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  1. I was there from 1998 to 2001, at the 'Dorf.
  2. It won't work for the same reason Lockheed doesn't make the H model anymore, there's more money in the J, especially when they have a contract for maintenance and engineering coverage. Cha-$$$$-Ching.
  3. tinyclark

    Self Portrait

    Just going through some showboxes full of pictures and I found this one I took while on the way on one of the many TDYs from Rhein Main circa 1980.
  4. OK, so I had to take a pic of the ornament I got in Alaska as a door prize...
  5. Zak, If memory serves me correctly, it was happening during ILS approaches, and they changed the large filter caps that are mounted on the back of the NIRP. The caps smooth out the Loc and G/S signals. GACFaja, Does the aircraft porpoise in all modes, and at all times?
  6. If this is it, the NSN is 4730-01-100-8710, there are some available in supply. Sorry Mike, I was bored. Please submit an AFTO22 and add the clampblock as Fig 2, Item 11, since it is part of the 373528-1 bracket assembly, Item10. You can actually order the whole assembly, there are some of them is supply as well. tINY
  7. They briefed at the PIWG that they are using a milling machine from the F15 depot floor to drill holes in the new longeron after the machine measures the hole pattern on the old one. It was supposed to cut quite a bit of time off the entire job.
  8. We had one doing this, and we finally changed out the A/P servo clutch, not just the servo.
  9. A new safety supplement to the -1's issued in April changed the setting of the inverter switch to the DC position during flight.
  10. They just need to get rid of the hat requirement all together.
  11. While I was at Ramstein, they came up every year with a few technicians and all of their broken APN59 parts. The aircraft would drop them off them and then pick them up the next week. They'd take orders for wine, salamis, cheeses, whatever and bring it back when the picked their guys up. We always let them raid our bench stock too.
  12. I pray for anyone who has ever donned a uniform for our country. May they rest in peace, and may the future people in uniform, including my daughter, who went to basic on 19 May, hold the flag and our country in the highest esteem, and protect it forever. Freedom lives only because of sacrifice.
  13. Since we're in the bible and talking history, did you know that women having PMS was mentioned in the bible? "...and Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Bethlehem."
  14. "It was not clear what caused the crash, but several witnesses described seeing its right wing fall off while it was still in the air." A 1980 model?? I hate to speculate, but I am wondering if they were doing the rainbow fitting/spar cap inspections, at all.
  15. When they closed Khorat, they actually in-processed us into Clark AB. Well, all of our stuff got shipped there, but almost all of us ended up going to Hill AFB. Not that Ogden isn't the wildest place to go after leaving Thailand, but...
  16. Way to go Casey!!!! My hat is off to you. I didn't have the patience to be a babysitter, but I'm still here after all these years. Only 1 1/2 more to go.
  17. One would think there is a landing gear warning horn as well as the GCAS going off. Sorry, but it is inexcusable, IMHO.
  18. I went out to California for the QOT&E flight testing of the APQ175, and that Ka picture was unbelievable. It painted a great picture of the plowed fields below us, right along with all the irrigation piping, and just about everything else. It's amazing what 70kW at 32GHz will do. RADAR troops do it with higher frequency.
  19. They added a bottom antenna to aid with picking up the zone marker.
  20. I can get some, but we don't have a bird rolling into ISO until next Wed, and I'll be TDY until a week after that.
  21. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30223592/
  22. C'mon John, we have the best politicians money can buy!
  23. The ADIs run off the copilot's AC inverter, not the AC Inst and FC inverter. I don't see how it was powered by two different sources, but $hit does happen. It wouldn't be the switch causing it, it would most probably have to be a relay with an internal broken contact arm or some other FM cause. No reason at all that they couldn't be on. Get yer book changed.
  24. tinyclark


    If they were at Mt. Home, the would be in cold AND boring storage. That's why I joined the AF, to get out of the wonderfully exciting Mt. Home.
  25. tinyclark


    Here's 502 taking a drink in Italy.
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