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  1. Bob, There were B models at Yokota during the time I was at Tachi 62-65, they were WX birds, wink wink
  2. BobWoods

    C-130 E

    One of the biggest mistakes I made was not insisting on a maintanance check when after engine start the light in the #3 starter button flashed, the pilot played with it and it went out and we continued on. A few minutes after takeoff the starter came apart, every warning light for that engine came on, it lost power and we were heavy. It even put holes in the fuselage and number four engine nacelle. We were on our way to Mildenhall from Goose Bay. We ended up dumping fuel and getting two new engines and props. We made a recovery on 3 engines and a smooth touch down. But had we of had it checked out maybe those engine and prop changes would not have been necessary. The light in the button was telling us that the start valve opening, not good!!!
  3. Hey Giz, How goes it? Hotter than CRB here. The only thing I remember about AWADS is it didn't work. checked/set/out
  4. Seems to me, it was taught at the school house at Sewart if the prop brake didn't hold, and once the fire was out, reset the T handle, go to air start with the condition lever until the prop quit rotating, keep an eye on it and land as soon as possible.
  5. Yeap the rumor is true, I have cheated the old bastard out of another year. Thanks loadie, checked/set/out
  6. It happened at Rota too, in the late 60's early 70's
  7. You have either a shorted or open wire in your fuel quanity system, get out the meter and go to work. You can start by swaping gauges and see if the problem follows the gauge.
  8. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/norwegian-officer-low-altitude-flying-may-have-caused-deadly-cargo-plane-crash-in-sweden/2012/03/18/gIQABE1PKS_story.html
  9. Looks like it may have come from a Ranger site http://www.facebook.com/westpointadmissions/posts/299850436693998#!/photo.php?fbid=10150329882779702&set=a.10150149103174702.284579.594649701&type=1&theater link to Rangerup site on facebook page.
  10. I felt that same way about Carling Red Label.
  11. Nice writing Tinwhistle, I have always believed that our mistakes concerning Vietnam go back to WWII when Ho Chi Minh was our ally against the Japanese. I believe that he was initally driven by the desire to get the French the hell out of his country. When we helped setup the government of South Vietnam he had two choices, give up and submit or ask for help from Russia or China and what with the cold war they were both happy and willing. The ultimate outcome is what Uncle Ho wished for and fought for. We could have saved many lifes and millions of dollars by backing Ho Chi Minh. So what if was a Marxist/Leninist, compared to some of our other allies he doesn't look so bad.
  12. Back to you! loadie!! checked set out for the night.
  13. The other project name was Corona, a side track to this is "Andromea Strain" by Michael Crichton. google Corona
  14. The poster doesnot use english as first langauge. Maybe the FE has one oil cooler flap doing something wierd. If the thermostat controller has an electrical fault could it not cause the oil cooler to postion the flap beyond the right setting? There by causeing the flap to cycle more then the other three?
  15. Bob here's some help maybe...http://www.libhomeradar.org/aircraft/62-1799.html
  16. The name the builder called it was the Thunderchief so the nick name Thud followed.
  17. I remember GO NO GO pills but no cyanide tablets. the 105 was nick named the Thud, the lead sled was the F 100
  18. Isn't there a modification to mount some bleed nozzles aft of the oil cooler to create a venturi effect to cool the oil?
  19. Is this what you are looking for? ODE TO THE HERCULES AVIATOR by Bob Woods Do not stand at my Tomb and weep for me I am not there for I do not sleep you see I am the thousands of Hercs that fly I am the roar of the wind on high I am the rush of a Herc in powered flight I am the beacons that shine in the night I am the odor of jet fuel and the starter whine I am the tire squeal on a landing, that was mine I am the stars that shine at night I am the sun you see at first light I am the jeweled glints on rime covered wings Think of me kindly for I am all these things At my graveside you should not have cried For so long as Hercs fly, I have not died.
  20. BobWoods


    This photo appears in the national archives for what its worth, http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/picturing_the_century/century/century_img84.html
  21. Applying a vacuum to the strut should remove any air pockets.
  22. I don't remember any green card, I was a Ubon Sep72-Aug73, I remember the VD clinic but was lucky and never had anything.
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