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  1. I too would appreciate a copy; my email address is kc-130frt_fe@outlook.com Thank you for sharing these items with us!! David
  2. Is your Battery always connected? Even with External power connected/ON the aircraft? And to clarify you can start and run the APU for 20 min or more and ONLY AFTER the GEN is turned ON the APU will continue to run for (another) 20 min and then stop OR stops sooner?
  3. Ok got it. ANY pictures? (if allowed) Guess you can swap out the FSR maybe it has an issue or increase the GI/FI RPM closer to the upper limit. If you reset the gen will it go on line without speed increase? if you speed up the engine and get the generator on line will it stay online when slowing back to 95%
  4. The Generator is "offline" below 95% as a function of the frequency sensitive relay so if the rpm is right at the limit to energize it may not, but the FSR relays are known to hold energized once above 95% to a number below 95% SOME say as low as 88% but I have never verified that number as it is impossible to dial down the rpm to 88%
  5. To me the video focuses on a location that is far aft of the actual leak site. If you observe closely fuel is passing by and getting picked up by the airstream at the forward edge of the fuel pump access hinge plate. The boostpump access and strainer are both in that area; any maintenance been done in that area (filter cleaned or changed, fuel boostpump replaced?)? How far forward is the leak? What was the fuel level of the tank during the video and other times that it has leaked? Does it always leak at all fuel levels? What pumps were operating? What valves open? transferring fuel? Crossfeed or only main tank pump and n crossfeed?
  6. Check your vent lines inside the tanks; a cracked vent pipe will let fuel into the system and can vent overboard.
  7. Are these RPM numbers AUTOTAC RPM numbers or RPM Gage numbers?
  8. Sorry for all the questions. SO I fully understand: How much fuel is in the number 2 tank? Do you turn ON the fuel boost pump in the number 2 tank when operating the APU? When you start the APU it will run normally with the bleedair valve CLOSED and generator OFF; WILL it run for more than 20 min in this configuration? Will the APU run with the bleedair valve OPEN and gen OFF for more than 20 min? When you turn ON the GEN how long before the APU stops? Are you starting the APU with BATTERY power only or is External power unit connected?
  9. OK so does the APU shut off each time you turn on the Generator with the Bleed air valve open or closed?
  10. Ok good. The APU stops when you turn on an air conditioner, yes? Watch the EGT and see what it is reading when it stops. Can you start an engine with the APU or does it stop?
  11. Flux all the time or maybe only with prop anti ice on?
  12. Will the APU run without problems with the Bleed air valve open AND NO air conditioners or other bleed air load applied?
  13. When it stops can you start it up immediately without any issues? Help narrow the fault by running it for 20 min with the bleed air valve closed. Does it stop?
  14. Start in NULL; TD may be in full take (thinks TIT is too hi)
  15. O got it guess I should read better... No idea, don't know, never knew or don't remember... I do seem to remember this was a question LONG LONG ago and it is not in our level of pubs.
  16. The sensing unit measures resistance which decreases as the temperature increases so the temperature is not a published exact number; from what I remember the gouge in some groups is 400F.
  17. The window heat is controlled by Thermistors not thermoswitches so the "temperature" is not the trigger but a resistance value of the thermistor. Each "window" has a code AB, AC cant remember them all, that represents the resistive value of the window; these codes determine how to connect it to your transformer to get the correct operating voltage.
  18. OPINION O - pin - ion A view or opinion formed about something, NOT necessarily based on fact or knowledge. I guess you are right... Unlike your "opinion" my statement is based on FACTS... Good luck getting any further stimulating conversation from this group....
  19. You are missing the point on NTS in this condition. "Hi speed" dives are not a normal profile and this condition (NTS induced by hi speed airflow) is very rare especially with power on. Flight idle descent is common but airspeed is usually limited to prevent NTS (airframe limitations) We usually see NTS at Flt Idle once we arrive at lower altitudes as the air gets more dense and we add a small amount of power to eliminate the NTS condition. NTS is a DIRECT input to the feather valve and bypasses the normal governor. If there is an onset of NTS during a hi speed dive and a failure of the NTS system does not increase blade angle; drag will increase and the aircraft will yaw (original posters question) additionally pitchlock while it could/would come into play if the Rpm INCREASED TO 103.5 it is not a factor because the blade is not trying to decrease and while the normal governor should increase the blade angle to maintain RPM we are discussing failures not normal operations and the feather valve should have already commanded a blade angle increase. It is important to remember if the NTS continues to increase at aprox -4000 inlb TQ the prop should decouple which would actually be a very bad situation because the increase airflow which caused the NTS would now drive the "pitchlocked" propeller very fast and cause even higher drag.
  20. Just seeing this post and hoping you have found and made peace with this... Salute Gentlemen; may our brothers in arms rest in peace...
  21. High speed anything in the Herc is rare BUT in the case of dives there is the ability to have an increase in airflow through the prop which could cause NTS. This could happen with the throttle at flight idle power off or with power on at any setting above flight idle. As the airflow increase the prop wants to drive the engine as the air becomes the drive force not the engine power. IF the NTS fails to increase the blade angle drag will be induced; an outboard prop will have more yaw effect than an inboard prop. Would the prop pitchlock is a dynamic question and is dependent on the situation but in reality pitchlock prevents the prop from decreasing blade angle therefore again in theory the blade should continue to increase blade angle. ANYONE have the OLD 1960s "PROPORGANDA" illustrated little book that had all the little "engineers" and "mechanics" drawn in? There are some good explanations on this and other prop engine related topics.
  22. In which publication is this chart located? There are many calculations you can make on this chart and it is not one I am familiar with (in this configuration). There should also be an "explanation" paragraph that precedes the chart if you could post that as well. I would like to see how this chart is utilized.
  23. "My opinion is based primarily on the facts and findings of the investigation as disclosed in the article:" Your opinion "based primarily on the facts" and your choice of words "Everyone who touched this aircraft, inspected it, or supervised/commanded those who did are responsible for this tragedy." are far from what the "findings of the investigation" concluded in FACT the VERY FIRST STATEMENT the "article" makes is "Though no one on the plane could have stopped the events that unfolded,..." So YES in retrospect your choice of words was just plain WRONG... Your words were not "interpreted to include the crew" but STATED as such... The "community" you speak of is a "Community of communities" each a separate world to its own; sometimes with absolutely no idea what happens to a component after they complete (or do not complete in this case) their assigned tasks. Operators have learned what we have always known; that we rely on hundreds even thousands of individuals to do their part to ensure we are safe. We still believe in them and give them credit for the Tens of THOUSANDS of hours we fly event free but we also hold them accountable for any and every task, even the menial, because when all put together the smallest of details in this case corrosion, cost the lives of 16 American service members.
  24. I guess you have X-ray vision and would have saved the day.... And FYI, this forum is about sharing FACTUAL information not some BS opinion on something you obviously have no idea about what you are talking about...
  25. I have no answer for you. You need to check part numbers and contact a field rep for that.
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