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  1. Oh, what base are you at? Just Curious.
  2. Three questions right now. It is strange that the servo is not driving if the trim tabs aren't keeping up. Does the Trim Monitor Test work? Does the normal elevator trim system work as advertised? What parts have been replaced or swapped?
  3. You have a tail number, C130Chick? If I need to chase wires, wanna know what diagram to use.
  4. We used a thermal camera while I was at Elmendorf and Ramstein. Very easy to see leaks in the leading edge.
  5. It may be wrong, and I have no idea who made the decision. They had to be on some sort of dimmer for night ops. All aircraft are that way except for 92-0547 and up.
  6. I was avionics, never messed with them. Maintenance on them was done at the depot. IF you are trying to repair the tube type, you will need a tube tester like a TV-7A. Without it, you would turn out marginal units. I was at Norton AFB when Comm and Nav shops combined. The HF radios were repaired by a couple older civilians. When our guys started working on them, they asked where the tube tester was and were told, "We don't use them." Needless to say, the reliability went up on the HF radios. I guess they didn't want to work themselves out of a job. To repair either one, you'd need a lot
  7. Doesn't a Cessna 172 have dual brake pedals? I thought all aircraft were like that.
  8. If you know where the strike hit, I would inspect all the areas around the entrance/exit points for arcing, otherwise the standard inspection should be good.
  9. Are you saying they put that into the GE manual? Very strange. You'd have to contact WR-ALC for the T.O.
  10. Thanks, Luca, makes complete sense.
  11. How about a gallon of prop wash and 50' of flight line. All tasks are listed in the 1C-130H-2-00JG-00-1.
  12. That was quick. I believe we were ordering covers in ISO before I left the job.
  13. From what I understand, there are two different power units that can be used on the herc. The power units of one type have pins E & F shorted, the other does not. So, it could cause a problem with the power unit that doesn't have the pins shorted inside the unit. I found one thing in a book and I cannot remember which one, but all it stated was what I just wrote. I do not have any books for the ground power units.
  14. You guys never cease to amaze me with your aircraft history. Since I worked on every airframe on the ramp, I was never tied closely to any single tail number. They all seemed to break at the same rate for us, which was all the time. It seems similar to growing up in one town all your life and knowing everyone, compared to being a military brat and moving constantly, always breaking and making friendships at the drop of a hat. I was the latter. Tiny
  15. I do have a question, ? Why would the struts travel outward if they are still in the tracks? If the only thing that was disconnected was the gear box shaft, why would this weaken the ability of the gear moving side to side?
  16. Another subject that is not in any book that I know of. I believe the only thing that would prevent the gear from collapsing during the landing would be the friction washer, so the gear are secured by chains to prevent collapse. That is my best guess, but I am an avionics guy. Maybe one of the Flight Engineers can explain it better. Have you asked your flight engineers?
  17. I wish I could explain it any better. The MLG struts wouldn't have much movement front to back, so there wouldn't be much travel in a bellows, as you stated. Again, there is no better instruction in any books that I have seen. We avionics folks call it FM, Frikkin' Magic.
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