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Hercules plane carrying 100 crashes


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just came across this online

sad, sad, sad.

"Hercules plane carrying 100 crashes

From correspondents in Jakarta, Indonesia | May 20, 2009

AN Indonesian military transport plane carrying 13 crew and about 96 passengers has crashed in Madiun in East Java.

The number of casualties was unclear, said air force spokesman Bambang Soelistyo, but a local official told Metro TV the plane had crashed into several houses and at least two people on the ground had died.

"It's completely destroyed; only the tail was left," subdistrict head Wardi told Metro TV.

Mr Soelistyo said the Hercules transport plane had been flying from Jakarta to the eastern part of Java island."

Indonesian military plane crashes; at least 3 dead

24 minutes ago

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — At least three people are dead following the crash of a military plane carrying more than 100 people on the Indonesian island of Java.

Many more are feared dead following Wednesday morning's crash.

Indonesian television showed video footage of burning jungle where the plane crashed. Soldiers were seen carrying bodies through a rice paddy on stretchers.

Air force spokesman Bambang Sulistyo said the C-130 Hercules was on a routine training mission when it crashed near an air force base in East Java province.

He said the plane was carrying 112 passengers and crew. It smashed into four houses in Gaplak village before skidding into a field.

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"It was not clear what caused the crash, but several witnesses described seeing its right wing fall off while it was still in the air."

A 1980 model?? I hate to speculate, but I am wondering if they were doing the rainbow fitting/spar cap inspections, at all.

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Unconfirmed A-1325 Lock 4917 a converted former civilian Herk L-100 used to operate with Pelitta and Merpati.

A-1302 a B Lock 3578 had the gear come off on landing two weeks ago.

CNN said they had one land short last week. I don't know if they are confusing it with 1302.

Anyhow a bad month.


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If anyone from Indonesia is on the board, or maybe someone with some knowledge of the Indonesian AF. Over the years we have confirmed that the of 5 L-100's the AF got from the airlines; 4917 was A-1325 the one that crashed yesterday, 4923 is A-1326 and 4828 is A-1328.

But we never have confirmed 4824 and 4889. One crashed in 2001. We know they were numbered A-1327 and 1329 but not which was which.



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Hi Mike,

We are pretty sure it was A-1329 that crashed, because A-1327 has been seen flying recently, but we have not confirmed whether 1329 was 4824 or 4889. I think it was a good guess on ASN's part but you notice they don't have the official accident report attached.



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An Indonesian Air Force spokesperson was quoted in the Jakarta Post recently as saying the prevailing opinion at the time was "uncommanded extension and subsequent separation of an outboard flap". That would explain witnesses as saying wing fall off and seeing it wobble somewhat before nosing in.

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