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  1. I would call that a drastic hardware change, with the addition of a vertical antenna drive section.
  2. I\'d be more than happy to take one off you hands. They won\'t be of any good to anyone else.
  3. I just don\'t see how you can do TF with an antenna that only sweeps side to side, and not that fast either, unless they changed some hardware along with the software on the 241.
  4. Ice and water don\'t pose much of a problem for X-band frequencies, 10GHz range. The reason the glycol tanks were needed for the AWADS and Talon 1 was the Ka-band PGM, 34GHz.
  5. Send me a good e-mail address. Electricians are fairies? Hmmmmmm, I won\'t ask what nav/RADAR techs are then. All I know is we do with higher frequency.
  6. You want main and/or essential, and for what year model?
  7. Sorry natops, but it has to be a wiring problem on the Nav display side. I\'m sure they swapped the power supply, they just didn\'t say. You are correct that it is the only non-common component, but for the most part, if an APN59 component is bad, it stays bad 100% of the time. Pretty much over the years, I\'ve found that bad wire connections are responsible for a very large majority of intermittent problems like this. In the diagram, you\'ve highlighted only one synchro input. We don\'t know if the pilot\'s works in STAB or REL, or at all. They can\'t seem to get the aircrew to help, and we can\'t here at Moody either. Hell, it\'s a miracle if they do a requested in-flight op check the first or second flight. The only thing I can suggest is taking apart all the connectors where the wires run. Only problem with that is that you are screwing around with wires that were soldered 40 some odd years ago, and the possibility of breaking more is great. Seeing the returns will tell you the antenna is rotating as well. But, the HDG MKR flash is controlled by a microswitch on a huge cam. If it flashes, the antenna has to be rotating.
  8. EClark wrote: Not that smart, just been doing it for 34 years. I was a 32871 when I got out. That was Airborne Navigation System Repairman. I don\'t know what that AFSC is now. I\'ve been a civilian for many years. I have my info in my profile. APN59 was MY bench at my first base. They usually chained a big guy to that mock-up so moving the antenna and R/T was no problem.
  9. Yup, 6 \'85 models and one \'89. One of them might be AMP\'d.
  10. South Africa is paying 830 Million Euro for 8 aircraft. That\'s 100 million a piece, which converts to about $180 million for us. Hmmm, that\'s a J-model and a couple C27 Spartans thrown in. Anyone know what guns they are putting on the C27 Gunship, BTW?
  11. Oh if it were that easy TOPS. The heading reference comes from the compass and goes thru the ECA, antenna J-Box, antenna, RADAR J-box, Control panel for the Nav\'s, power supply, then the scope. Any one of the X,Y or Z wires opening alond the way will cause the sweep to freeze. [img size=1383]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/radar_hdg_reference_loop.JPG
  12. tinyclark


    There are two different ones. D40801, 5935-01-165-0668 D40598, 5935-01-165-0667 And they send a resistance change to the Flight Data Aquisition Unit, which interprets and sends that info to the DFDR as digital data.
  13. stoney wrote: Miller still smells like that!!
  14. Thanks for all the replies. That Aux pump running off the MAIN while it is up sounds like a capitol idea. The TCTO shows 120 manhours, but it also shows 20 of that for hydraulics op chks. Seems like it may have been padded a bit. The TCTO also ran 4 gauge wire back to FS795, right near the pump, and put a terminal board there. Very smart, I wonder if this was thought about for AMP.
  15. I have some suggestion, but you\'ll still have to duplicate it on the ground to fix it. One of the things you need to ascertain is if the antenna quits turning, or if it is just the display not moving. If the antenna is turning, the sweep trace will flash brighter when the heading marker switch hits. They can chech that while they are flying. If the antenna is rotating, then they need to check it on the Nav and pilot displays, in REL and STAB modes. Are you at the \'Rock? I\'ll send you something that may help if it is an indication problem. I\'ll also send some other diagrams I have done up for the system to aid in other problems.
  16. I know they were supposed to fire just before touchdown, but maybe they should have had them fired off using the weight on wheels switch. This was before CARA, and the APN150 Radar Altimeter was a piece of, well, let\'s just say it wasn\'t Shinola. Of course, that\'s if they were using any instrument reading to light them off.
  17. Just curious if anyone has ever really experienced loss of Ess AC. I\'m just killing a cat here... All of this noisy motor talk reminds me of the ARN14 VOR Dynamotors back by the receivers on the right hand side of the ramp. There were two azimuth indicators back there too.
  18. I found an old TCTO from 1967, INSPECTION OF C-130 UPPER CENTER WING AREAS FOR CRACKS. [img size=754]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/wing_crack_insp.JPG
  19. By the way, it\'s not a cockpit with an all female crew, that would be called the box office. Apologies up front, I just couldn\'t help it.
  20. I show Mil L 7808 as a syntehtic based oil. LUBRICATING OIL, AIRCRAFT TURBINE ENGINE, SYNTHETIC BASE 4.4.3 Compatibility. The compatibility test shall be performed in accordance with FED-STD-791, Method 3403. The lubricating oil shall be mixable with selected referee lubricating oils qualified under this specification, MIL-C-8188, and MIL-PRF-23699, without turbidity. The USAF Job Guide only shows both oils for the APU. The GTC, ATM and motor only show Mil-L-23699 as supplies required.
  21. You forgot, \"Hey Y\'all, watch this!\"
  22. Did you like her? That\'s LeAnn Rimes, that cute little C&W singer. This picture I have now is at the old Bitburg Brewery Restaurant.
  23. Did you like her? That\'s LeAnn Rimes, that cut little C&W singer.
  24. We called the SST181 Beacon antenna a donkey dick, same as on the F4 and A7. Bread box is the box aft of the nav table where we put the APN59 scope. [img size=979]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_0006.jpg
  25. No problem, I had more but can\'t find them. We shot one higher into the hell hole, and you could see the tires where the floor was. The HF radios had the control cables jambed into the flight deck floor. You can\'t see them very well in the picture, but they probably couldn\'t have moved them very much, if they even had time to try. After they put the nose on the trailer, they used ice chocks on one main to make any significant turns on the way to the hangar. Here\'s one more from inside the NLG area. [img size=1024]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/PIC00009.JPG
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