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  1. The Lynden could have posted the correct aircraft and tail # P2-LAC instead canned picture.
  2. Missed the lot details just looked at the pictures and yea whats left of the c130 is ugly and sobering.
  3. The fuselage sitting on wheels is not a c130 in later photos you see the fusalage of the herk burnt black from the crash and all the sheet metal in boxes and engine and a prop. The fusalage on wheels has a swipe wing and there a lot of parts that don't look like herkybirds parts. Any body take a guess what type of acft fusalage they are showing in some of the photos?
  4. Great decals I would love some too
  5. I have few old patches at the house if you want them pass on your address and I will send them to you. Bill
  6. They photo shop paint scheme on the plane and removed the L from the tail. We always have wood floors when flying AdHoc and stell rollors.
  7. Does anyone know if Lockheed is still handing out Safe flying hr. awards pins . While I was in they were still handing the pins out, but I just heard they ended the program a few years ago. I am interested in getting replacement pins and adding a new pin.
  8. I'll check with my Captain he was also taking pictures while we waited to off loaded that first evening. We have flow 4 mission into Haiti and are bringing in another herk from Alaska today after it drops of a Helio in Domican Republic. Yes, it is a mess down there and it does not help when you have Hillary yesterday flying into Haiti and today or tomorrow her husband Bill flys in also. You know what that does to air traffic flow in the air and on the ground. Right now everyone has a slot time before they even depart for Haiti unless the military has priority. I do know anything bigger then a Herk or 727 takes up way to much ramp space even though you can put more on a C17 it still takes up to much ramp just my two cents.
  9. When we landed at 5 pm on the 13th there were two Coast guard herks from Clearwater already on the ramp picking up embassy personnel and one candian herk that just landed before us Icelander Air 757, numerous small acft and a DC-3 with PT-6s. After we had shut down Manisfield landed and came in and off loaded personnel and departed. We brought in the USAID Fair Fax rescue team 1 equipment and couple of personnel the rest of the personnel came in on 737 Miami Air just a few minutes before we landed. Inbound into Port au Prince the controller was doing his best to control the flow of traffic, but everyone was constantly stepping on each other or to low to be heard. I think the guy in the tower controlling everything with what he had a really great job and no radar, before the US took over. The only damage I could see from the airport were numerous cracks in the Terminal and the windows in the tower were all broken and slightly tilted. I admit that us really cannot tell any differance when looking at the houses on approach I guess the only way to tell is be on the ground.
  10. Yea, I agree just a little over kill on the statement when I saw it last night.
  11. Yea, in the picture it appears that #3 prop is feathered.
  12. He will be missed we were in the 773rd and 62nd before he retired great friend and mechanic and he took no BS called it like it was.
  13. So what frame size will it be when done and what would the cost be if I would like to order more.
  14. That looks great Casey, but can you change the N number to N401LC thanks.
  15. Hi Casey, I would love a print of Lynden L100/L382G when ever you get a chance and thanks. Bill
  16. Yea, the desert paint was refered to as big bird it had more yellow than tan. The paint was so porus that you could place your clean hand on the paint and it would leave an outline of your hand it would asbord the oil from your skin.
  17. I was there from 1977 to 1982 on the C-130 435th OMS side crewed 9810 the only dumb bird with the big bird paint color, and then 0502 came in and took its place with same paint color. Even though we were assigned acft we still ended up working all the planes including the 7th and 7405th acft. Now when you at Frankfurt the only building you will see is the old Rhein Main Hotel, everything thing else is gone all the hangers, base ops and tower and barracks making way for new cargo area.
  18. Yea saw the bose headset he has the battery pack type are acft are hard wire type with a plug in really nice don\'t have to worry about the batteries dying on you or you can still use Dave Clark headset It is night and day from the old gray headsets and Dave Clark headset.
  19. Yea, I remmber it I had just arrived at Rhein Main in Nov 77 I think it happened just prior to me arriving or the following year. From what I heard Naples at the time was supposed to pilot approach and landing only and the co-pilot made the landing I am not sure what happen after landing, but it ripped the main landing gear out and wing damage and horiztonal stab damage. The airplane sat in the Navy wash rack for almost a year before a Lockheed depot team went down and fixed the airplane for one time flight back thru Rhein Main to Lockheed it took a year before the airplane arrived back in Germany. I thought I saw a picture some time in the past with 0550 sitting on a cushion in the wash rack I can not remmber where I saw the picture.
  20. Thanks again Casey for you time and effort in getting the site up and running and maintiaining it, are you going to add the online store and donation chest to help defray the cost of running the web site again. Bill
  21. Yea, if the it performs has stated in there handout it will put a hurt on Lockheed J model. Since it can carry a bigger payload and do short field work and hav the range we shall see.
  22. Kind of looks like a mini C141 with props we will see what it can do when it starts flying and what others think of it. Bill Miller
  23. Any chance I could get a copy of that Four horsemen video also if so let me know thanks. Bill
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