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  1. You can only get the electronic version from Maxwell now. I've been looking and it showed out of supply and then changed to offering electronic copy only.
  2. Here's a pix of an MC-130J...glass sensors placed lower, down by below the cheek windows.
  3. The small turrets are thing as glass sensors...ECM stuff is all I know.
  4. Thanks for all the good info guys...greatly appreciated!
  5. Any idea what operating/unit "FB" on the tail stands for?
  6. I managed to get the production #...found it on an old bob daley list I had stashed. Turns out it is LMCO production # 4022...found one pix in the gallery wearing SEA colors.
  7. Trying to find some information on 64-0533. Right now it's sitting static at Elmo. They are refurbishing the acft and are looking for any information on it, to include pix from the back in the day wearing the SEA paint scheme. I have tried looking at the database to convert to LMCO production # but nothing comes up. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Here's a pix of it. It shows the glass sensors, forward lights and the Lt and Rt side lights. The color # for the gray paint used to layout the christmas tree/alignment markings in front of the UARSSI is Fed Std 595 color # 36622 gray.
  9. Kind of resembles the rack used on the USMC Harvest Hawk
  10. Global Strike Command came about after all the screw ups with one incident of actually nukes and no one knowing about it and then there was the event that happened with the fuzes/detonators being shipped around. One command in the big scheme of things that is divided in half...one half handling aircraft based weapons and the other handling ground based weapons. I seem to recall it might be broken down even further...nukes vs. non nuke assets.
  11. AFSOC requires everything on the engine to be painted...legacy and Js. This is due to tone-down requirements. In this particular pix, this is a LMCO delivered MJ-130J and note the intake and oil cooler lips are bare metal...USAF drawings require this area to be painted. With regard to legacy and Js, it boils down to different QEC construction. On the legacy acft (non-AFSOC) the intake/oil cooler lips are typically left bare metal. On the Js, their different QEC Kit construction drives the entire lower area is all stainless, therefore paint would not stick well so it's not painted at all.
  12. It's titanium on the Hs and even the Js due to temps associated with APU. It can be painted, as it is on AFSOC acft (for the sake of tone down/camouflage) however the paint does stick to titanium well and the heat does take a toll on the paint, thus requiring reapplication. On a slick where tone down/camouflage is not a concern, it's just as easy to leave bare metal and not worry about it at all.
  13. It's my understanding that only special mission requirements dictate the external tanks on J models. The increased fuel efficiency with the J model engines/props provides for enough fuel to be contained within the wings...externals just increase drag.
  14. My two pix came from Talon II, 84-0476
  15. Here's a few...not the best quality as the overhead hatch was open and allowed a lot of sunlight in.
  16. Maybe a bit of a misnomer...these new wheels are still aluminum (2014-T6 aluminum) and not composite, just a completely different design...boltless. The brakes are carbon disc.
  17. Bob, don't by any chance have a configuration sheet for the H2.5 acft do you?
  18. The SPO references only 3 as H models...73-1582, 73-1597, 73-1598 also known as the "Super Es". They also list 24 H2.5 acft.
  19. Can you send me the pix too? spward@cox.net
  20. When was this acft seen at the airshow? The article doesn't have a date on it, but I know they were testing this prop out extensively on an H model out at Edwards in 2010. Just curious
  21. This is true...C-17s use a lav module (little box like on civilian airliners) which contains the toilet assembly. In the middle 1982, C-130s starting removing the urinals altogether and installed a self-contained lavatory, complete with blue fluid and 16 gal holding tank. J model has the same set up and in addition to that, the Js come equipped with two self contained urinals (basically a funnel and holding tank) placed at FS 245. Most I have seen are safety wired shut to prevent their use (and cleaning) thus forcing people to use the self contained system in the back.
  22. I know I changed a few FS 245 lower bulkhead caps due to extensive corrosion from those urinals mounted on FS 245.
  23. Metalbasher


    Will try...traveling all this week and due back on Tues, so will see if it is still there. Scott
  24. Metalbasher


    Correction...it was due to leave Robins in March 2012, still here but departing in the near future.
  25. Metalbasher


    Bob C-130E # 62-1792 was the acft that left LR going to the Jordan AF (stopped in Robins for removal of all US markings) in mid to late Mar 2012. Scott
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