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  1. Man, I feel like the guy who shows up to a hot rod gathering with a four banger now. The highest I remember was 25,000.
  2. Before I state what most are thinking and say Duct tape, where exactly is it leaking from? Most of the repairs I've seen have been epoxy or sealant, though not sure of how legal they were.
  3. If I remember correctly (a very rare occurrence) that bird is at the main gate of Little Rock AFB.
  4. Haven't heard much about the Autothrottle, but I heard the Autoland is still a little rough.
  5. They just opened up http://aviationhumor.net/ yesterday. Some pretty funny stuff. Here's one ya'll might like. While taxiing out in sequence behind a Lufthansa airliner at Frankfurt, a C-130 crew noticed an orange “Remove before flight†streamer hanging out of the Lufthansa nose wheel well (their nose gear locking pin was still installed). Not wanting to cause too much embarrassment by going thru the controller, the 130 crew simply called the Lufthansa aircraft on the tower frequency: “Lufthansa aircraft, Herky 23.†No reply. They repeated the transmission and again there was no reply. Instead, the Lufthansa pilot called the tower and asked the tower to tell the Herky crew that “the professional pilots of Lufthansa do not engage in unprofessional conversations over the radio.†The 130 pilot quickly replied, “Frankfurt tower, can you please relay to the professional pilots of the Lufthansa aircraft that their nose gear pin is still installed?â€
  6. I've talked to several people at the museum in hopes of getting her back in good condition, but keep getting told that it's not a priority. I even volunteered to work on her at least get a little TLC done, but was told you had to have a A&P to work on museum aircraft (Which is funny, you don't need one here to work on the ones flying) I live about ten minutes away if you need me to go talk to someone, I'd love to get in on fixing her up. Can't do much financially, but I have tools and some leave I can take.
  7. That bird is in a sad state right now. She's been out in the weather for years, they've been canning parts for years, she's dirty and starting to show neglect.
  8. Why EOD?? What does this picture have to do with EOD?? I can't even make out any kind of explosives in it.
  9. I highly doubt it. Every class I went to in the AF was all powerpoint with one or two useless video clips. They get upset when an instructor doesn't stick to the slides nowadays.
  10. My sister in law is 12 now, we had to describe to her what a typewriter was, and she asked how do you know if everything is spelled right before you hit print on it.
  11. I'm sure we have someone who can give a detailed description with two diagrams and a joke, but I read that if you do it backwards it messes up the timing of the valves.
  12. Plaprad


    My Grandmother worked at a Woolworths during the early 90's up till they closed. I ate there all the time. Though the prices were a little different.
  13. Man, you just had to rub this in. My buddy offered me her tickets since she couldn't make it and I had turn it down since I couldn't get the leave. Sounds like a blast, you need to get some pics to put up.
  14. I was told many moons ago that that was a real pic from Desert Storm and the smoke was from an oil fire. You can see the massive GPS antenna in the skylight. Though now that you mention it, fried chicken is sounding rather good right now.
  15. I still have a letter written by a full bird flying my plane saying how well she was maintained. I'd like to frame it at some point, I'm more proud of that than just about anything else I got in my seven years in.
  16. I was reading Maxtorq's response about the care his units planes gets, and I got to thinking. What are the little things you did to your planes to set them apart and show pride? When I was on 1563 we always washed the windows and swept the cargo box out everyday before we left. We also stayed over somedays till it got dark with a couple paint pens to get rid of the bleed through on the panels. On 1582 in the desert, while she was down for HSC I got some paint pens to touch up the flight deck. I meant to paint the throttle knobs red, but the red on the cap and the red it dried into were two different things.
  17. Dan, is it your mission in life to bring joy and happiness to all our hearts? Cause you're doing a great job.
  18. Plaprad


    I came back from my first deployment and we stopped in St. Johns for the night. I went to my parents place and my dad and I went to Wally World to pick up some stuff. As I was getting ready to pay I noticed some odd bills in my wallet and announced that I still had Canadian money left. The cashier asked when I last visited Canadia.
  19. I'm gonna be in Marietta here in a couple weeks and was wondering how you go about getting a tour of the Lockheed plant? I thought of just showing up at the door, but assumed they may not find it very funny.
  20. Plaprad


    Good stuff. I must say the redhead is kinda cute.
  21. Plaprad

    Bad Bombs

    Nope, I want to say it was summer of '04. They didn't really make a big deal out of it, so I don't think it did that much damage. Though they did try to hush it up. Apparently it was "Embarrassing."
  22. Plaprad

    Bad Bombs

    Got to watch a 10k pet rock forget to open it's chute at Dyess. It came out about 1000 fett, and went straight down. We stopped our postflight to watch. The LZ was about a mile and a half away, and we heard it hit. The Pro Sup didn't see it, so he stopped by to ask why everyone was laughing so hard.
  23. Plaprad


    I keep bringing up stuff to break APU's at work all the time. Finally my work partner told me no matter how many I broke and had to replace, they wouldn't let me keep the old one to put in my Mustang. I guess I'll need to start breaking individual parts now..
  24. Check with your unit, they should be able to set you up with access to it.
  25. We've always made them out of Phenolic. They work great.
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