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So, You\'re Going To...Ching Chuan Kang


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If this needs to be moved to historical - please do so. :) I am unsure.


The image is 1111 x 1513

If anyone is interested in seeing more of it let me know.I just started to scan it. It is a standard orientation publication, with the five W\'s.

It is fairly large. Each page requires to be halved and then scanned. Which is why I am asking if anyone is interested. I do not want to spend to much time, if there is no interest.

I got a kick out of one page with two things titled:

Money - Where to get it.

Money - Where to spend it.

\"Where to spend it\" Was that really a problem? :P

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Okie dokes then. I\'ll try to make the images more crisp, so the text is legible. I hope to have it done by Friday.

I remember the Black Buddha of Changhua.

EDIT - done a lot sooner than I thought :blink:

These have all been resized by fifty percent.

And I know that some people are really keen on powerpoint, but you are not gonna get that from me. :P

@ EFLTatCCK - I can put it all on disc with the original size and mail it to you if that would be better for your group. -DW

page 1














Back Page

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EFLTatCCK wrote:

Great article all 15 Pages. Is there anyway that you can send this to me as an attachment so I can foward it to the 823/Badge of Honor/Taiwan Vets organization that I belong to?


Vince Acquaviva( EFLTatCCK)

I too would like to have them sent to me.

It would help me lot in my research.

[email protected]

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Rick, Thanks for downloading the CCK paper to PDF. I did just that and then sent a copy to Steve Mudge who was stationed with me at CCK in 1969 and 1970! We were very good friends while there, and we made contact last year on the Hercules Headquarters forum. We have been in touch since then. He was also stationed there a year or two earlier when the base was fairly new!!

When we left there in 1970,we were still with the 314th OMS! Before I was stationed at CCK, I was in the 374th at Naha!

Thanks also to Fraulein for coming up with that old newspaper!!!


PS I am always looking for old friends from Naha and CCK :cheer:

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