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  1. Happy Birthday Casey. Thank You for all the hard work you put in keeping the love of the C-130 going. Engine Mike
  2. Sad to hear the news of the loss of Dan. Always loved to read his inputs on subjects brought up here on the forum. RIP Dan.
  3. Actually I do believe they are H2's so they are similar to the MC-130H's Engine Mike
  4. Great Job Casey. You have done an awesome job with this site. Engine Mike
  5. Casey, you are doing an awesome job. Mike
  6. Sad to see another Talon going to the bone yard. Any hope that 0566 is going to a museum?
  7. That would be Tripple Nickle 64-0555.Apparently put into retirement with a fresh paint job. Engine Mike
  8. http://www.thepavecave.com/videos/movies/DESERT%20STORM%20(Let%20It%20Rock).mpg Towards the end of the video you see 56-0522. Engine Mike
  9. They will never be forgotten for their sacrifice. Engine Mike
  10. I remember that incident. Pretty cool landing. Engine Mike
  11. Unfortunately gloss is the only way they can keep up the static display. Would be great to see the ol whiskers installed. Engine Mike
  12. Jail for protecting the rights of the family against the goons who are protesting would be ironic. Best of Luck, wish I could be there to stand shoulder to shoulder in the defense against these protest at a time of a family's grief. Join in and Be Heard, Engine Mike
  13. Great Job as usual Casey. Join in and Be Heard, Engine Mike
  14. I remeber those days early on in my career, then they went away in the early 90's. It would be cool to take that trip down memory lane once again. Engine Mike
  15. I wonder why 53-3131 isn't on its way to a museum instead of being used as a trainer. I would think that it being a rare Roman Nosed Herc that it should be in a museum. We have plenty of C-130E's sitting in the bone yard that could relieve it as a trainer. Engine Mike
  16. Welcome to the fraterity. Member since 2004 when I too retired from the grind at Moody. Enjoy, Engine Mike.
  17. Welcome Back Dan. Join in and Be Heard, Mike
  18. MC-130W has become the Shadow + meets the half assed AC-130W...... Hopefully the MC-130J's won't meet the same fate. Engine Mike
  19. YET! THey do have the Wombat...... eeerrrr I mean Combat Spear and Dragon Spear. Oh and the AC-130H's and coming soon the MC-130J (well not too soon, but soon enough). Engine Mike
  20. Ebay has had them very once in a while. Engine Mike
  21. Good Luck and we'll be looking forward to your return Dan. Engine Mike
  22. I have this one from way back from somewhere I don't recall. Engine Mike
  23. Is that one of the modified Wombats, errr I mean Combat Spears? Engine Mike
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