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  1. I'm going on memory here, but around 200 pph rings a bell.
  2. I'm going on memory with this, During the late 70's to early 80's Marine F models had their outer wings replaced along with some other work for a service life extension program. The B model wings where replaced with E model wings that also had the points for external tanks along with pods. In the 00's external tanks got slung on them before they went to the boneyard, They came from the factory with low level control valves wired up limiting the outboard tanks to 7 or 7.5k fuel.
  3. No hard hat or restraining harness? Where is the QA rep when you need one? (sarc)
  4. I've seen on FB that the Philippine Air Force has picked up a couple of T models, Does anyone knows which Buno's they got?
  5. hlg6016


    Bob a buno that high is most likely a J model, Thats what VMGR 252 (BH) flys. Times change, It was a point of pride to be tooling around in birds older most of the crew. Now it seems like the Marines have all fairly new Herks.
  6. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1972.html Joe Baugher's web site shows 1293 being retired to AMARC in 2007 However it does show 1297 being burned out by a rocket attack in 1975 at Tan Son Nhut?
  7. That old girl still has plenty of life left in her, I hope they take good care of her down there.
  8. hlg6016

    First Date

    http://www.freemaninstitute.com/dateapp.htm Sorry for the link, I've actually had kids fill this out after I frisked them. No they did not come back.
  9. Good to see those old girls will be in good hands.
  10. Those would have been some really interesting landings with a J79 and PAX in the back.
  11. After spending most of the 80's at Cherry Point I wondered why I never heard of that field, So I looked it up. http://www.airfields-freeman.com/NC/Airfields_NC_NE.htm#harvey Now I know why I've never heard of it, Never mind I didn't see nothing!
  12. If memory serves me right, they are for thermal / pressure relief for the dry bay. The exact details escape me right now.
  13. I'm not sure what Buno's they bought. These birds where the west coast birds back in the day #'s where 160013 to 160021 and 160240, 240 was broken up for the center wing box and 021 was lost in Pakistan. No air-packs and GTC's. The 4 birds that where on the east coast 160625 to 160628 I understand are in Navy hands, they had the air-packs and the APU's.
  14. http://globalaviationreport.com/2014/06/14/japanese-maritime-self-defense-force-to-conduct-familiarization-flights-at-d-m/ It looks like the Japanese are starting to roll out the old Marine R models they pulled from the boneyard. It looks like they old GTC was removed and maybe an APU installed in its place. Any how they are good looking birds.
  15. "The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 437. A man cannot identify most of these items." I live in a house full of women, Best you can do is stake out a corner for your stuff and tell them that if any of their stuff is found in it it gets tossed out.
  16. There they are, Behind that grey airplane!
  17. Thanks Bob, Good to see some F models are still in the air. Do you know if 160628 is going to Japan?
  18. I feel your pain guys, All my birds (F models) are in the yard. At least the R models still have some life in them with the Navy flying some of them and the Japanese buying up the rest. My MOS and crew position doesn't even exist anymore.
  19. I can't speak for the T models but all the Marine R models had them.
  20. Don't forget a flashing yellow light on the helmet and a restraining harness tethered to a padeye on the flight line.
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