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  1. Looks like they're bein exter careful using the ice chocks.
  2. Dan, your'e not too far out. Your town has twice the population of the one I'm closest to now. I'm also on DSL.
  3. I heard Lynden was there because IAR's plane was broke.
  4. Some of the H2s came with Thermal off-stroke.
  5. I wonder if this is it. Something about it looks hauntingly familiar http://www.cobham.com/media/65615/ADV10601.pdf
  6. When I went through Little Rock in '82 there were red, yellow and green wings. If I remember right the tanks were removed from yellow wings. And there were wieght, type of mission and turbulence restrictions. When the gunships and talons got outer wings they had rounded dry bay panels, external probes and the water removal system. Also got the dry bay drain to the engine instead of just holes in the bottom.
  7. I was taught to look at the TIT (and other things). For example if three of them are reading about 30 and one is on 0 make a mental note of it and see how they read when running because that’s when it really counts. There were a few occasions where the suspect engine did show signs of thermocouple decay. If it wasn’t too bad, put it in null and fly it. This was before the 720,750 cold start change came out. After that change thermocouple decay became a showstopper IAW the dash1. We went through a lot of thermocouples in gunships for some weird reason.
  8. Hey now, we were cleared to fire on that moose.
  9. Okie Dokie, did you send it to my .lmco or .mil?
  10. I should have said Dump Mast Shutoff Valves. Bob, I dont think the Dyess H models are like that. To the best of my memory it started with H2s.
  11. When I got to the 16th SOS I was told (by your old friend G Eller) thats why we call torque on touch and goes and go arounds instead of TIT. What do other units call with -15s, torque or TIT?
  12. The X valves dont open when the plane leaves the ground. They are on seperate switches.
  13. Reminds me of when the C-17 Nancies clamed they invented a new drop technique for MREs that was actually developed by some guys in the 7th SOS years earlier. Mike Duffie was one of the guys. Back me up on the year Skip, if I remember right it was early 90s to drop for the Kurds?
  14. When 69-6572 did their yankin' and bankin' during Desert Storm the G-meter showed +4 and -1 1/2 when I went out to FCF it. Reason for the FCF was combination of engine and prop changes that were required. Funny thing is after that it took less rudder trim for it to fly straight than before the acrobatics. There was a story about that plane being bent in Viet Nam, so we started saying that they bent it back.
  15. Hey Dan Wilson, you mentioned in another thread that you flew an airplane that had UARRSI installed by Rockwell. Which one was that?
  16. Wonder what the power steering pump is used for? Looks like the lines go towards the back. Got to watch one of these in action at an Andrews airshow in 79/80. The sound of those uncorked motors reving made my private parts get all tingly.
  17. 796 Dan, we stopped having to fill them when we got dual INUs. The Nav still filled out that graph form on overwaters. Edit; "we" being 23AF prior to AFSOC.
  18. I'm glad my daughter didn't rent a place there and ask you for advice. You should be ashamed of your self.
  19. Your statement. Maybe you should have worded it better....
  20. The pic with the Buffs, Utapao?
  21. Had a couple of beers with Buddy yesterday, he says that was quite a trip. Flew with Jerry when I first got to the 16th. He left in 81 I think. PS; 118th AES Retired, Sorry for the threadjack.
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