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  1. This was PILOT ERROR -- long story on this one
  2. my guess the cost to make the limited number of Fulton radomes on birds out there.
  3. I have one :0) they didn't last long when they showed up on the line
  4. Jeffysan -- you know damn well that is the process -- don't put anyone in charge that has a clue to what the mission is -- only someone that can move up the ranks.
  5. Bet that judge never served a day in his life!
  6. http://www.military.com/independence-day/slideshow/?ESRC=airforce-a.nl
  7. Hi John -- great looking bird and crew :)
  8. that picture was taken just before the skyanchor failed on a 1,500 lb pick up -- sounded like a shot gun went off in the cockpit -- or politicaly correct flight deck -- then again I haven't been know to be politicaly correct! :)
  9. the 8th SOS also dropped psy ops leaflets in Grenada and during Desert Shield/Storm - I have some around here someplace
  10. Big MAC was the C-5's and C-141's, Little MAC = Herks, BLACK MAC = SOF Talons (the Talons were still painted black back then)
  11. then there was Big MAC little MAC and BLACK MAC --- :)
  12. it's true it's true I know who did it -- except we asked ground to have them come up 123.45 and the comment was "we professional pilots do not talk on unauthorized freq.s" so he got the response above on ground freq. :)
  13. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/17390/119236?RS_show_page=0 Sounds to me like some of his Aids made statements that did the boss in -- then again he is the boss and takes responsibility for his subordinates -- allowing the media access like this will continue to have dire consequences -- I wonder what would have happened if the same access was granted to General Eisenhower's staff in WWII during the planning of Operation Overlord?
  14. You can go to the CAE web site and click on carriers. There they have listings for C-130 Sim positions.
  15. ok so you can play with them then? :)
  16. open your eyes -- just look between the blue holding covers -- if that's not explosive I don't know what is! :)
  17. I remember a static SOF demo we did at Scott. The MH-53 guys would have gals rub the probe and then extend it and I got into trouble for telling the CINC's son the fending lines were to keep the wings from coming off when we fired the rockets and went supersonic!
  18. So .. you think you have rhythm! This is a MUST watch. This 3 year old kid is priceless. At about 2 and 1/2 minutes he makes a slight mistake----- watch his quick recovery and all facial expressions through-out the whole performance. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=aJG9Tol1a0U Sister is back ... Thank Heavens: www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7Jrh_uuPmd0
  19. NTS valve sticking -- had this happen at NKP once
  20. Hopefully the HQ pukes will stay out of the crewstation working groups way -- Talon II would have been all glass if we would have had our way and "they" won't be stuck with haveing detents but a variable selection down to 100 of 50 ft. I remember a discussion on some ECM they were building racks for that was already outdated -- the EWO (now a General) came to me and I went to the SPO and was told. I can save "X" many $$$ today putting that system on "you" can pay later for the upgrade! But it made him look good at the time. And MAC bought it!! And that's just one of the stories!!!
  21. It was used when I attended SOS in 74
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