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  1. ASR malfunction Munir Abbasi
  2. Also check LDG torque strut all Strut are same hard or soft and check for Air pressure if soft all strut pressure should be 415 PSI Munir Abbasi
  3. Steering control valve lost spring tension It is, mal function of the component, install gauge check pressure on neutral position at point mention on TO (40 psi )as as per TO regards Munir abbasi
  4. Check grounding /bonding wire of unit regards Munir Abbasi
  5. Replace transmitter snubber Regards Munir Abbasi
  6. Check pressure relief valve regards munir abbasi
  7. EMER DEPRSS & floor heat S/O Valve interlock relay replaced Best Regards MUNIR Abbasi
  8. Model of aircraft Best regards Munir Abbasi
  9. UTY/AUX Accumulators Pressure is available for application of brake pressure. Best Regards Munir Abbasi
  10. Dear It seem to (perhaps) ,your mechanic were doing wrong ways for depleting the aircraft brake pressure without energizing DC buses. Munir Abbasi
  11. Your Question not clear Regards Munir Abbasi
  12. Sir You never observe ball of pip pin become U/S or spring lost his tension Munir Abbasi
  13. Upper Pip Pin of doors of Main LDGs are secured with safety chains normally but pip pins should be checked by C /chief in every schedule inspection for serviceability ie two balls,with passage of time ball spring loaded are be come U/S one or both. you cannot insert the pip pin during flight /landing/takeoff. It seem to be negligence of crew crew chief Best Regards Munir Abbasi
  14. Question? Best Regards Munir Abbasi
  15. Sir When the load of generator was observed satisfactory in every operation checkout of the system it is malfunction of GCP (PIR) wiring. Best Regards Munir Abbasi
  16. Kindly check the wiring of auxiliary switching contact of the K-53E and GCP (PIR). Munir Abbasi
  17. I need soft copy of TO 11A18-14 Best regards Munir abbasi
  18. kindly mention RADAR is installed on your birds . Best Regard Munir Abbasi
  19. Check the system As per Service News Best Regards Munir Abbasi V25N01.pdf
  20. Sir Lot of thanks Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules Pakistan
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