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Glad to hear you guys are doing well. So far my county in Montana hasn't had any cases, but my wife and I (both elderly)😃, are playing by the rules and getting to know each other!

We are painting the whole interior of the house and getting ready for a new floor. I hope this virus is over by gardening season.Usually mid-May.


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Back to work yesterday, all is still well in the land of sand. People obeying

the curfew, and while the infection rate may be troubling, situation is

under control. Government doing a sterling job of getting a handle on

the virus, getting free medical treatment for all, online distance learning 

for schools, partial salaries guarenteed for companies that had to close.

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Hanging in here, much like everyone else.  

Beginning to show signs of cabin fever.  And bored like other guys here.  

Have been to the supermarket twice, and over my wife's objection, took my car to the shop.  

We're following the rules to the letter.  Took the worst ass chewing ever from my wife for failing to maintain personal distance.  😡

Think she would have made a great TI.  


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