, I'm trying to find a way. I gave up and started drinking. Well, we all know the smoke pit is where deals go down and I met up with a supply girl, she had weekend duty for sat and said to call her. she was nice, got a Spanish guy to forklift all that stuff on a flatbed, which she also contracted for me. I hitched a ride to Moron with some C-5 MX guys, one was a real tool. Anyway, get up there and the ATOC guy asks me for the HAZDEC, new to me, I'm just an engine troop. C-5 guy starts argueing with him saying I don't need one, pissed him off. I only met the C-5 guy an hour before. He pissed that ATOC guy off, to the point where he and I went to antoher room to talk like humans, I explained to him that that guy wasn;t with me. He cooled off, but the damage was done, and no ride home for me. Again, that didn;t suck either. He hooked me up with some Spanish guys to get the motor purged and such, basically the official shipping inspection. Spent a week, Spanish dudes took me downtown, had coffee and breakfast every morning, while his worker bees did all the sweaty work. Finally get on a c-5 back to Dover at 3 am, next hop is at 10 am back to Pope. Get on that and boomrang back to Dover, gear wouldn't retract. I say F-it, rent a car, spend the night at my dads in NJ (needed a cheesesteak), then drive to NC in the morning. Cell phone rings somewhere in Viriginia, flght chief wants me to come see him as soon as I get back. Go in, he shuts the door, and asks me what engine guys would use a seat rod for on an engine change. I mention it as a pry bar for the gimble...he then says the plane I fixed had a seat rod in an engine, found it on the acceptance inspection in the desert. Next stop is the captains office, same grilling, although I said I have the right to remain silent, but asked him what engine said seat rod was in...he didn't know. couple days go by and I go to one of my guys ALS grad at the club, sitting with my chief, commander and such, across the table is the chief from the iso/engine backshop, he got the initial call about the seat rod. He's eyeing me and finally says, Sgt, XXXX how was your Rota trip, big cloud of sarcasm over him, he thought he was gonna hammer me. I said it was nice and further engaged his sarcasm by saying in the most cockiest but respectful manner that it hadn't been determined what engine this seat rod was found in...he didn't like that, and was even more pissed the next day when the desert guys called back and said it was in the longeron in #1...I changed #3. (not knocking the ISO guys, but they changed number 1 during the inspection) I think that chief hated me after that, of course I went gown to the backshop later that day..."just to BS with some friends", but I really just wanted to see his head explode because I was free and clear, and his boys messed up. Anyway..Spain was awesome...similar story about a prop change a few weeks later at Rota again, but I'll save it for later, that chief really hated me after that one.....I'll say those little Kodak disposable cameras are priceless when it comes to self defense
  18. Someone should climb on the Wally World roof and paint a target sight....
  19. Never started an engine in a hangar....the "pull chocks" sign to your buddies is so true...
  20. hahaha....guess they'll all have to get brought in and get modded sometime
  21. 001 has the "props", it's either at Hurlburt Field or Cannon. Did a SIM at Hurlburt a few weeks ago, site managers secretary said someone "stole" it. Haven't seen it at Cannon, but heard its out here 002 is at Cannon, its sitting alert on the bar at the 73rd. 100% hand made, a surform, coping saw and miter box. It's a little rough....gonna get ferried back to my house and get a good ISO and re-furb here soon. Suppose these two could be the "Y" Whiskey Models, 003 is little more reformed and sturdier than those two. Made the first one as a gift, no measuring tape, a friends garage woodshop (Chad Taylor, thanks again!), a few beers, (actaully got to the point that a "few" beers dictated the table saw be left OFF/unplugged for our hand's sake). They're fun to make, people seem to dig them, actually have a had a few requests for purchases. pics might be rough, but here they are..... 001 actaully had externals and refueling hoses extended. Hoses were a cool and unique touch, but they didn't make the car ride from Navarre to Hurlburt on graduation day. I leave the externals off...they clutter up the wing to much, besides, it's just a fun model
  22. Just made tail #0003, still needs props and another trip to the paint barn. 0001 is MIA between Hurlburt and Cannon, made it (Thanks Chad for the help!!) and gave it to the Lockheed guys at the 19th SOS on behalf of the first MC-130W class to come through (hahaha, get it Whiskey Model...). Heard it was pretty popular down there... 0002 is in the heritage room at the 73rd SOS at Cannon, made that in my billeting room while doing the flying training at Cannon....all by hand, needs a re-furb. I made it out of pine, not oak, doesn't look as good, but, didn't exactly have a woodshop in my billeting room and pine is a lot softer than oak 0003 is a gift for a friend of mine gotta make myself one sometime.....
  23. still listening, would love to hear from anyone with any stories. Big Thanks to all that have dropped a line so far...means a lot to me.
  24. If you can scan em and post em I'd love to see those photos. I'd love to hear the good things you could say. [email protected]
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