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  1. Not a dead horse, by any means. I\'d rather say Lockheed, Boeing and other major US players have been napping. This thing is a brute with 11000SHP per engine, and all the nice bells and whistles. The only really stupid thing I can see on it is 2 engines turn clockwise, and 2 anti-clockwise. I understand the thought behing induced drift, but from a logistical point of view you now have to keep twice the number of props and engines spare. What do you do when you have a series of failures on (e.g.) your CCW engines? Instead of 1 engine and prop for a deployment, you now need 2 ..... crazy frogs
  2. pjvr99 wrote: Per my origional post - problem is worst at take-off
  3. GCSTroop wrote: Complete rudder replaced - out of balance, and could not be balanced
  4. Bob Woods wrote: At 11000shp I think the braces are to protect the wingbox, as well as maintaining fuselage clearance (10inches/25cm)
  5. Just found these pics of the Marshalls Herk doing ground runs [img size=150]http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/flight-international/A400M%20engine%20run.jpg [img size=150]http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/flight-international/A400M%20engine%20run%20zoom.JPG
  6. Marhaba from the Magic Kingdom - welcome
  7. TalonOneTF wrote: Ah well, anything more than 2 days old is ancient historyB) - forgot a piccie had been posted:blush: . Tnx
  8. Good to hear this - keep us posted ..... one question: are you flying a standard Herk or stretch?
  9. Snow Aviation has a bird without externals, but modified tips ..... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Snow-Aviation-International/Lockheed-Martin-WC-130J/1214268/M/
  10. Talon, I hear you on the engine swap, but I believe engines have been eliminated on the last FCF. KEF, she\'s going in for ISO and all cables etc will be replaced. I also suggested your list of possiblities, so we\'ll see after ISO.
  11. NATOPS, your reasoning is good, but flawed for a simple reason - the opamp comparators in the TD amp generate the reference signal based on the input voltages. So it doesn\'t really matter how the input voltage flux, the reference is always constant. The only thing that can really throw things out of kilter would be digital systems going into a brown-out state by getting too low voltage. Having said that, most digital systems have brown-out protection, whereby the system is shut off before opamps, etc, start giving out bad data. If the TD system actually got to a point where the was really
  12. NATOPS, as I understand it eventually becomes a roll.
  13. Hey guys, need some thoughts here. One of our birds is throwing a sh!t-fit, yawing to the left. Initially, props \'n engines were blamed, but after we changed the \'offending\' engine/prop combo and no result, the drawing board was called on. Since then, we have had all the control surfaces off, replaced the rudder, r/h aileron tab and l/h elevator tab. Also the aircraft was put through a full symmetry check. After todays FCF, the pilot told us he had to put in 7° rudder trim to stay straight after T/O, reducing to 4° for level flight, or do some serious pedal work. Also line
  14. Seems to be a common problem - people ask for advice, and then don\'t bother to debrief ..... :ohmy: :huh:
  15. donwon wrote: They still are - their day still has several hours to go! :) :)
  16. ..... bet that messed up the radar picture ..... :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:
  17. Ok, that\'s good info. Seems we have 2 possible areas where we can look..... 1. Check bleed sensing lines from starter motor to starter valve for damage/ leaks 2. Check the 1-way bleed-air check valve. The flapper seats and hinges become worn and do not seat properly, or stick in part open positions reducing the amount of air available during starting. I have had 4 or 5 of these in the last 12 months ..... This may be a silly question, but have you checked magnetic plugs? It may be an idea to pull the lower plugs on both the ADH and RGB to heck for debris .....
  18. As the stagnation seems intermittent, there may be several different issues involved. Stagnation at 10% may be a failing/failed starter; while at 40%/50% sounds like bleed vlaves closed, although this would need to be confirmed by null/auto start TIT\'s. Also What is the bleed manifold pressure during start? You may have a bad load control valve on the GTC.
  19. Thanx Casey, your efforts are really appreciated
  20. Taken around 1987, aircraft hit a hawk just after rotation at FADN
  21. May have been late 70\'s, I was still at school then. I remember the story making the news at the time, and later at the squadron the subject came up in idle discussion
  22. During the early 80\'s, a medical emergency occurred at Marion Island in the South Indian Ocean. Our B-models don\'t have external tanks, so the only way to extend the range, to make the relief flight possible, was to alternate shutting down outboards and inboards .... The mission was ultimately successful, medical supplies were dropped, and a life was saved
  23. An USAF F16 is escorting a Hercules when the F16 pulls a perfect roll right around the Herc. The F16 pilot then comes over the radio: \"lets see you try that then\" The Hercules crew ponder for a moment....then shut down number 1 engine. The Herc crew come over the radio: \"lets see you try that then\"!
  24. Marhaba from the Magic Kingdom. Welcome to HerkyBirds .....
  25. Several bases in South Africa are well out of town, and have large populations of gazzelle and warthog. These end up in engines and undercarriages from time to time. In an attempt to keep these animals away from the runways and taxiways, cheetah are released into the base areas. At least one cheetah has been killed on the runway, and several takeoffs/landings aborted. The overall number of animal incedents has been significantly reduced though
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