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    Well the flight deck was one thing, but how about having to be TDY and rooming up with a "funk monkey"! Whoa! I could crash out next to our cat's litter box and sleep better than to put up with a "Pigpen" as a roomie.........not to mention him bringing back a member of the "Hog Call" from one of the RAF Moldy Hole gatherings (without the girl's mother tagging along of course). Enough said........... Kurt
  2. As I recall, it was a "Let's hurry up and get the hell out of here!" type of mishap/crew fatality. Other contributing factors started well before the said mission. The crew was "pressed" into the flight after the Presidential Sppt. Mission was pushed back a day, and inadequate flight planning was apparent. There was a AMC/HQ restriction into flying in/out of Jackson Hole at night; an FAA Advisory Circular also stated that flying into that field required special pilot cert. (although the USAF does not have to adhere to, it is still viable info.). The crew took off, made the departure turn and impacted a mountain at +/- 10,000 MSL. Sad story...... Kurt
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    Welcome to the site Wayne! We are happy to have you aboard. Kurt
  4. Outstanding news Casey! I'm sure the party is at your place tonight, so ice down the beer and order the pizza. I'll bring the Mad Dog 20/20 and cigars!!! Kurt
  5. Bomber, Check out their checklist covers as well. I have them for all of the aircraft that I operate, and they are well worth the expense. Kurt
  6. Go to toldpouchesplus.com They have some really nice gear! Kurt
  7. Very nice work Dan! That is one hell of an effort. Kurt
  8. I have never, nor will I ever have any respect for the limp d--k's of whom: 1) Can't make a decision. 2) Are scared to make a decision. 3) Will not stand behind their decision. It may not be the right decision, but at least they MADE A DECISION. That is leadership; and it is sad when the one's who 'make a decision" are the folks that get passed over and/or get into trouble.
  9. He started some sort of a fish farm (rasing/storage/supply) around '97 to '99, then dropped out of sight & sound. Let me know if you find out anything else. Some other friends have been asking about him as well.
  10. In looking at the history of the USAF and doing a contrast/comparison, I am firm in my opinion that the worst thing the USAF ever did was to do away with the Warrant Officer ranks.
  11. To all of the "civilians" (FRIENDS) on this site, Thank you for being here/there for all of the Hercules Community. Your support of the outstanding service of our men and women is commendable and very much appreciated! All the best, Kurt
  12. Thanks for the info. folks. I can't help but crack up laughing.......The AF wants to "de-clutter" the uniform, however, they keep comming up with new ribbons for all sorts of duties. I am sure that it won't be too much longer before all career fields have a ribbon for annotating their duties performed. A merit badge sash like the Boy and Girl Scouts have will probably be instituted......
  13. And to the valiant maintenance crew's........my sincere apologies for omitting your SKILLED profession on my posting. There needs to be an element of experience as well. Being a nav, I have to ask the maintenance community as to what they feel is necessary for AFSOC. Please advise. I'm very proud of all of the "wrench turners" and "tweakers" out there! Kurt
  14. I was spending the latter part of today "attempting" to organize past and present files, and this caught my eye. It is an old CBPO rip authorizing the wear of the Combat Crew Badge to the flight crews of our squadron based on award of the Combat Readiness Medal, THEN a follow on rip retracting (hmmm....imagine that) the authorization of the badge. What was with the Combat Crew Badge to begin with? These documents are circa 1979.
  15. As Skip Davenport has said, "I was in special op's, before special op's was cool!" My sentiments exactly. I was told that my career would be ruined when I went into special operations, and.........really didn't care. It was where I wanted to be, because I was "invited" to come aboard. I have never, nor will I ever regret the experience! Big Blue wants AFSOC to be a command like every other command, and I see great dismay with this outlook; and what is to come. In my humble opinion, AFSOC crews should "pay their dues" and gain experience before APPLYING for an AFSOC assignment. For example: Fixed Wing= 1,500 hrs. in C130 variants. Rotary Wing= 1,000 hrs. Flt. Eng.= same as pilots Load Mstrs.= 1,000 hrs. in C130 variants CSO= 1,000 hrs. in C130 variants, or 500 to 1,000 for EWO position I'm sure this will jerk some chains out there, but I'm entitled to my opinion. Any comments?
  16. Eric, I wish you all the best in your endeavors (damn....I sound like some Wing King writing a "thank's for comming" letter of appreciation). Seriously Eric, I really do! Please be very careful, and do some stringent planning; things are so bad out here that there is very little room for error, and any fund's/time spent will be a one way course with little room for a point of personal return. The government and so called "financial experts" want americans to spend, but then again hold the hope of any recovery being a year or two away. Survival is the key. Make that a plan of action and you will fall into place like the rest of us, and play the waiting game. Loading up fishing gear, Kurt
  17. What was the company \"Bird and Son\'s\"? I was once told that it was a Herk outfit that subcontracted w/ Air America. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks. Kurt
  18. Whoa! And I thought that my 4 yrs. w/ the 17th. TAS could have some \"barren\" flight\'s at times...... A great site! Thank\'s for submitting it. Kurt
  19. A Merry Christmas to all ! And, to you guy\'s and gal\'s out there who are away from home for the holiday\'s; take care of yourselves and your fellow warrior\'s! Get home safe, and never forget that we are thinking of you...... Kurt
  20. B) My apologies for the errant post on Gen. Norty. My brain cell\'s are in degeneration mode! Maybe too many gunship missions, along with post-mission Crown Royal ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Kurt
  21. I\'m looking for the following individuals. Any info. as to where they currently reside will be very much appreciated. Thanks! Thomas \"Tom\" Hardy C-130 pilot, 40th. TAS (late 70\'s) Prior assignment was as a Tweet IP at Columbus. Robert \"Bob\" Smith HC-130 USCG pilot USCG Air Station Elizabeth City, NC and Kodiak, AK (early/mid-80\'s. All the best, Kurt
  22. What a tremendous story! I\'ve printed out a copy of your writing, and will place it in my favorite article binder within our family book shelf. I sincerely thank you! I am a proud, old navigator, and remember a talk I had with a WWII B17 Nav. He simply, but effectively, told me how he walked out of the 1990 version of The Memphis Belle. His name was Sam Reed, and he told me that he just couldn\'t \"re-live\" those memories of passing over Great Yarmouth on his way to an aerial \"blood bath\" of which he had been on before. Sam completed his 25 missions and returned to be an instructor Nav, and then be re-called for the Korean Conflict as a B26 Nav. He later served as a long time insurance agent within our grand community......alway\'s a BUDDY .....and never to be forgotten! Sam Reed passed away on 08 October 2000 @ 13:21Z. He had out lived his wife and two children. I was by his bed side, and will alway\'s be honored to have held his hand! What does this have to do with the USMC Birthday? Sam was the first \"re-tread\" I ever met. He was/is a Marine from 1936 to 1940! God Bless You All and The United States of America, Kurt
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