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  1. Hello Avionics Expertise How Data Concentration Unit Works? Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules Pakistan
  2. Kindling Attached file Best regards Munir Abbasi Formation Light.docx
  3. Oh Thanks Tiny clark Best regards Munir abbasi Home of Hercules Pakistan
  4. AT What pressure Dumping manifold relief valve open? Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules Pakistan
  5. Please see T56A-15 and C-130A-3 publications and contact to AFZAL LAB for NDI Munir Abbasi home of Hercules Pakistan
  6. Adjust START POT of TD control with TD tester Check NULL TIT Munir Abbasi
  7. NATOPS1 Anti-skid Control Box PCB A2 was burnt out what is reason behind it? Do not test ant-skid during while aircraft is taxing (IC-130B-1 caution) if the testing is carried out during aircraft taxing what happen with the system. Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules
  8. What is selection of TD SWs. Null or AUTO Munir Abbasi
  9. If you see optimum blade angle relationships phase angle measure opposite with No #1 blade to No #3 for example 20 degree angle lagging or leading to No#3 to No#1 blade Munir Abbasi
  10. Hello propeller expertise Optimum angular relationship shown in diagram master of No #2 or No#3 with respect other slave with NO # 3 blade AT 12 O clock why the phase angle relation of No#3 Blade only with master. Any dynamic reason opposite blade of No.#1 to No #3 Munir Abbasi
  11. Hello Hydraulic Expertise At Pressure relief valve of Anti skid control release the pressure Munir Abbasi
  12. Thanks ,Defect was rectified with sufficient hydraulic bleeding. Munir Abbasi
  13. Hello Hydraulic expertise AT 60 KN brake release during landing ,The operation checked o ground found normal with tester .Wiring of the system was checked satisfactory .Anti-skid control box replaced and sufficient hydraulic bleeding carried out but defected was repeated. Munir Abbasi
  14. Hello Fuel System Experts:- At what pressure Refueling level fill Solenoid Valve Surge relief valve open Regards Munir Abassi
  15. Happy christmas day to every world hercules member Munir Abbasi on behalf of Muslim community of Pakistan
  16. Hello world Expertises What is the temperature of sensing element at which FCU Q 102 Conduct to energise K 101 Munir Abbasi
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