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  1. SKE - Station Keeping Equipment APU - Auxiliary Power Unit ATM - Air Turbine motor FNG - F&*^ing New Guys K9P - Holy grail for FNG's
  2. AMC-Alcoholics Moving Cargo ABDR-Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
  3. And to twist the knife a little more... http://robins.13wmaz.com/news/families/106982-robins-crews-prep-john-travoltas-jet-move-museum Glad I have nothing to do with that museum anymore.
  4. Oil Cooler augmentation. Most birds have it now. One of the best things ever added to the 130 if you ask me, great for refueling with engines running on a hot day. I think it was the late 70's they started adding it, but I'll look in the book tonight to check.
  5. I don't recall ever loading PAX through the troop doors. Typically it was the crew door if we had a few, the ramp of there were a lot or they had large loads.
  6. Then they can use another number in the unit. Charlotte's first aircraft start with 145, 92-1451 through 93-1459, for the 145th AG. The next ones start with 156 (93-1560 through 93-1563) for the 156th AS. One series was numbered for the group, the next for the squadron.
  7. Flight crew attitude adjustment tool - Seat rod I've heard the brace in the center dry bay called a "nutbuster" once. But I think that was an isolated incident. As for the "Arkansas Panel", I heard it in tech school, but can't remember what it is.
  8. I need to write a paper on an aviation topic for class, and I chose to write on Credible Sport. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere to get real good information on the project. I also have to do a presentation on Powerpoint as well, so pictures, maps, and diagrams would help out immensely. Thank you.
  9. I live right down the road. I may head up there today and see if there's anyone willing to listen.
  10. I sent a message on the museums facebook, here's what I got back. "Great question Paul! The concept behind the YMC-130--strap rockets to a C-130 so it could land and take off in a soccer stadium--was gutsy and innovative. However, the project never moved beyond testing. The museum's aircraft, tail #74-1686, never used the rocket system in flight (see Jerry L. Thigpen, The Praetorian Starship, p. 246, available online). Instead of restoring the YMC-130, we're focusing our very limited resources on preserving aircraft that actually flew the missions they were designed to do." I don't think I'll be visiting the museum much anymore if they spend all their time and money restoring aircraft that are all over the place, but ignore a one of a kind. Whether it flew it's intended mission or not. To me that's like letting the shuttle Enterprise rust out back because it never really flew in space.
  11. Plaprad

    Old Herks

    Was that a testbed for the H's?
  12. Plaprad

    Old Herks

    The 73's are the original "H" models, that's why the 74's are called "H1's". I was confused about that myself till I got 1582 and did some research.
  13. I asked a few guys at work and one mentioned he thinks that the UARRSI birds have different plumbing in the pylon. It's not really the tank itself that's not interchangeable, just the pylon. Haven't had a chance to go through the books a research it yet, but it sounds like a plausible reason to me.
  14. I know they've had problems with bacteria in tanks causing contamination, but never heard of it causing an explosion. I could see it happening though, alot of hay-bales go up every year because of heat off bacteria growing in it. As for #2, not sure about skin, but you can do that to a tailpipe. I saw one when I first came in where someone wrote the engine number on one with a pencil and the heat cut right through.
  15. I was reading through the External Tank overhaul book last night and it had a note that external tanks from UARRSI and non-UARRSI aircraft are not interchangeable. I didn't see a reason stated (I was however skimming) and I can't think of anything that would prevent them from working. Does anyone have any idea why you can't swap them around? I've asked around work, but no one even knew that was in the book.
  16. Anyone have any pictures of this new design? I'm curious now. I remember we always had the milk stool on board, it was part of our -21 inventory. It was either strapped down at 737 or 245 depending on cargo.
  17. Plaprad


    Sorry I haven't been on much of late, but work and the honeydo's are keeping me busy. That being said I'll be back in Fort Walton sometime next week, So if anyone wants to get together for a beer or ten let me know. First one is on me of course.
  18. If I remember correctly, that's the old "Ground Handling" TO. They used it before going to the OMMS system in the 90's. We actually have that book in our TO library. There's some cool stuff in there, alot more info than the new manuals. It applies to B's, and E's I believe.
  19. Didn't some of the late model 2.5's have it, or was it added later on?
  20. The only other component I can think of would be the Trim and Status Panel at the nav's station.
  21. We used to play with that at Dyess on occasion. Always a pain.
  22. About five years ago when I was in, the rules were it had to be a specific aircraft (Wing Commanders, Group Commanders, Special purpose, ect.) and it had to go through the Group or Wing commander. Also, once it goes through depot they'll strip it off and you'd have to re do it if you could get permission again. We only had three at Dyess with nose art, Group Commanders and two Squadron Commanders. We had a couple more through the years, but they didn't last very long.
  23. Thinking about hitting them up tonight. I heard the Peanut butter cheeseburger was good, though I'm not sure I have the cajones to try it.
  24. So far I've found some good places. Hogs breath is still open, though I havn't had a chance to stop in. Battlship park is on my list of things to do, the Bama' was my grandfathers ship.
  25. Pretty much everything is in the 00GE. And asphalt is also out, found that out in Iceland :D
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