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  1. When I was on A models we always started them in Normal Ground Idle... just seemed the right thing to do ,ha ha. Bill
  2. Hey Casey I like the new site, seems more user friendly. Thanks for all your hard work on the site. Bill
  3. Hey Bob the FUT trainer 61-2369 was moved to Pope Field when Dobbins got out of the FTU business a couple of years ago. Bill
  4. To BRLang. Billy I just saw an article on vietnamairlift.com with the same picture of you standing in front of the damaged Herk with the blown tires. The website owner is Alan Baker. Do you remember him? He says he was the AC on that flight. This may be the contact you need to prove boots on the ground. (Update... , Billy ,just read your last post and it appears you have your proof of VN service. Anyway, funny to see the same pic that you posted on another site.) Bill
  5. To all you Viet Nam Herk Vets on this board..."Welcome Home Viet Nam Vets Day"! I didn't know we had one of these till today. Seems congress passed it in 2011. Better late than never huh? I feel so much better now. Bill
  6. Fine looking job. What a fantastic looking paint hanger! Bill
  7. Looks like the B-47 wings were sawed off. Might be impossible to rejoin them and be strong enough to support 6 engines, 2 ext. tanks and 2 wingtip outrigger gears, even for static display. Here is a pic of all the stuff hanging on the wing. Not us guys ha ha. Bill
  8. When I close my eyes I see beer cans. Bill:(
  9. If you could post the dates he was in Okinawa and Ubon, any order number and if you have a picture of him during that time it might jog someone's memory of him. If he has any boxes or files stashed away then dig through them. If you have what is called 'Blanket Orders" there may be names on them someone will remember. Hang in there Donna. Bill
  10. Welcome aboard AC130eng (Charles). And as for your bio John, ours looked ok till you hung your world history on the wall for all to see, ha ha . Just kidding John, it is you that gave me all the unknown details to my post on "245 out the back door" when I was stationed at Pope in 1968. Thanks for your great memory. Bill :)
  11. Glad to see most all you guys are getting your day in court about our service in Vietnam. Good advice given and taken on this thread that has been running over SIX years. We must have hit a nerve with the VA. Keep charging!! Bill :)
  12. This is from a friend whose brother used to fly L-100's. Couldn't get a jack under the jack pad to change a MLG tire so he used this set up to help "Getter Done" ha ha . Anybody out there have a similar story or pic. Bill
  13. Make sure bushings in scissors are good, (both ends of top and bottom link) the pin is screwed in tight and the thread matches on the tires. Check that the air pressure is correct and no large flat spots on the thread area. Also check steering cylinders for leakage. Check wheel bearings for correct torque. Bill
  14. Yep, James I remember Dover's flight line and hated it in the winter. Remember when the whole line was covered with ice which had been blown and frozen in ripples like a scrub board. Pushing powered AGE and stands on it was a killer. Horizontal snow sucked. Matter of fact... I never did like Dover at all or the C-133's. Bill
  15. Wow, the first seven paragraphs are great but then me thinks he lit the wacky weed fer sure.............sounds like a stoner tripping from then on . Bill
  16. The biggest factor is...is anybody shooting at you. Now days that is a distinct possibility. Bill
  17. Nothing can take the place of a BIG GUN with a nice selection of rounds on a GUNship to ruin the bad guys day!!! Go GHOSTRIDER!!
  18. Excellent pics John. There is also a Clark B model (QW) sitting in one of the pictures with a row of Jeeps off the left wing. It has #1 prop cuffed ready for a buddy start. It has a forklift sitting at the ramp. Probably the one they wouldn't send out to us when I was there, ha ha . Can anyone make out the tail number...looks like maybe 61-0959 which was a QW 774TAS Clark bird. Great pics though. Bill
  19. Old Ban Me Thout...never will forget when we landed there just before dark with a full load of palletized 55 gallon drums of MOGAS for the SF guys. Called them on the radio to unload us with their forklift. No way they said, to close to dark...bou-coo VC. Well the AC said we ain't taking this stuff back to CRB so everybody on the flt. deck except the pilot went to the back lowered the ramp and started rolling drums off till the aft pallet was empty . Then we chained that pallet to the end of the ramp so it was dragging . As we flipped over the drums we rolled them off the ramp as the AC taxied forward. There was about a million big grasshoppers all over the pallets and we crushed them as we rolled the drums and it turned into a huge gooey slippery mess. The drums broke the dragging pallet in half so we unhooked it left it and took off. That's the way it WUZ !! ha, ha Bill :)
  20. Did a google earth and the one next to the old no wings J mockup appeared on the 12-2010 photo. I think that is the wing box bird that still has the wings in the photo. Bill
  21. I think I know which one you are talking about Bob, I see it as I pass the old IRAN/SLEP hangers on South Cobb Dr. Bill
  22. They must have gotten 937 after I retired in 2003 Bob. Is it still there? Was it a load trainer or a FUT for the loadie going thru training? Bill
  23. Bottom line...can anyone post a link of the movie? Bill
  24. Yep, 791 is the load trainer at the aerial port school at Dobbins. Had another FUT trainer there for loadmaster training, tail number 61-2369. They both flew in and stayed to long so we cut the wings and stabs off and turned them into trainers. 369 was moved to Pope Field when we got out of the FTU business. Bill
  25. The name of the film is "The Way It Is ", The Tactical Airlift Story. Made in 1972 as a USAF/DOD Info film. Narrated by John Wayne. Googled it but could not find anything on it except it is on J.W's credits. Saw it in FE school at Sheppard back when I was a mere child. Ha Ha. Bill
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