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  1. Just heard Portuguese Herk crashed at their base at Montijo. At least 3 dead, no other details. Condolences to all concerned. Bob
  2. Me Too, Happy Birthday Larry! Bob
  3. A great man and a good friend. Really miss him. Bob
  4. bobdaley


    What is incorrect? The aircraft was at HRL until 2005 doing the training described above. It went to Moldyhole and left there heading to AMARG. Shortstopped for awhile at Cannon. Then to AMARG, from AMARG it went to AFMC at Waco, last I heard it was parked there withdrawn from use. Bob
  5. Were 2 AS and 95AS at Pope closed? Bob
  6. I cangive you a rough outline but if you want its actual history you have to write or call the AF Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB AL 11/ 1957 Delivered 11/1957 317 TCW later 322AD France until France through us out, I think 1962 1963 317 TCW Lockbourne AFB OH 1970+/- 115 TAS CA ANG at Van Nuys CA 1972-76 167 TAS WV ANG Martinsburg WV 1977-86 180TAS MO ANG St Joseph MO 1986-1989 105AS TN ANG Nashville TN 1990-1994 AMARG at Davis Monthan AFB AZ 1994 to France for a Loadmaster trainer. Last I heard it was at Toulose? Bob Some pics here in the Gallery
  7. I never went above 27 but I have the information somewhere on a test crew at El Centro making a drop from 44,500, I think it was a B Model, I'll look. Bob
  8. Could not find your pic. I have never had a confirmed list of the Vietnamese A's. Lots of guesses though. The two pics below confuse me in this case. The second clearly shows 56-0519 and HCP, the first even though not as clear shows 56-0519 as GZP? Bob
  9. bobdaley


    I got a pic from Australia saying it was 3174 crashed, last week I saw the second pic with the tail number readily identified. They don't look like the same accident. Anyone know what the tail number of the second herk might be and where was the accident Thanks Bob
  10. 63-9810 went to Ft Benning GA as a paratroop trainer. Thanks Tiny Bob
  11. Anyone out in the ABQ area or stationed at Kirtland? Trying to get a handle on the Herk ground trainers there. Last time I was there almost 2 years ago, there was an E model and a fuselage behind the Combat Rescue School I think these may be 63-7777, the fuselage, and 64-0521 There was an ex USCG, later USAF Herk in a Hangar used as a ground trainer, 67-7185 There appears to be two herks next to the Northern most hangar off Aberdeen Ave. They may be 64-0559, a fuselage, and 69-5829. Can anyone verify them for us? I have a trip out there but not until October. Thanks Bob
  12. Tiny, Any of your buddies at Moody tell you where it is going? Thanks Bob
  13. Flight Aware showed N120TG flew from Dothan AL to Williams on 26 Mar 2016? Bob
  14. I don't think the aircraft 0541 was really significant, but the AF Museum has control of almost all ex USAF aircraft donated to museums and displays. 541 was supposed to go to the Alaska Aviation Museum, but the museum did not have the space for it or the money to keep it up. Since AF Museum still held ownership of it, they just transferred custody to the nearest AFB, Elmendorf. I'll see if I can attach the URL for the Museum's holdings. Bob http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Portals/7/documents/other/aircraft_on_loan_by_description.pdf
  15. Yup that is the one, I had heard it was to be some kind of trainer. It was used to repair 74-1665. Thanks Bob
  16. Thanks, any sign of 74-2072 which is also supposed to be at Robins? Bob
  17. Is it real or is it photoshopped, and what are they supposed to do, save a little fuel? Does not seem worthwhile on an average herk mission profile? Bob
  18. The one at Elmendorf being repainted in Ugly Elephant grey is 64-0533. The other one abandoned at Anchorage Int'l but now in the custody of Elmendorf (owned by the AF Museum) is 64-0541. Bob
  19. just saw this recent pic of 64-0541 at Anchorage. Bob http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8231913
  20. Just saw this recent pic on line. Bob http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8231913
  21. The 2 numbers I heard were 162786 and 163022 Bob
  22. 08-3174, I heard a few rumors, only rumors, that the cause maybe covered up for some reason, but they are talking about jammed flight controls similar to the Saturn crash at Kelly years ago. Something wedged behind the yoke? Anyone know the probable cause? Bob
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